Standardization of Work Measurement. Volume 10, Universal, (Common to Two Or More Occupations).

Author: United States. Defense Industrial Resources Support Office



Category: Production management

Page: 171

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This volume of Universal Standard Time Data is one of eleven volumes included in DWMSTDP. It is termed "Universal" because it provides a single DOD source for standard time data elements which can be used in the development of labor standards in several occupation categories. This publication applies to all military services and defense agencies. The data contained herein will be used to the maximum extent possible in the development of labor performance standards. The Universal Standard Time Data contained in this volume are to be applied in accordance with the general instructions contained in the Basic Volume and the specific instructions contained in this volume. All newly developed or existing Universal Standard Time Data elements not now included herein should be submitted with back-up motion pattern analysis to the Defense Industrial Resources Support off ice (DIRSO), for review, coordination, and inclusion in the updating changes to this volume. The Basic Volume contains procedures for submitting these data elements.

The Concise Code of Jewish Law

Compiled from Kitzur Shulḥan Aruch and Traditional Sources : a New Translation with Introd. and Halachic Annotations Based on Contemporary Responsa

Author: Gersion Appel

Publisher: KTAV Publishing House, Inc.


Category: Religion

Page: 550

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Cold and Hot Forging

Fundamentals and Applications

Author: Taylan Altan

Publisher: ASM International


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 341

View: 578

Editors Altan (Ohio State University), Ngaile (North Carolina University), and Shen (Ladish Company, Inc.) offer this extensive overview of the latest developments in the design of forging operations and dies. Basic technological principles are briefly reviewed in the first two chapters.

Report of the Bridge Stress Committee

Author: Great Britain. Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research. Bridge stress committee



Category: Bridges

Page: 215

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Steel Forgings

Second volume

Author: American Society for Testing and Materials

Publisher: ASTM International


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 367

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Comprises 25 papers from the November 1996 symposium in New Orleans. The papers explore four subject areas: pressure vessel and nuclear forgings, general industrial forgings, test methods, and turbine and generator forgings. Specific paper topics include: new materials and forgings used for pressure

Practical Engineering Geology

Author: Steve Hencher

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Science

Page: 464

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Steve Hencher presents a broad and fresh view on the importance of engineering geology to civil engineering projects. Practical Engineering Geology provides an introduction to the way that projects are managed, designed and constructed and the ways that the engineering geologist can contribute to cost-effective and safe project achievement. The nee

The Mahler Companion

Author: Donald Mitchell

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand


Category: Music

Page: 647

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The Mahler Companion consists of a collection of original essays on Mahler written especially for the occasion by Mahler specialists from around the world. It addresses all parts of his life and work-- symphonies, songs and song-cycles (each of which is discussed individually), his conducting activities, compositional habits, and aesthetic development--and sets these within the cultural and political context of his time. In addition, it responds to the global spread of this remarkable composer's music, and an almost universal fascination with it, by attempting to give an account of the reception of Mahler's music in many of the countries in which it eventually came to flourish, eg. Holland, France, Japan, Russia, England, and the United States. This particular series of chapters reveals that the 'Mahler Phenomenon' earned its description principally in the years after the Second World War, but also that the Mahler revival was already well under way pre-war, perhaps especially in England and the States, and most surprisingly of all, Japan. The selection of contributors, who between them cover all Mahler's musical output, shows that here too this volume significantly crosses national boundaries. The very diverse approaches, analyses and commentaries, amply illustrated with music examples, are evidence of the uniquely rich and complex character of a music that spans more than one culture and more than one century. The volumes includes the most significant and up-to-date Mahler research and debate, and illumines some hitherto unexplored areas of Mahler's life eg. his visit to London in 1892, his sculptor daughter, Anna, and the hall in which the Seventh Symphony was first performed in Prague in 1908. It has often been claimed that Mahler, born in 1860, was in fact a prophet of much that was to come in the 20th century. His later works undeniably anticipate, often with dazzling virtuosity, many of the principal techniques and aesthetics of the new century, only the first decade of which he lived to see. Small wonder that among his earliest admirers was a collective of some of the most important and innovative composers of our time, Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern. Their successors (Copland, Shostakovich, and Britten, to name a few) were to range across contrasting cultures and national frontiers. Drawing on the best resources and the most up-to-date information about the composer, this volume fulfils the need in Mahler literature for a genuinely comprehensive guide to the composer and will be the authoritative guide for Mahler enthusiasts for years to come.

