Grandpa Christmas

Author: Michael Morpurgo



Category: Christmas stories

Page: 32

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Dearest little Mia, This Christmas, instead of a Christmas card - you'll have plenty of those - and instead of a present - you'll have plenty of those too, I am sending you a letter . . . Every Christmas Mia and her family read a letter which her Grandpa wrote to her. His letter is a warm, impassioned and heartfelt wish for a better world for Mia to live in. He remembers fondly the times they spent in his garden finding frogs and worms and planting seeds. But Grandpa worries that all the things they love so much are in danger . . . His letter is a hopeful plea to Mia (and to all of us) to continue to care for and protect our precious world. Michael Morpurgo frames his powerful message about protecting the environment in this beautiful personal story about a grandpa's wish for his granddaughter to live in a better world. This vital and timely story is paired with Jim Field's emotive illustrations in this gorgeous Christmas picture book, perfect for the whole family to share.

Grandpa's Christmas Tree Story

Author: J William Zoldak



Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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Set in the early 1950s, "Grandpa's Christmas Tree Story" is about a young boy's struggle to bring a Christmas tree to his school. In a letter to his grandchildren, this true story is based on the recollections of a grandfather many years later. The scene unfolds in a small rural community along the Hudson River... celebrating many of the traditions of the times...

Cody and Grandpa's Christmas Tradition

Author: Gary Metivier

Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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A boy and his grandfather remember those who served. It’s Christmas Eve, and Cody’s family has all gathered for their traditional Christmas party--all except Grandpa, who is sitting quietly in his room, looking out his window at the cloudy sky. Grandpa tells Cody about his time in Vietnam and the Christmas Eve when a bright star appeared through the clouds, giving the soldiers hope. All of the men promised to look for the star every year and remember each other and those who didn’t come home. Cody makes a new tradition: now the whole family will join Grandpa in looking for the star. This touching family story, accompanied by rich illustrations, tells the importance of traditions and honoring those who served their country.

Christmas Stories My Grandpa Wrote for Me

Author: Glenn W. Martin

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 128

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This charming book contains ten children's stories by Glenn W. Martin. The first eight stories were written for his grandchildren, and to be read to the children of the churches he served at their Christmas Eve Family Services. You will meet Browser the dog, and Marty Mouse, and the three performers who missed the Christmas Pageant. You will find out if Patty got her Christmas wish, and learn about the girl who didn't want anything for Christmas. You will go to the manger with the stable boy, and share the disappointment of Ladius, the shepherd boy, who had to stay home. And you will wonder, with the blind Jacob, whether or not the new baby can really work miracles. The last two stories were written specifically for this book, for his two youngest grandchildren. You will learn why Jesus is missing from the manger, and why Shirley Starcluster can't twinkle. These stories, which are dedicated to Glenn's grandchildren, will never grow old or out-of-date. They will continue to delight, inspire, and bring hope and joy. They are his gift to all children, whoever and wherever they may be.

How the Movies Saved Christmas

228 Rescues from Clausnappers, Sleigh Crashes, Lost Presents and Holiday Disasters

Author: William D. Crump

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 356

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 Santa Claus is in trouble! Who will save Christmas? This A-to-Z guide to holiday films, television movies and series specials provides cast, credits, production information and commentary for 228 cinema Christmases that were almost ruined by villains, monsters, spirits, secularism, greed, misanthropy or elf error—but were saved by helpful animals, magic snowmen, selfless children or compassionate understanding. Reviews and references are included.

The 12 Terrors of Christmas

Author: Claudette Melanson

Publisher: Claudette Melanson


Category: Fiction

Page: 395

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Award-winning author Claudette Melanson offers eleven new and original stories to make your skin crawl at any time of the year. This horror anthology also includes an original short by Amazon International Best-Selling Author, Lynn Lamb, titled "Bring Me Flesh and Bring Me Wine." A special bonus story is also included by Melanson, "Mislead," previously published only on the Halloweenpalooza blog. Grab a cup of cocoa and make sure the windows and doors are locked tight as you settle in by the fire to enjoy these tales of terror, but be warned...locks have never succeeded at keeping Santa from gaining entry. If you enjoy a slice of horror with your holiday cheer, this collection of Christmas horror shorts will satisfy all your dark cravings during the holidays...and beyond. Terror One: Who is Santa really? Does something sinister lurk beneath the red suit and apple-cheeked visage? More importantly, what does Santa want for Christmas? Terror Two: It is said that every wish bears a cost...even a wish of good intent. What do Detective Talbot and his son, Mallory, stand to lose when the pair seek to right a wrong on Christmas Eve? Terror Three: Christmas can be a time for great joy...but also for heart-wrenching regret. Can the magic of Christmas Eve turn back the clock before time runs out for Morana and her family? Terror Four: Snow falls white and clean, seeming to purify the small town of Moon, Pennsylvania, but the woods behind Vaughn's home have taken on a sinister cast. The snow keeps falling in record-breaking depths, but does evil lay hidden beneath its seemingly-innocent luster? Terror Five: As his elves scurry to fill the toy orders for the busy season, unknown terror creeps toward the workshop intent on releasing an evil meant to cancel Santa's yearly deliveries forever. Terror Six: A well-meaning elf casts a spell which could inadvertently reveal the dark truth about Santa's workshop and its inhabitants. The world's children may end up paying a terrifying price, proving that the path of good intention oftentimes does indeed lead to hell. Terror Seven: A scary twist on a classic Christmas poem Terror Eight: Santa's sleigh plummets to the ground, tearing all hope of a merry Christmas to bits and pieces. Will the elves be able to employ enough magic to stitch together some sort of solution? Or will their efforts only deliver greater horror and loss? Terror Nine: Trinette is preparing to celebrate her first Christmas in love. Her boyfriend says he found the perfect gift for her, but beneath the shiny red paper and ribbon lies a secret he's kept hidden during all the months of their courtship... Terror Ten: The world's population explosion means business is booming at Santa's workshop, with the need to expand making a difficult excavation below the permafrost necessary. But the elves should use caution lest they dig up an evil best left buried. Terror Eleven: A special holiday treat for Maura DeLuca fans! Riptide ended on a happy note, but how did Maura's extended family celebrate Christmas? Could it be that the holiday didn't quite play out the way the vampires planned? Terror Twelve: It's a dangerous time to call oneself a non-believer. Those who scoff at Santa's existence are melting all over the world. But could the benevolent head elf turn out to be the murderer? Vampires, ghosts, demons, elves, werewolves, serial killers and a rampaging Krampus are just a few of the monsters creeping amongst the pages of The 12 Terrors of Christmas. Are you brave enough to venture inside to experience the flip side of the typical Hallmark-themed Christmas?

Grumpy Grandpa

Author: Brahmdeep Parmar

Publisher: BookRix


Category: Fiction

Page: 11

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Grandpa is Grumpy but suddenly gets kidnapped.He has to escape in time before Christmas to see his grandson John.Will he escape? Read to find out.

Collection of Work: The Years

Author: Everett Scolley

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 130

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Collection of Work The Years By: Everett Scolley This collection of work by author Everett Scolley is a compilation of uplifting Christmas stories, fun personal anecdotes, and tales about the glory of God and His goodness to those who are faithful. Scolley hopes he will uplift and inspire those who do not have faith. The tales in this collected work display the strength of family and the power of the Holy Spirit in the day-to-day lives of good people. It is the author’s hope that his work can cure sorrow with laughter.