Hear the Beat, Feel the Music

Count, Clap and Tap Your Way to Remarkable Rhythm

Author: James Joseph

Publisher: Bluechip Publishers


Category: Music

Page: 116

View: 163

Want to get rhythm? Learn a foolproof method for hearing the beat of music. Learn to count music, how to clap, how to identify the structure of the music and how to predict where the music is going. Start moving your body to music. More than 20 free instructional videos on YouTube. Don't be wishy-washy around music. Get rhythm.

Surfing about Music

Author: Timothy J. Cooley

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: History

Page: 218

View: 196

"Roth Family Foundation music in America imprint"--First printed page.

Surpassing Expectations: My Life Without Sight

Author: Lawrence Scadden

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 368

View: 612

In high school, despite my passion for and acumen in math and science, I was counseled to avoid higher education in these fields because there would not be employment opportunities for a blind man in these disciplines. Surpassing Expectations: My Life without Sight is a memoir which describes the activities that brought me international acclaim as a scientist, policymaker, and advocate. Dozens of vignettes are included that portray my joyous and successful life despite having been blind since the age of five. The book was written to be informative, entertaining, and, hopefully for some, inspirational. Many people have a disability or at least a functional limitation, and too many of them feel lost, not knowing whether life will ever be fulfilling for them. Often they are helped by learning about someone else with a disability who had the motivation, persistence, and tools that allowed him or her to overcome their difficulties and to attain a higher quality of life. My book is intended to serve this purpose. Dispersed throughout the autobiographical material, I answer questions that people regularly pose to me: What emotional crises did I face when adapting to blindness as a child? What barriers did I encounter during my education and when seeking competitive employment? What techniques do I use to ensure safe independent travel especially in foreign countries? What adaptations did I need to make as a husband and father? What type of technological tools do I use to reduce the effects of blindness? What imagery do blind people experience in their thoughts and dreams? The memoir describes legislation that I drafted, which enhanced computer usability for people with disabilities. I also recount incidents that occurred during my numerous foreign travels, invitations to speak and advise in venues such as the White House and Universal Television studios, and my interactions with famous people from Swedish Queen Silvia to Geraldo Rivera. The book concludes with my thoughts on how I succeeded in my education and arduous career while enjoying an active life. I offer suggestions on how my formula for success and happiness can be emulated by others, especially young people who also have a disability.

West African Rhythms for Drumset

Author: Royal James Hartigan

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing


Category: Music

Page: 111

View: 313

With Freeman Kwazdo Donkor and Abraham Adzenyah. Based on four Ghanaian rhythmic groups (Sikyi, Adowa, Gahu, and Akom), this book and CD will provide drumset players with a new vocabulary based on some of the oldest and most influential rhythms in the world. A groundbreaking presentation!

Feel It!

Rhythm Games for All

Author: Robert M. Abramson

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing


Category: Music

Page: 64

View: 618

An activity book, including two CDs of musical accompaniment, from Robert Abramson, a leading authority in the principles and use of the Dalcroze method. Feel It! offers parents, teachers, and other caregivers a wide selection for developing behaviors that lead to cooperation, character, good listening, and body skills.

Popular Music in America: The Beat Goes On

Author: Michael Campbell

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Education

Page: 432

View: 563

Michael Campbell’s bestselling POPULAR MUSIC IN AMERICA remains the industry standard in breadth of coverage, readability and musical focus. Students follow the evolution of popular music from the mid-19th century to the present with discussions of connections, contrasts and patterns of influence among artists, styles and eras. The new fifth edition offers an in-depth section on 21st century music, helping instructors to connect to their students through a modern lens. Units are clearly defined by style and timeframe, and chapters feature narrowly focused objectives. This edition features a vibrant, richly illustrated, magazine-like design that appeals to visually oriented readers. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Complete Dulcimer Handbook


Publisher: Mel Bay Publications


Category: Music

Page: 196

View: 676

This book was written as a basic guide and source book for all dulcimer players, from the absolute novice to the most advanced picker. with its 53 songs in various modes and tunings, the Complete Dulcimer Handbook is meant to be used as a songbook, a lesson plan book, and a step-by-step guide from beginner to intermediate or advanced level. the author's basic premise is that, given this instrument's relatively brief pedagogical history, There are no right or wrong ways to play the mountain dulcimer, only harder or easier means of reaching the same ends. the stereo CD features the author's outstanding performance of 17 tunes from the book.

