Growing into God

A Beginner's Guide to Christian Mysticism

Author: John R Mabry

Publisher: Quest Books


Category: Religion

Page: 304

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For many people, the word mysticism conjures up occult, secretive rituals held after midnight in some dark cave. But true mysticism isn’t at all sinister or secretive, says author John Mabry, an Anglican-rite Congregational minister. In fact, mysticism is at the heart of an authentic Christian life. It is nothing more and nothing less than the pursuit-and enjoyment-of union with God, which is the goal of all Christian spirituality. Christian mysticism is the discipline of growing the soul into God—shedding illusory identities, deepening prayer, seeing God in all things, and acting as Christ in the world. Mabry’s great passion is to bring theology to everyday life by explaining complex ideas in everyday language that anyone can understand and find useful. In Growing into God, he “demystifies” mysticism, providing a friendly and accessible entry point to some of the teachings, practices, and experiences of the Christian mystical tradition. Mabry explores the classic mystical journey, which begins with the Awakening of a unitive consciousness that experiences everything as Divine and interconnected. The journey continues with Purgation, in which we empty ourselves of illusion; Illumination, in which we begin to see God in all things and all things in God; and, finally, Union, in which we marry our lives with God’s life. Our hands become God’s hands, our lips become God’s lips, our touch becomes God’s touch, in order to bring help, comfort, and healing to the world. ,p>Along the way, and with an entertaining teacher’s clarity, Mabry recounts the stories of many Christian mystics, including inspiring quotations. He also enriches each chapter with questions and answers to simplify points as well as experiential practices to help readers embark upon the mystical journey themselves

Growing Into God

Author: Edwina Gateley

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Religion

Page: 75

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Growing into God is a personal and poignant new collection of poetry. Tapping into the deep spiritual life inside all of us, and drawing upon her growing understanding of God in our insecure and fast-moving world, Gateley travels the spiritual path from disillusionment to faith, despair to joy. Gateley's poetry is passionate, authentic, and immediate. Speaking to the spiritual malaise of our times, she calls and challenges us to new possibilities by recognizing and responding to our deepest hungers. This beautiful new collection of poetry will renew and affirm you on your spiritual quest.

Growing Into God

Developing a Theology for the Whole Church

Author: Kathryn S. Campbell



Category: Christian education

Page: 1232

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Growing in the Presence of God

Author: Calvin W. Allison

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Religion

Page: 178

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We take the journey together. Jesus leads the way and we follow. We travel the narrow road and go through the process of spiritual growth. Our tests aren’t always easy. It takes a lot of study and dedication to make the grade, to show ourselves approved unto God. But we endure. We continue down the narrow road, keeping our eyes on the One that leads our hearts in the right direction. The world’s distractions are there, opening their doors of pleasure, in hopes of leading us astray and pulling us back into their grip of deception. But we are not of those that depart from the way. We are the strong and the faithful. We, through great adversity, pass the tests that are set before us. We are growing, becoming more and more like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Growing in the Presence of God is the fifth book by author Calvin W. Allison. Its theme is on spiritual growth. It’s intended to encourage believers to prepare themselves for tough times. To diligently seek God and to study His word. Because the process of spiritual growth will take the believer through some tough times. And good preparation is extremely important. With poetry, teachings, testimonies, and scripture, this book has much to offer.

Growing into life - Living by design

Author: Janine Fair

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 160

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Growing in and through life is vital if we are to become the people that God designed us to be. In this book Janine Fair examines the importance of growing and the tools that God has already given us to help us in this task. By sharing something of her own personal journey of discovery, she invites us to explore the role that emotions can play in facilitating this process, and the importance of encountering the truth, using questions to help us reflect, allowing our relationships with others to draw us closer to God, choosing wisely, harnessing our willingness, taking responsibility for our growth, aligning ourselves with God s purposes and plans, and helping one another grow. Janine Fair is a qualified medical doctor and life coach, as well as a clergy widow and single parent. She is a committed Christian and her first book, Surprised by Grief, was published in 2010.

Understanding God's Government

Author: Paul W. Syltie

Publisher: Virtualbookworm Publishing



Page: 708

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"Understanding God's Government" dares to explore the nature of government at all levels - its pyramidal, hierarchical structure - within civil, religious, business, military, and social spheres, and then dissect the motivations behind their leaders. It is discovered that fear is usually the prime motivator that leaders use to gain and maintain control. The Creator's intended form of government for mankind, however, is a brotherhood based upon lateral relationships of love and concern for one's fellow man. The author delves into Biblical and secular sources to elucidate the nature of today's governments, elements of Godly government, ideal government within the ecclesia, forms of government that work, and their consequences. Additional articles are included, by former presidential candidate Harry Browne, Herbert W. Armstrong, James Lloyd, Norman Edwards, and the author. Learn why future government holds so much promise within this war-torn, unstable world.

God, Adam, and You

How Original Sin, the Flesh, and Holiness Integrate in the Christian Life

Author: Michael M. Christensen

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 292

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Barna research suggests just over half of Americans who profess to be transformed by Christ believe God expects them to be holy and only a third consider themselves to be holy. This is disconcerting. Many of these same believers hold that Adam's sin and overwhelming fleshly desires are at the root of their personal sins. The purpose of this book is to re-examine Adam's legacy, the flesh, what sin really is, and God's holiness expectations of us. Do Adam's sin and fleshly desires force every person on this earth to sin in his likeness? Is sinning daily in thought, word, and deed our highest expectation? Can we love God in such a way that we can consistently obey his commands? We will discover that the impediments to a holy life may be fewer than we think and that what God commands of us we really can do!

Preaching the Incarnation

Author: Peter K. Stevenson

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press


Category: Religion

Page: 229

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Offers a theological discussion of ten important Bible passages connected with the doctrine of incarnation, bringing historical and literary questions about the text into dialogue with Christian tradition, drawing out the implications of the passage for preaching. --from publisher description.

Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be

Growing Into the Leader God Called You to Be

Author: LeRoy Eims

Publisher: David C Cook


Category: Religion

Page: 180

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A close-up of what the Bible has to say about leadership. Using the words of Jesus and stories of famous Bible leaders, the author reveals the responsibility of leadership.

Christian Ritualizing and the Baptismal Process

Liturgical Explorations toward a Realized Baptismal Ecclesiology

Author: Susan Marie Smith

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 286

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Most people, even non-Christians, know that Christians gather for worship once a week, and that they are right there to support each other when there is a baptism or a wedding or a funeral. But what about other poignant, vulnerable, or life-changing times? How does the church help people handle changes that in the past, in Christendom, were considered secular? Does the church have a role at retirement when one's ministry changes, or when a family's children leave home and familiar patterns seem to grind to a halt? Is there any rite possible for someone who is called to Christian ministry but not to ordination? Or to someone whose vows are broken in divorce? Christian Ritualizing and the Baptismal Process asserts that baptism marks the beginning of a process of participation in Christ's ministry, so that no part of life can finally be considered secular. Susan Marie Smith shows how every passage, healing, and ministry vocation is holy, and she lays the groundwork needed for every church to create the rituals necessary to lament and celebrate the endings and beginnings that happen in every Christian life.