Guide to Sound Systems for Worship

Author: Jon F. Eiche

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation


Category: Music

Page: 190

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Running title: The Yamaha guide to sound systems for worship.

Boss Br-1180 Quick Guide


Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation


Category: Music

Page: 192

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(Book). The BOSS BR-1180 Quick Guide is the fast way to get happening on BOSS's most powerful new digital recorder. Within a short time, you'll be recording instruments and vocals with one and two-mic setups. Organized in a step-by-step procedural manner, this book is written simply, in plain language, as if you've never recorded before. Topics covered include: cables and connections, mic setup positions including stereo recording, signal flow, audio editing basics, punch in/punch out, effects and much more, all the way through bouncing down your final mix! This book was made in cooperation with BOSS tech support staff and authored by Caroline J. Alexander. Caroline J. Alexander holds a Masters Degree in Music Design for the Moving Image from Bournemouth University in England. Gifted in composing, mixing, illustrating and writing, Caroline has mastered the craft of simplifying the most complex in music technology and making it easy to understand and use. The author of many instrument and software specific books, she co-authored the bestselling How to Do a Demo Quality Recording in Your Bedroom, 2nd Ed. and edited How MIDI Works, 6th Ed. , illustrating both. As a composer, she's scored for short films, animation, game rides and web sites.

Make Money with Your Studio

Setting Up and Operating a Successful Recording Studio

Author: Tom Volinchak

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation


Category: Music

Page: 97

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(Book). Owning and operating a recording studio presents the same challenges faced by other businesses. Successful recording studio owner Tom Volinchak reveals the ins and outs of how to turn your musical passion into a profitable venture. In this enlightening book, he covers in detail: sales and marketing techniques; promotional tools; adding value to your business; finding new business; making your studio demo; equipment tips; studio profiles; resource listings; and much more. "If recording means more than a hobby to you, get this book it'll pay for itself in spades." Lorenz Rychner, Editor, Recording magazine

Handbook of Sound System Design

Author: John Eargle

Publisher: Elar Publishing Company


Category: Sound

Page: 341

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Anyone interested in electronic sound reinforcement should have this book. The book introduces electrical fundamentals, & proceeds to acoustical fundamentals. The "Psychoacoustical Aspects" chapter is brief, dealing with the varying frequency response of the hearing system with changes in level, masking & critical bandwidth, echo perception & directional cues, besides concert hall requirements. High-frequency & low-frequency radiating systems are discussed, followed by special mid-frequency systems & "Dividing Networks-Component Matching." "System Architecture" is broad, including information on rational specification & functions with minimum distortion & noise. "System Intelligibility Criteria" is an important chapter. Included in the distributed & paging systems chapters are pew-back systems & information for all distributed systems. Artificial ambience systems (electronic reverberation & surround systems) information is current. The speech privacy & noise masking chapter provides the basics & engineering information for such systems. Chapters on high-level sound reproduction & theater sound reinforcement are "overviews" that may be expanded in the future. The final chapter concerns column loudspeakers & line arrays. All chapters are illustrated with understandable figures. There are also photographs & drawings of other manufacturers' products. Excellent chapter references are provided. Author of the Microphone Handbook, also published by ELAR, Eargle brings vision & experience to sound system engineering.

Church Sound Systems


Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation


Category: Music

Page: 45

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(Reference). This easy-to-understand book is for everyone involved with church sound: sound people, worship teams, clergy and others. Whether you want to design a new system or get the most out of the one you have, this handy guide will help you let your message be heard! It covers everything you need to know about: design and layout of your sound system; choosing the right microphones; speaker setup and positioning; feedback trouble-shooting and control; mixers; and much more.

Live Sound Reinforcement

A Comprehensive Guide to P.A. and Music Reinforcement Systems and Technology

Author: Scott Hunter Stark

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation


Category: Music

Page: 313

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Get ready to learn live sound reinforcement using the best-selling title on the subject available! The simple language, detailed illustrations, and concrete examples in this book are suitable for novice to intermediate-level users. "Live Sound Reinforcement" outlines all aspects of P.A. system operation and commonly encountered sound system design concerns. Topics include microphones, speaker systems, equalizers, mixers, signal processors, amplifiers, system wiring and interfaces, indoor and outdoor sound considerations and psychoacoustics.

A Guide to Worship Ministry

The Worship Minister’s Life and Work

Author: Gregory B. Brewton

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 180

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A Guide to Worship Ministry centers on four main areas of worship ministry: preparing for worship ministry, leading the worship ministry, preparing for Sunday, and discipling the generations through worship ministry. The book addresses topics such as discerning your call to ministry, working on a church staff, planning and leading worship services, and equipping your worship teams. A Guide to Worship Ministry looks at the day-to-day work of the worship minister, offering insights and personal stories. It is an important book for those getting started in worship ministry and a refresher for those who have years of experience in ministry.

Sound, Lighting and Video: A Resource for Worship

Author: Brad Herring

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 288

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Lights, Camera,Worship! is a manual for all of your technical needs. To draw people into your church with incredible worship experiences, you need to learn more about how to get the most from your lighting, sound, video, and projection systems. This is your one stop resource! Written by an experienced professional and consultant, this book will show you how to successfully run the major components that, done correctly, will make your church presentation the absolute best it can be and will draw more people in! This is packed with information that will not only show you how to use the technology, but how to troubleshoot and problem-solve in the areas you need it most from running a new control board to uniting your lighting and audio visual systems as one integrated unit. This won't just show you how to operate your systems - it will make your production go from OK to WOW!


The Sound Engineering Magazine




Category: Audio-visual equipment


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