Granitoid Rocks

Author: D.B. Clarke

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


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By stressing the various techniques used to determine the petrogenic history of granites, and by bridging the gap between undergraduate and research texts, this book provides a clear understanding of the current state of knowledge of the granite family.

Post-Archean Granitic Rocks

Petrogenetic Processes and Tectonic Environments

Author: V. Janoušek

Publisher: Geological Society of London


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Granites (sensu lato) represent the dominant rock-type forming the upper–middle continental crust but their origin remains a matter of long-standing controversy. The granites may result from fractionation of mantle-derived basaltic magmas, or partial melting of different crustal protoliths at contrasting P–T conditions, either water-fluxed or fluid-absent. Consequently, many different mechanisms have been proposed to explain the compositional variability of granites ranging from whole igneous suites down to mineral scale. This book presents an overview of the state of the art, and envisages future avenues towards a better understanding of granite petrogenesis. Particular emphasis of this Volume is on the following topics: Compositional variability of granitic rocks generated in contrasting geodynamic settings during Proterozoic to Phanerozoic Periods, Main permissible mechanisms producing subduction-related granites, Crustal anatexis of different protoliths, and the role of water in granite petrogenesis, New theoretical and analytical tools available for modelling whole-rock geochemistry, in order to decipher the sources and evolution of granitic suites.

Petrogenesis and Experimental Petrology of Granitic Rocks

Author: Wilhelm Johannes

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


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There are several books emphasizing the mineralogical and petrological aspects of granites, but this book is the only one emphasizing the experimental aspects.

Geological Magazine

Author: Henry Woodward



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