Go Faster Food

Over 100 energy-boosting recipes for runners, cyclists, swimmers and rowers

Author: Kate Percy

Publisher: Random House


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 288

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Are you a runner, cyclist, swimmer or rower? Do you want to up your game and ensure you're getting the very best from your diet? To help with her own training, Kate Percy - a keen marathon runner and cook - has developed a range of delicious, carbohydrate-rich recipes that will complement any training programme, whether you're training for a marathon for the first time or an experienced athlete. Go Faster Food contains: over 100 delicious recipes, approved by a nutritionist; an overview of health benefits and a detailed breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins for each recipe; practical nutritional advice, 'Go Faster Tips' and meal planners for each stage of your training. With a unique combination of tasty recipes and nutritional advice all geared towards enhancing your sports performance, Go Faster Food will help you achieve your full potential.

Go Faster Food for Kids

Author: Kate Percy



Category: Children

Page: 212

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A well-fuelled body will give kids the edge - not just on the sports field, but also in the classroom. Kate Percy, author of the highly acclaimed Go Faster Food (Vermilion), demystifies nutrition to give an accessible guide to what, when and how to fuel active kids on a daily basis. Her delicious recipes help children to be the best they can be.

Jacques Pepin's Fast Food My Way

Author: Jacques Pépin

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Category: Cooking

Page: 240

View: 229

The master chef applies his skills to simple meals that can be prepared quickly, from instant beef tenderloin stew to pumpkin soup with toasted walnuts, that rely on pantry staples and canned goods.

Fast Food! Gulp! Gulp!

Author: Bernard Waber

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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All kinds of foods are served faster and faster--until the cook has had enough!


Author: John S. Holman

Publisher: Nelson Thornes


Category: Science

Page: 314

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This series builds on the Nelson Science and Nelson Balanced Science series. It was developed for those studying for a Double or Triple Award at GCSE. It includes coverage of all the major GCSE science specifications, a range of case studies and other materials to further develop ideas and evidence in science and a range of questions including actual examination questions.

The New High Protein Healthy Fast Food Diet

Author: Charles Clark

Publisher: Random House


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 320

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'We've all heard of Jen and Madonna using high-protein diets to lose weight. It's a tricky one to follow safely, but with Dr Clark's sensible approach us mere mortals can do it too.' New WomanDo you ever eat take-away Indian, Thai or Chinese food? Do you usually resort to sandwiches at lunchtime? Does your busy lifestyle mean you nip into M&S to buy ready-made meals? Well, if you do, you are like most people. But if you're used to living like this it can be difficult trying to follow a low-carb diet. Until now. In this brilliant book Dr Charles Clark provides not only the groundrules for his bestselling New High Protein Diet but, because he understands how busy people actually shop and eat, he incorporates convenience and fast foods into it. Analysing over 200 types of fast and convenience foods to help you choose the most suitable options, this is essential reading for everyone who wants to be slim, healthy, but realistic about their lifestyle.

Go Slow and Curvy

Understanding the Philosophy of the Cittaslow slowcity Phenomenon

Author: dehyun sohn

Publisher: Springer


Category: Social Science

Page: 176

View: 795

This book introduces readers to the concepts of sustainability and philosophy of slowness for the management of public entities such as cities or regions. While many urban communities face economic challenges that clearly show the limitations of growth and ever-increasing speed, this book explores an alternative, thought-provoking standpoint in five chapters. The first chapter explains the importance and essence of slowness, smallness and sustainability for public organizations, while the second addresses the concept of “slow life” in an emotional society. Chapter three examines the issue of “slow management” and presents arguments for the value of small businesses as the true foundation of the economy. Chapter four rounds out the coverage with a focus on agriculture. Finally, in chapter five, the authors discuss the overall benefits of a “slow and curvy” management style in order to provide happiness, economic and social sustainability.

Fast Food

Roadside Restaurants in the Automobile Age

Author: John A. Jakle

Publisher: JHU Press


Category: Architecture

Page: 394

View: 393

The authors contemplate the origins, architecture and commercial growth of wayside eateries in the US over the past 100 years. Fast Food examines the impact of the automobile on the restaurant business and offers an account of roadside dining.

Real Fast Food

Author: Nigel Slater

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: Cooking

Page: 432

View: 165

Nigel Slater presents over 350 creative, delicious and nourishing recipes and suggestions for those who'd rather spend more of their time eating than cooking. From simple snacks to dinner-party desserts, all the dishes in Real Fast Food can be ready to eat in 30 minutes or under.

