Hawaiian Dictionary & Phrasebook

Hawaiian-English, English-Hawaiian

Author: A. Scott Britton

Publisher: Hippocrene Books


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 132

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f you're traveling to Hawaii and the only Hawaiian word you know is Aloha, this is the book for you! Hawaiians are enormously proud of their heritage, and Hawaiian shares official-language status with English. This book provides all the language you need to get by in Hawaiian, and is the ideal companion for vacationers and others interested in traditional Hawaiian culture. Divided into three parts, this book includes: -An easy guide to Hawaiian pronunciation and grammar -A two-way dictionary of essential words -A phrasebook covering useful topics such as greetings, food & drink, cultural activities, and more.

The Conference on Training for Foreign Service

Called by the Commissioner of Education of the United States, and Held in the City of Washington, December 31, 1915

Author: Anna Tolman Smith



Category: Agricultural colleges

Page: 67

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Author: United States. Office of Education





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Mark Twain and Hawaii

Author: Walter Francis Frear



Category: Authors, American

Page: 519

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Hawaiian Phrasebook

Puke Pelekane / ʻ Hawaiianlelo Pelekane

Author: John C Rigdon




Page: 246

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The English / Hawaiian Phrasebook is designed to be used by the English speaker to learn the basics of the Hawaiian language or for a Hawaiian speaker to learn the basics of English. If you are intending to learn any new language, you'll need to get a phrasebook. The purpose of the phrasebook is to give you practice in real-life situations. Memorizing phrases ahead of time is the BEST way to use a phrasebook. Your grammar book, and sometimes even your course, does not give you the "Which room is mine?" kind of phrases. Yes, you will need to flip through the book to find responses or the next question on a different topic, but that is only if you do not practice a bit ahead of time. You can't beat this book - for the price and the small, yet concise and relevant content. Learn how to tell time, order food, as well as greetings and social conversations. This is not your typical tourist phrasebook. It contains over 75 categories of terms in Hawaiian and English with over 4,000 terms, phrases and sentences. Also included is a guide to the Hawaiian alphabet and pronunciation. Proper names may or may not be translated between languages. Generally country names are translated, but personal names, place names, and trade names (products) are not. Some words may provide an alternate translation or transliteration, others may not. This phrasebook is derived from our Words R Us system, a derivative of WordNet. English Wordnet, originally created by Princeton University is a lexical database for the English language. It groups words in English into sets of synonyms called synsets, provides brief definitions and usage examples, and records a series of relationships between these sets of synonyms. WordNet can be viewed as both a combination dictionary and thesaurus.

History of the Hawaiian Islands

Embracing Their Antiquities, Mythology, Legends, Discovery by Europeans in the Sixteenth Century, Re-discovery by Cook, with Their Civil, Religious and Political History, from the Earliest Traditionary Period to the Year 1846

Author: James Jackson Jarves



Category: Hawaii

Page: 242

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The Hawaiian Guide Book, for Travelers

Containing a Brief Description of the Hawaiian Islands, Their Harbors, Agricultural Resources, Plantations, Scenery, Volcanoes, Climate, Population, and Commerce

Author: Henry Martyn Whitney



Category: Hawaii

Page: 144

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Dictionary of Dictionaries and Eminent Encyclopedias

Comprising Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Other Selected Wordbooks in English

Author: Thomas Kabdebo

Publisher: K G Saur Verlag Gmbh & Company


Category: Reference

Page: 418

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Enlarged by some 50 percent and equipped with more comprehensive name and subject indexes, the second edition of this unique guide contains bibliographic and descriptive annotations for 8,000 dictionaries. It features 1,500 additional bilingual works, 400 new subject categories, and all the major electronic dictionaries produced in English. While the primary emphasis is on language dictionaries, subject dictionaries on topics as varied as ceramics, bookbinding, and theatre as well as dictionaries issued by international bodies and agencies are included. Covering all the world's languages, works may be bilingual, monolingual, or multilingual as long as there is an English element.

Incredible Hawaii

Author: Terence Barrow

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing


Category: Social Science

Page: 120

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The Incredible is a part of American History and tradition and our 50th State is certainly no exception. This unique little book, incredible in its own way, brings together the talents, knowledge and experience of two well-known Hawaiian residents, artist-illustrator Ray Lanterman and author-anthropologist Terence Barrow. Whatever their subject, the authors sail along with justifiable confidence, opening to the reader, page after page, vistas of a little-known Hawaii. At times light-hearted, at other times serious, it is always a readable and lookable book. The authors delight in the unusual fact, whether it be Oahu's marvelous and unusual water system, song-making monarchs, or skiing on real snow on the slopes of Mt. Mauna Kea, the highest point in the Pacific area, reaching 13,796 feet above sea level-and this is the essence of their book. Tourists and residents alike will find Incredible Hawaii a source of much pleasure which will lead them to a greater awareness of these utterly Fascinating islands.