Long Night's Journey Into Day

A Revised Retrospective on the Holocaust

Author: Alice Eckardt

Publisher: Wayne State University Press


Category: History

Page: 277

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Long Night's Journey into Day is a controversial and stimulating attempt to deal with the impact of the Holocaust within the framework of modern-day Christian and Jewish thought. In this enlarged and revised edition, authors Alice and Roy Eckardt probe the moral, theological, historical, and political issues raised for Christians and Jews by the event. In addition, they take into account contemporary topics such as the significance and aftermath of Bitburg and the remarkable statement of the Rhineland Synod of the German Evangelical Church

God’s Grace: A Long Night’s Journey into Day

Author: Leta H. Montague

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion

Page: 88

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God’s Grace briefly discusses the issues and pain associated with divorce. The main thrust of the book is to show how God’s mercy and grace was manifested during the long journey of the divorce. The author tries to show that even though divorce is not God’s will, he provides and cares for his children through that long journey, and he does not let them walk alone.

Long Night's Journey into Day

The Path Away from Sin

Author: James Emery White

Publisher: WaterBrook


Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Struggling with life's dark side? Longing for change? Begin the journey toward a transformed life! Many of us look at our lives and wish we could experience lasting life-change. We long to live in the light of our relationship with God, but find that we often reside in the troubling darkness of temptation. It's time to step onto the path that God has laid out for us, the only path that will lead us toward the life we long for. It's time to embark on a Long Night's Journey into Day. Using three keys found in Scripture, you can embark on the journey that leads to personal transformation. Lay hold of the desire, knowledge, and power that make it possible to move away from sin and replace it with life-giving virtue. As pastor and author James Emery White examines the eight basic sins from which all others grow, he also reveals the virtues that counter each sin. By recognizing sin for what it is and practicing the virtues that offset it, we can journey toward lasting life-change that draws from God’s incredible power. Find out what can happen to a life lived in full partnership with the living God. Set out on the path of personal transformation, the life that becomes a Long Night's Journey into Day.

Open Wound, Open Heart, Open Hands

And the Freedom of Forgiveness

Author: Leta H. Montague

Publisher: WestBowPress


Category: Religion

Page: 304

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In Open Wound, Open Heart, Open Hands, author Leta H. Montague uses the lives of some biblical personalities to discuss the issues of hurts and wounds in relationship moving toward healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation. It is a refreshing perspective that interposes personal vignettes with biblical truths, demonstrating that God can use the hurts and wounds to call, prepare, and transform people for use in his kingdom.

God's Grace

A Long Night's Journey Into Day

Author: Leta H. Montague

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion

Page: 88

View: 848

God's Grace briefly discusses the issues and pain associated with divorce. The main thrust of the book is to show how God's mercy and grace was manifested during the long journey of the divorce. The author tries to show that even though divorce is not God's will, he provides and cares for his children through that long journey, and he does not let them walk alone.

Appositions of Jacques Derrida and Emmanuel Levinas

Author: John Llewelyn

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 255

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In considering the work of Derrida and Levinas from the points of view of philosophy, linguistics, logic and theology, this text invokes a diverse array of philosophers, theologians and literary figures, including Austin, Defoe, Hegel and Plato.

The Twentieth Century

Author: Gregory Baum

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: History

Page: 272

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An examination of the impact of major historical events of the 20th century on the interpretation theologians have given of the Christian message. Events include the World Wars, the Russian Revolution, the Great Depression, Nazism, the Holocaust, welfare capitalism and the free market economy. There follow reflections from a contemporary perspective on important cultural and religious developments of the 20th century.

Quiet Times for Those Who Need Comfort

Author: H. Norman Wright

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 160

View: 205

Bestselling author and family counselor Norm Wright has written an informative and encouraging devotional that will gentle readers forward through the grieving process. He uses his years of counseling experience coupled with his own journeys through grief to help readers learn how to... Draw strength in times of weakness Find comfort when hope is gone Experience God's boundless love Working through more than 60 insightful devotions, readers will explore how to clarify their feelings of loss, establish a healthy outlook on the future, find strength in the arms of their Heavenly Father, and much more. Biblically based and solution-oriented, "Quiet Times for Those Who Need Comfort" is a must-have for anyone who has recently experienced a loss, someone going through the grieving process, ministers, and family counselors.

