Tuttle Concise Japanese Dictionary

Japanese-English English-Japaneses

Author: Samuel E. Martin

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 640

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Every serious student of Japanese needs a reliable and user–friendly dictionary in their collection. Tuttle Concise Japanese Dictionary, now with 30% more content, is a completely updated dictionary designed for students and business people who are living in Japan and using the Japanese language on a daily basis. Its greatest advantage is that it contains recent idiomatic expressions which have become popular in the past several years and which are not found in other competing dictionaries. The dictionary has been fully updated with the addition of recent vocabulary relating to computers, mobile phones, social media and the Internet. Other special features that set this dictionary apart include: Over 25,000 words and expressions including idioms and slang. User-friendly layout with main entries in color. Complete Japanese–English and English–Japanese sections. Romanized forms and the Japanese script are given for all Japanese words. A guide to pronunciation helps the user to pronounce Japanese words correctly. Different senses of each word are distinguished by multiple definitions.

Shell Structures in Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Theory and Closed-form Analytical Solutions

Author: Alphose Zingoni

Publisher: Thomas Telford


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 349

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This authoritative text concentrates on the derivation of simple but reasonably accurate mathematical solutions, and the actual presentation of closed-form results for quantities that are of interest to the designer of shell structures.

Patrologiae Cursus Completus: Series Latina

Sive, Bibliotheca Universalis, Integra, Uniformis, Commoda, Oeconomica, Omnium SS. Patrum, Doctorum Scriptorumque Ecclesiasticorum Qui Ab Aevo Apostolico Ad Usuque Innocentii III Tempora Floruerunt

Author: Jacques-Paul Migne



Category: Christian literature, Early


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The Amu

Fierce Warrior Tribe from Arabia Who Conquered a Defenseless Ancient Egypt for Four Hundred Years


Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 236

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THE AMU The Amuthis Asiatic race which invaded and conquered ancient Egypt during a time of cosmic upheaval, then enslaved most of Egypt for over four hundred years. It seems probable that in 1491 BC, a large asteroid hit the earth but did not reach the ground but bounced off our atmosphere. Beneath it, it would have created an explosion as great as one hundred Hiroshima atomic bombs exploding simultaneously. It was this that created the volcanic eruptions and tsunamis which did so much damage. It was at this time when Egypt was beset with such terrible cosmic damage that Moses and the Hebrews made their exit and the time when the Amu entered an Egypt paralysed and at their mercy. It has been assumed for a long time that this Amu invasion occurred around 2000 BC. Yet the Bible seems to indicate that Moses and the Israelites fled Egypt around 1500 BC. Thus we must deduct some five hundred years from events stated as happening so much earlier. There are of course many more reasons for assuming this fact. Then some four hundred years later, a rebellion by Upper Egypt, and later, Pharaoh Ahmose and Thutmose I freed Egypt from the Amu and went on to crown Princess Makere Hatshepsut as the only female pharaoh. ROYSTON MOORE

Plants of the Punjab

Author: Charles James Bamber

Publisher: Рипол Классик


Category: History

Page: 652

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Author: Ankara Üniversitesi. Ziraat Fakültesi





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