From Crude Oil to Fast Food

An Energy Journey Through the World of Heat

Author: Ian Graham

Publisher: Raintree


Category: Energy industries

Page: 48

View: 115

How does the energy in crude oil become a fast-food snack? What changes does it go through along its journey? This book shows how the energy in crude oil is used to make a fast-food snack. It explains how crude oil was formed, how it is obtained and how it is used in the food industry. The book also looks at the science behind cooking and the effects of heat on food, the processes of packaging and preserving food, and finally how fast food is prepared.

They Who Come Faster Than Fate

Author: Christopher A. Rowe

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency


Category: Fiction

Page: 268

View: 987

A thousand years ago in a settlement of Greenland, a warning comes from Norway. Magda, the wise woman of the tribe remaining in Norway, sends a message to Bjorn, the tribal leader, that the main part of his people who remained in Norway has been massacred by a new enemy named Wabrok. This renegade Norseman intends to eliminate the independent jarls and turn their clans into one vassal state under his total control. Magda, with some of the refugees, mostly women and children who survived the devastation of their settlements, have fled northward. Bjorn confirms to Magda he will set out with a force of fighting men (The Skarl) and come to the rescue in forty days. His men must travel over the ice cap by skis and snowshoes to reach their ship on Greenland’s east coast, then by sea with winter almost upon them to cross the ocean. His fighting men are driven by an overwhelming love for freedom for their families, and a hatred of their enemies. Bjorn’s group sets out to make the almost impossible journey within the forty days. Magda continues north to reach the Caves of Refuge. Her group’s journey is also by foot, skis, and snowshoes. Magda and the group are hotly pursued by Wabrok and his men. With a woman’s instinct and subterfuge, Magda keeps the group alive. The journey of The Skarl is a journey not for the youngest and fittest, but on this impossible trip, enduring courage is needed to continue when all is against them.

Ending Extreme Inequality

An Economic Bill of Rights to Eliminate Poverty

Author: Scott Myers-Lipton

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 198

View: 397

Poverty and inequality are at record levels. Today, forty-seven million Americans live in poverty, while the median is in decline. The top 20 percent now controls 89 percent of all wealth. These conditions have renewed demands for a new economic Bill of Rights, an idea proposed by F. D. Roosevelt, Truman and Martin Luther King, Jr. The new Economic Bill of Rights has a coherent plan and proclaims that all Americans have the right to a job, a living wage, a decent home, adequate medical care, good education, and adequate protection from economic fears of unemployment, sickness and old age. Integrating the latest economic and social data, Ending Extreme Inequality explores each of these rights. Each chapter includes: an analysis of the social problems surrounding each right; a historical overview of the attempts to right these wrongs; and assessments of current solutions offered by citizens, community groups and politicians. These contemporary, real-life solutions to inequality can inspire students and citizens to become involved and open pathways toward a more just society.


Your Way to Healthy Living with the Miracle of Superfoods, New Weight-Loss Discoveries, Antiaging Techniques and More

Author: David Herzog

Publisher: Charisma Media


Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 280

Offers practical and natural solutions to health needs by emphasizing the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

Superfoods Today Chocolate Sugar Detox

Get Rid of Sugar Cravings and Inflammations, Lose Weight, Boost Energy and Fix Your Hormone Imbalance Free Freebie

