Gulf Breeze

Author: Gerri Hill

Publisher: Bella Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 276

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Dr. Carly Cambridge, wildlife biologist, returns to the Texas Gulf Coast to manage the latest Habitats for Nature project, restoring the woods and wetlands to their natural state. She is devoted to the environmental cause with a passion usually reserved for a lover – something she hasn’t had since a disastrous love affair ten years earlier. Having sworn off women and relationships, Carly is perfectly content to live her life alone while she focuses on her latest project. Wildlife photographer Pat Ryan is duped into volunteering her talents to the cause, but she wants no part of the overzealous Dr. Cambridge. While they spend most of their time sparring and bickering, an early season hurricane finds them fighting nature – instead of each other – to save the wetlands and the birds that brought them together. Soon Carly finds her heart opening, little by little, and struggles to ignore the feelings that are growing between them. And Pat, always searching for that certain someone to take her breath away, can’t believe for a moment that the woman she's been waiting for could possibly be Carly.

The Gulf Breeze Sightings

Author: Ed Walters



Category: Unidentified flying objects

Page: 368

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Presents photographs and eyewitness reports of a mass UFO sighting in the town of Gulf Breeze, Florida

Revitalization of the Gulf Breeze Zoo

Author: Ryan Mulroy




Page: 49

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The Gulf Breeze Zoo is a destination for people of all ages; however, in recent years it has fallen into disrepair. Enclosures were not kept up to code, attendence plumited, and the management did nothing to help. Due to the new management, things are looking up but the zoo has a ways to go before it returns back to the iconic destination that it once was. When I was reading a paper from my hometown, a story mentioned that the zoo was under federal investigation for mistreatment of animals and violation of the Animal Welfare Act. Now this struck me hard because I visited this zoo on multiple occasions through my time living in this area and I never noticed it before. This is one of the primary reasons I chose the Gulf Breeze Zoo as my project. The problems that this zoo faces range from smaller projects as simple as cleaning it up to larger projects that involve re-planning of the spaces in the zoo and redesigning enclosures for the animals. The Gulf Breeze Zoo houses over 100 different species of animal ranging from Australia to Africa and from Asia to South America. Zoos are not just for visitors but they are places of residence for many animals. When designing zoo themed areas, the designer must take into account that the animals also have needs that must be addressed. Through new designs of the spaces and a new layout, I hope to achieve a cohesive and immersive environment that works better than the current design. Through innovative interperative experiences, I plan to overall enhance the experience a visitor will have.

UFO Abductions in Gulf Breeze

Author: Edward Walters

Publisher: Avon Books


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 294

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A man who has been repeatedly abducted by aliens describes his incredible experiences, which were revealed through hypnosis and include painful experiments, immobilizing beams of light, giant lizards, and violent visions. Original.

Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church

The First Forty Years : the History of a People with Feet of Clay and Heavenly Directed Hearts

Author: Doug Adams



Category: Gulf Breeze (Fla.)

Page: 241

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