Heinz Kohut: The Making of a Psychoanalyst

Author: Charles Strozier

Publisher: Other Press, LLC


Category: Psychology

Page: 538

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Heinz Kohut (1913-1981) stood at the center of the twentieth-century psychoanalytic movement. After fleeing his native Vienna when the Nazis took power, he arrived in Chicago, where he spent the rest of his life. He became the most creative figure in the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis, and is now remembered as the founder of 'self psychology,' whose emphasis on empathy sought to make Freudian psychoanalysis less neutral. Kohut's life invited complexity. He obfuscated his identity as a Jew, negotiated a protean sexuality, and could be surprisingly secretive about his health and other matters. In this biography, Charles Strozier shows Kohut as a paradigmatic figure in American intellectual life: a charismatic man whose ideas embodied the hope and confusions of a country still in turmoil. Inherent in his life and formulated in his work were the core issues of modern America. The years after World War II were the halcyon days of American psychoanalysis, which thrived as one analyst after another expanded upon Freud's insights. The gradual erosion of the discipline's humanism, however, began to trouble clinicians and patients alike. Heinz Kohut took the lead in the creation of the first authentically home-grown psychoanalytic movement. It took an emigre be so distinctly American. Strozier brings to his telling of Kohut's life all the tools of a skillful analyst: intelligence, erudition, empathy, contrary insight, and a willingness to look far below the surface.

When Camels Slide Down Doors Do You Tell the Neighbors?

A Seven-Year Journey Through the Classroom of Dementia

Author: Rick and Martha Trader

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 336

View: 744

Journey with a Boomer couple accepting the mission of caring for one parent with dementia, only to end up with two parents with dementia, mixed with a healthy blend of OCD, paranoia, and Parkinson’s. The intense darkness of such a dynamic at times also makes for a releasing humor. Poignant stories tell the tales, while the focus remains on how, when the Teacher designs the syllabus, the classroom experience will reach the heart. Over 30 humbling lessons (most in hindsight) about mission, mercy, faith, fatigue, keys and cars, time, toothpaste, amazement, awe, earthsuits, and more are set into an eternal perspective. What was the most humbling lesson of all? Come along with Rick and Martha and discover the most important one for yourself. Aging certainly has its problems. We lose lots of things like teeth, sight, hearing, knees, hips, and sleep to name a few. However, the costliest loss of all is our memory. Caregivers and family members must take the time to read ‘When Camels Slide Down Doors...’ It will come to be your manual, your friend, your source of inspiration and encouragement. Your relationship with God and each family member will be enriched. DR. HANS E. JOSEPHSEN, DMin, ThD, PhD. Christian Counselor The Traders' seven-year journey through the many stages of caring for their elderly parents and their passage through dementia is a lesson in life, love, and faith. The narrative of Ann and Winston's story rivals the tellings of Philip Roth. When you infuse such a heartfelt tale with scriptural passages and the calling to ministry that Rick and Martha embody, you are presented with a rare and unique book that will change the way you view the challenges life presents. I heartily endorse ‘When Camels Slide Down Doors...’ MICHAEL J READINGER, President & CEO, The Council for Health & Human Service Ministries, United Church of Christ True to life, ‘When Camels Slide Down Doors...’ recounts the creative ways the authors overcame barriers without losing heart, their senses of humor, and most of all their faith in God. This excellent story will prepare readers for the progression through the disease process, as well as the spiritual growth that it fosters in those who care for these loved ones. DR. NINA BEAMAN, EdD, MSN, RN, Dean of Nursing, Author As a professional who trains chaplains, therapists, and caregivers, I enjoyed reading ‘Camels...’ It is a delightful, at times emotional, personal read which will leave you laughing, sometimes on the edge of tears, and always ready to turn the page. DR. DOUG DICKENS, Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Gardner-Webb University/School of Divinity