Breaking the Silence

The inspiriational story of a girl born deaf and how she took the gamble of a lifetime to hear

Author: Jo Milne

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

View: 563

Imagine for a moment that you have never heard the voices of those you love, the music on the radio, the sound of birdsong at dawn nor the persistent passing traffic on the road you walk down. Now imagine that the lips that you have watched moving, the faces that you have smiled at, the words that you read in front of you all slowly start to disappear too. It's hard to comprehend isn't it? Jo Milne had already lived a lifetime surrounded by silence, profoundly deaf from birth, when she began to lose her sight. Just before turning thirty, Jo was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome, a rare genetic and progressive condition that will one day rob her of her sight altogether. Although at this lowest ebb, Jo suffered from deep depression, she has always been determined to live her life to the full. Jo has never let her disabilities affect the way she embraces life however there was always so much that she was missing. In 2014 she made a life-changing decision to undergo major surgery. She had cochlear implants fitted allowing her to hear for the first time. Every moment of Jo's days since the operation has become a journey of discovery. She has been able to hear the voice of her own mother who has stood by her and helped her through some of her darkest moments. She has heard birds sing, people chatting and the sound of children laughing. She is embarking on an incredible journey through four missed generations of music - from the hymns she missed in school assembly to sweeping orchestral performances, from the Beatles and Rolling Stones to the music of this very moment and everything in between. Breaking the Silence is a remarkable and beautifully written memoir that will serve as an inspiration to everyone who reads it. By turns, heart-breaking and heart-warming, it is the incredibly uplifting life-story of a woman who refused to give up hope and always lives life with a smile upon her face.

Zimbabwean Mbira Music on an International Stage

Chartwell Dutiro's Life in Music

Author: Mr Chartwell Dutiro

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Category: Music

Page: 116

View: 356

Chartwell Dutiro, an mbira player since childhood and a former member of the band, Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited, arrived in Britain in 1994 and has lived there ever since. He works primarily with Zimbabwean and British musicians, and, while allying himself and his music to his Shona ancestors, his music represents both tradition and its transformation. Many mbira players in Europe and America now regard him as their teacher and mentor. He has built an international following during a decade spent performing at WOMAD and the United Nations, working for refugee projects and in a vast array of education and community projects. He also performed at Live8 in 2005. This volume is a collaborative venture between musicians and academics, which builds an account of the mbira, the most important of Zimbabwe's traditional instruments. It celebrates Dutiro's musicianship, exploring his musical development and the collaborations he has been involved with, while at the same time discovering his personal, political and religious perspectives.

Planning for Learning through Making Music

Author: Judith Harries

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited


Category: Education

Page: 26

View: 259

Plan for six weeks of learning covering all six areas of learning and development of the EYFS through the topic of making music. The Planning for Learning series is a series of topic books written around the Early Years Foundation Stage designed to make planning easy. This book takes you through six weeks of activities on the theme of making music. Each activity is linked to a specific Early Learning Goal, and the book contains a skills overview so that practitioners can keep track of which areas of learning and development they are promoting. This book also includes a photocopiable page to give to parents with ideas for them to get involved with their children's topic, as well as ideas for bringing the six weeks of learning together. The weekly themes in this book include: voice and body music, using musical instruments, and beat and rhythm.

The Hurricane of Fire

Author: Maiquipa

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 201

View: 198

The Hurricane of Fire is the world according to Seth, a young schizophrenic man just trying to get by in this world. Between the job he despises, a raging crush on his best friend, and all the madness in his mind is there any room for love? Ben seems to think so. From the first moment Ben knew that Seth was different. But is the leap of faith too great for Ben to achieve? Can Seth maintain himself and not scare Ben away? Can love survive a Hurricane of Fire?

The R Report Magzine

Dae Dae Hip Hop Next Emerging Superstar

Author: Patrick Gloster, F. Tyrone Ogletree, Antwan Houston

Publisher: The R Report Magazine


Category: Music


View: 826

This issue of The R Report Magazine feature exclusive interviews from Dae Dae, DJ Kash, LA Da Boomman, Trouble, Joe Green, Priceless Scotts, and much more. This issue of The R Report Magazine brings you the latest in Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Entertainment, Fashion, and Sports

Dalcroze Eurhythmics in Today's Music Classroom

Author: Virginia Hoge Mead

Publisher: Schott & Company Limited


Category: Music

Page: 222

View: 857

(Schott). Written to help teachers understand and adapt Dacroze techniques in the teaching of music. Part One introduces Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, the musician and teacher, and explains the three main areas of the approach * eurhythmics, ear training and improvisation. Part Two covers the use of 'games' and exercises and their intended purpose at different levels in the junior school.

