Going Off Alarming

The Autobiography:

Author: Danny Baker

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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The dazzlingly funny second volume of Danny Baker's memoirs: the television years. Since my first book was published I have had countless friends and family members get in touch to say how come I hadn't included this story or that tale. Was I ashamed of being shot twice, once up the arse, in Jamaica Road? How long should a man live with such a secret? If by retrospectively dropping my trousers every few pages I can reveal a fuller picture of myself during these years, then so be it. Besides. Being shot up the arse. In front of your mates. What else did I forget?

Going to Sea in a Sieve

The Autobiography

Author: Danny Baker

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

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The first hilarious volume of comedy writer, journalist, radio DJ and screenwriter Danny Baker's memoir, and now the inspiration for the major BBC series CRADLE TO GRAVE, starring Peter Kay. 'And what was our life like in this noisy, dangerous and polluted industrial pock-mark wedged into one of the capital's toughest neighbourhoods? It was, of course, utterly magnificent and I'd give anything to climb inside it again for just one day.' In the first volume of his memoirs, Danny Baker brings his early years to life as only he knows how. With his trademark humour and eye for a killer anecdote, he takes us all the way from the council house in south-east London that he shared with his mum Betty and dad 'Spud' (played by Peter Kay) to the music-biz excesses of Los Angeles, where he famously interviewed Michael Jackson for the NME. Laugh-out-loud funny, it is also an affectionate but unsentimental hymn to a bygone era.

Long Day's Night

Special Force Orca, #5

Author: Anthony Molloy

Publisher: Anthony Molloy


Category: Fiction


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Highly secret intelligence gathered by 'Orca', a special operations group under the brilliant command of Captain Alexander Barr, points to a significant change in strategy on the part of the German High Command. Barr's unique knowledge of the Norwegian coast coupled with an astute, if unorthodox, grasp of tactics make him the ideal choice to command the countermeasures and he receives orders to disrupt the enemy's plans with every resource at his command. But before he can get his audacious plans under way the entire Home Fleet is caught up in its vengeful search for the 'Bismarck'. It is their chance to sink one of Germany's finest ships, to avenge the sinking of the 'Hood' and to, quite possibly, change the course of history. His endeavours take him and his elite force north into the treacherous waters of the Arctic where ice, cold and the might of the enemy combine to test his talents to the full.

Death of a Marriage

A Pearl in the World

Author: Alfrieda Judson

Publisher: Tate Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 228

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The Pearls kept silent; if not for their sake, for the sake of the family. However, there was one Pearl different from the rest. She began to talk more, ask questions. She began looking at other relationships—how they worked outside the confines, guidance, and support like the Elders. She found out secrets. She exposed behaviors by befriending women outside of the family. She changed; some say she turned her back. There was no doubt that the lives of the Pearls would never be the same. Latrika can't go on living the life she had led for so many years. She can't keep to herself anymore. She can't hold back. She needs help. She's getting a divorce from a man that the Elders had approved of, even if he did cheat on her with multiple women. Her friend Blair crosses the line and schedules Latrika an appointment with a therapist. Begrudgingly, Latrika goes to the appointment, but it's not like what she thought it was going to be. Her mind is opened, and memories that she struggled to forget surge to the surface. Family secrets, betrayals of her heart, and life-changing mistakes Latrika made in her adolescence swirl around her mind. Latrika is not so sure she's ready or willing to deal with everything, and she looks to alcohol to numb her pain. Will Latrika choose to deal with the pain, or will she order another Appletini? Can she survive without the aid and approval of the Elders? Will she be stripped of her title of a Pearl?

Simulation In Anesthesia E-Book

Author: Christopher Gallagher

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences


Category: Medical

Page: 512

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Following up his best-selling Board Stiff TEE & Too manuals for the oral boards in anesthesiology, Dr. Gallagher has produced a step-by-step how-to guide on conducting an anesthesia simulation. Topics include which equipment to use as well as suggestions for simulation scenarios that will help train your staff with a theoretical basis for handling even the most unexpected complications. This simulation guide with video clips helps to close the gaps that may result when abnormal situations are not recognized quickly enough or the response to them is haphazard and slow. The result is a highly effective, enjoyable, and affordable tool on this increasingly important way to ensure resources are being managed effectively. Concise and complete guide to all the issues relevant to anesthesia simulation Rich in clinical scenarios and models Experiences from state-of-the-art simulation center Employs latest CPR and other practice guidelines

Going off the rails

global capital and the crisis of legitimacy

Author: John Plender

Publisher: Wiley


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 282

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In this thought-provoking work, writer and journalist John Plender explores the model of capitalism advocated by English-speaking countries and asks the following pertinent questions: Why are developing countries financing the world's richest economy, instead of the other way round How have the markets come to appear so unstable What is causing the erosion of the wealth creation process? an Is the conventional view of this model actually correct The capitalist model was developed in the 19th century and recent events have shown the difficulties of adapting this to the demands of the 21st century, in which human and social capital are of far greater importance than physical capital. In Going off the Rails, John Plender shows how corporate scandals, inflated boardroom pay, corporate governance disciplines and outmoded accountancy conventions have stretched the Anglo-American model to its limit and what the effects of this might be on globalisation and the capital markets

The New Granny’s Survival Guide

Everything you need to know to be the best gran

Author: Gransnet

Publisher: Random House


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

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With half of the UK’s grandparents aged under 65, being a granny is no longer all blue rinses, hip replacements and bingo. Happy, healthy and energetic, the modern gran is worlds away from the little old biddy stereotype. If you’re a new gran, or about to become one, The New Granny’s Survival Guide is your essential handbook for grandparenting. Packed full of sanity-saving advice from Gransnet – the number one online platform for grannies – this book covers everything you need to know to be a brilliant gran. With practical guidance, hilarious insights and fresh ideas, you’ll discover: · Top tips for entertaining your grandchildren · Advice on building great relationships with in-laws · Guidance on how to cope with broken families, competitive grannies and difficult situations · Suggestions for how to juggle your own social life with being a hands-on gran With a foreword by Janet Ellis and full of wit and wisdom, The New Granny’s Survival Guide is the perfect companion for today’s dynamic grannies.