Learning Among Neanderthals and Palaeolithic Modern Humans

Archaeological Evidence

Author: Yoshihiro Nishiaki

Publisher: Springer Nature


Category: Social Science

Page: 218

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This book is based on the research performed for the Replacement of Neanderthals by Modern Humans Project. The central issue of the project is the investigation of possible differences between the two populations in cognitive ability for learning. The project aims to evaluate a unique working hypothesis, coined as the learning hypothesis, which postulates that differences in learning eventually resulted in the replacement of those populations. The book deals with relevant archaeological records to understand the learning behaviours of Neanderthals and modern humans. Learning behaviours are conditioned by numerous factors including not only cognitive ability but also cultural traditions, social structure, population size, and life history. The book addresses the issues in two parts, comparing learning behaviours in terms of cognitive ability and social environments, respectively. Collectively, it provides new insights into the behavioural characteristics of Neanderthals and modern humans from a previously overlooked perspective. Furthermore, it highlights the significance of understanding learning in prehistory, the driving force for any development of culture and technology among human society.

Analyses Concerning Passive and Active Synthesis

Lectures on Transcendental Logic

Author: Edmund Husserl

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Philosophy

Page: 661

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Coming from what is arguably the most productive period of Husserl's life, this volume offers the reader a first translation into English of Husserl's renowned lectures on `passive synthesis', given between 1920 and 1926. These lectures are the first extensive application of Husserl's newly developed genetic phenomenology to perceptual experience and to the way in which it is connected to judgments and cognition. They include an historical reflection on the crisis of contemporary thought and human spirit, provide an archaeology of experience by questioning back into sedimented layers of meaning, and sketch the genealogy of judgment in `active synthesis'. Drawing upon everyday events and personal experiences, the Analyses are marked by a patient attention to the subtle emergence of sense in our lives. By advancing a phenomenology of association that treats such phenomena as bodily kinaesthesis, temporal genesis, habit, affection, attention, motivation, and the unconscious, Husserl explores the cognitive dimensions of the body in its affectively significant surroundings. An elaboration of these diverse modes of evidence and their modalizations (transcendental aesthetic), allows Husserl to trace the origin of truth up to judicative achievements (transcendental logic). Joined by several of Husserl's essays on static and genetic method, the Analyses afford a richness of description unequalled by the majority of Husserl's works available to English readers. Students of phenomenology and of Husserl's thought will find this an indispensable work.

Being in Time to the Music

Author: David A. Ross

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Category: Philosophy

Page: 485

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Being-in-time to the music from the ground up is a work in phenomenology, where this term is broadly defined, comprehending Plato, Heidegger, Hegel, and Marx. The most direct referent is Hegel, together with the theoretical revolution that he initiated with Phenomenology of Mind. This text’s more general purpose is to set the tone for a 21st communism based upon the idea of dancing with death, assuming full responsibility for one’s mortality, and abandoning the self to love as the meaning of existence. This dance is choreographed through my conversations with the above mentioned writers. In conversing with them I aim to displace (if not usurp) them from the throne of honour which is nothing more than the authority borrowed from me. By this I do not intend to deny completely their ‘other to me’ character. However, they exist or even ‘figure’ for me, both in the sense of of ‘count,’ having importance, as those that I read, and by which I read myself. They have borrowed my authority, namely, my own potential to be an author. So ‘reading them is to re-assume that borrowed authority. The life of the reader, to paraphrase Barthes, begins with the death of the author.

Hammer Blows and Other Writings

Author: David Diop

Publisher: Bloomington : Indiana University Press


Category: Senegalese literature (French)

Page: 88

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The Application of Stress-wave Theory to Piles

Science, Technology and Practice : Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on the Application of Stress-Wave Theory to Piles : Lisbon, Portugal, 8-10 September 2008

Author: Jaime Alberto dos Santos

Publisher: IOS Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 749

View: 173

"This conference was organized by Instituto Superior Tecnico under the auspices of: International Society of Soil mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering -- ISSMGE, TC18 on Deep Foundations and the Portuguese Geotechnical Society."--T.p. verso.