Science and Music

Author: Sir James H. Jeans

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Science

Page: 304

View: 866

Distinguished physicist describes the scientific principles of musical sound in a non-technical way: development of human hearing, properties of sound curves, transmission and reproduction of sound curves, more. Includes 75 illustrations.


Author: Jacqueline A. Ball

Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 619

Discusses the principles of sound, how animals and human hear, the speed of sound, noise pollution, and the use of sound waves in medicine. Includes related activities.

Jazz Lead Guitar Solos

The Ultimate Guide to Playing Great Leads

Author: Chris Buono

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing


Category: Music

Page: 96

View: 582

You know your scales, understand how to play over a chord progression, and learned enough music theory to fill an encyclopedia, but you still aren't satisfied with your solos. This book teaches jazz guitarists how to apply their knowledge of scales, chord progressions, and music theory towards creating great guitar solos. Eight full-length solos in a variety of styles are studied in detail, including analysis of chord progressions and the material used to improvise over them, techniques, and structural characteristics. Styles range from classic standards and Gypsy jazz to Latin, modal and smooth jazz. All eight solos are performed on the accompanying CD.

The ‘Monster' Songwriter's Manual

Author: Winston Gay

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Music

Page: 205

View: 375

The Monster Songwriters Manual is the second in the brilliant series that has been penned by musician/ songwriter/ vocalist/ author Winston Gay. This work is a poignant in-depth look at the Art of Songwriting. The Monster Songwriters Manual will hold you captive as he explores each facet of the world of songwriting. Winstons serious humor makes the subject of songwriting palatable so that you can compare, learn, and fine tune your own songwriting ability. The series of Monster books are a must read and a must have in your personal library. OVERCOMING WRITERS BLOCK BUILDING A SONG GIFTS / ABILITIES / TALENTS LIFESTYLE & LONGEVITY PERFORMING LIVE / STUDIO A REASON TO RHYME SUBJECT MATTER THE MELODY

Mastering the Bass Book 1


Publisher: Mel Bay Publications


Category: Music

Page: 180

View: 179

Mastering the Bass is a thorough method for both electric and upright bass designed to guide bassists to mastery. It begins with building strong time and rhythmic skills, a firm foundation upon which all bass playing must be rooted. Following this, students learn a wide range of grooves and practice reading all styles of music: Blues, Rock, Funk, Reggae, Fusion (including odd meters), Jazz, Latin, Baroque, Classical and more. Ear training incorporated into the method improves the students' listening skills, teaching students to hear chord progressions, melodies and rhythms. Theory lessons help students understand how the bass functions in music. Students also study improvisation of both bass parts and solos on chord changes, articulation (finger and bowing technique), performance goals, visualization, and more. Each volume moves logically to the next level Even seasoned players can fill holes in their technique by going through the method from Book I and moving on to greater technique as well as a deeper understanding in later volumes.Also available in Japanese from ATN, Inc.

The Music Road: A Journey in Music Reading, Book 2

For Piano

Author: Constance Starr

Publisher: Alfred Music


Category: Music

Page: 72

View: 100

The Music Road: A Journey in Music Reading presents an exciting, effective way for beginning music readers to experience the joy of reading and playing music at the keyboard. In the three volumes of The Music Road, a comfortable sequence of steps is presented. Each unit is divided into three parts: "Stop! Look! Learn!," in which new material for learning is presented with follow-up written assignments, "Stop! Look! Play!," in which new material is used in simple playing experiences, short mini-melodies, and one measure musical examples, and "Destination," which uses folk songs and original music to offer many, many opportunities to "see and play" what has been presented in the learning part of the unit. Each unit has a corresponding "Stop! Listen!" appendix in which the ear is trained to "hear" what has been "seen" on the printed page. Listening to "high - low," keyboard location, quarter, half, whole notes, 3/4 - 4/4 time, and intervals are a few of the beginning focuses in Book 1. Relating the eye and ear in this way is excellent sensory reinforcement and makes sense, too, of music theory for the young student. An additional appendix contains a teacher's guide, and general and specific practice points to help the teacher and parent use The Music Road successfully. The slow progression throughout the books ensures the mastery of concepts, and the extensive use of those concepts at the keyboard gives the student a wonderful sense of accomplishment. The philosophical and psychological basis for the Music Road books is a natural extension of the Suzuki approach, yet teachers with traditional approaches find the books equally successful with their students.