Author: Don Orwell

Publisher: Superfoods Today


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 104

View: 734

How Can You Go Wrong With Superfoods-Only Detox?You're probably thinking "C'mon, how can you get rid of sugar cravings by eating Superfoods Chocolate?" Well, after you switch to whole foods Superfoods and Superfoods fix your hormones and you start eating fruits and one to two truffles of Superfoods Chocolate daily, you won't crave any other sweets that day. FACT:Way too many of us live in a state of poor health, lethargy and moderate obesity. We live with headaches, back pain, inflammation, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, skin problems, insomnia and cancer – they’re all the byproducts of modern western diet, based on processed food. Superfoods are foods and the medicine and they can help with all these symptoms!! Superfoods are NOT only exotic berries like Acai, Goji or Noni! Acai, Goji or Noni berries are great, they’re full of antioxidants, but you can’t live on them. Superfoods covered in this book are regular, everyday Superfoods, like spinach, broccoli, quinoa, olive oil, garlic, kale, salmon, ginger, avocado, berries, flax seeds; basically nutritionally dense foods that are widely available and which offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. After eating these superior sources of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients for only a week or two you will: Start losing weight and boost energy Get rid of sugar or junk food cravings Lower your blood sugar and stabilize your insulin level Detox your body from years of eating processed foods Lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol Fix your hormone imbalance and boost immunity Increase your stamina and libido Get rid of inflammations in your body “Our Food Should Be Our Medicine And Our Medicine Should Be Our Food.” - Hippocrates 460 - 370 BC The best thing about Superfoods Detox is that it will keep your appetite and cravings under control and it will balance your hormones. It's nearly impossible to lose fat if your hormones are out of balance. Superfoods Diet works because it’s return to the type of food your body naturally craves and was designed for. Whole foods Superfoods is the food humans consumed for literally millions of years. Superfoods diet forbids processed foods, hybridized foods, gluten foods and high glycemic foods. There is nothing super in today’s hybridized wheat, corn, soy or potatoes. Processed food is the main reason why people suffer from inflammations and why their hormones are out of balance. Only Superfoods Slow Aging! Discover: Which 17 Superfoods slow aging and boost immunity”-pg. 59. Which 12 Superfoods lowers blood sugar and cholesterol”-pg. 28. Which 18 Superfoods promote weight loss”-pg 47. Which 11 Superfoods are anti-inflammatory and anti-viral”-pg 39. How I lost 80 pounds in 5 months and how I kept my new weight for more than 5 years”-pg. 8 How to stop Yo-yoing your weight for good”-pg.21 Which 23 Superfoods protects you from cancer”-pg. 37 Which 16 Superfoods protects you from heart disease”-pg. 38 Which 14 Superfoods protects you from high blood pressure”-pg. 30 How Superfoods helped with my sons ADHD”-pg. 15 Learn the 5 BEST vegetables to have in your salad in order to maximize your anti-cancer agents, vitamin E, vitamin C and illness preventing antioxidants.

Food Biotechnology in Ethical Perspective

Author: Paul B. Thompson

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 342

View: 732

This revised edition updates Thompson’s trail-blazing study of ethical and philosophical issues raised by biotechnology. The 1997 book was the first by a philosopher to address food and agricultural biotechnology, discussing ethical issues associated with risk assessment, labelling, animal transformation, patents, and impact on traditional farming communities. The new edition addresses the debates of the intervening decade, including cloning, the Precautionary Principle, and the biotechnology debate between the United States and Europe.

Operations Management

Author: Nigel Slack

Publisher: Pearson Education


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 686

View: 539

A long-time market leader in this discipline, Slack has set the standards in Operations Management which other textbooks seek to emulate. Expert authorship, an engaging writing style, and an interesting collection of cases combine to communicate the importance of managing operations and processes within a successful organisation. Operations Management provides a strategic perspective, whilst also examining the practical issues which organisations face on a day to day basis. It uses over 120 examples from all over the world, reflecting the balance of economic activity between service (c.75%) and manufacturing (c.25%) operations.

How to Train Young Eyes and Ears

Being a Manual of Object Lessons for Parents and Teachers

Author: Mary Anne Ross



Category: Object-teaching

Page: 139

View: 458

Best Keto-Friendly Fast Foods

Keto Fast Foods: Low-Carb Fast Foods You Can Eat And Keto Low-Carb Bunless Burger Recipes

Author: Alex Shawn

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 52

View: 462

This Best Keto Friendly Fast Food Book makes sticking to a low-carb, ketogenic diet easier than ever by making it simple. Whether you're juggling work, school, children, pets, travel, or all of the above, you can follow keto diet plan with the simple tips and shortcuts outlined in this book. How are you going to fit in a meal that leaves you feeling satisfied without kicking you out of ketosis? How do you cope when you go to a fast food spot or convenience store to get a handy snack when on keto diet?Did you know that there are Keto bunless burger recipes with low carb?There are delicious low-carb options to choose in this book, in as little time as you have to eat.From grab-and-go convenience store and grocery store selections to hotel breakfasts to restaurant lunches and dinners, there are quick options that will streamline your keto life. There are also keto bunless burger recipes that are faster than a drive-thru, ideas that don't require refrigeration, and shopping tips that will save you time and money. You will not have to give up on the burgers that you like and they are much healthier.Get to know the best keto friendly foods with low carbs and attempt a keto low carb bunless burger today!

Holistic Health

Author: Robert Puff

Publisher: eBookIt.com


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 28

View: 229

The focus of this book, Holistic Health, is on the big picture. It is on understanding all of the many facets of our lives that need to be taken into consideration if we are to experience an overarching sense of health and happiness. Holistic Health is the foundation upon which everything else I have been teaching is built. In other words, each of the topics I have covered in other books, like Living a Peaceful Life, Anger Work: How To Express Your Anger and Still Be Kind, Meditation for Health and Happiness, How to Live a Positive Life, and so on, are a piece of the puzzle. Holistic Health, is a look at the puzzle box lid. It shows you the picture of the whole puzzle at once.