Gift from the Sea

Author: Anne Lindberg

Publisher: Pantheon Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 148

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A woman's reflections on life, its stages, and its states, comparing them with the natural treasures of life in the sea

Daughters Betrayed by their Mothers

Moving from Brokenness to Wholeness

Author: Holli Kenley

Publisher: Loving Healing Press


Category: Self-Help

Page: 282

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ÿThe daughters' stories touch upon the deepest and darkest of pains: knowing you have a mother... but you don't. Daughters Betrayed By Their Mothers: Moving From Brokenness To Wholenessÿis an intimate exploration into the lives of daughters who were wounded by their mothers and who chose wellness over victimhood. Each daughter's unique story of recovery is a testament to the power of choice, perseverance and resilience. Readers are invited to journey alongside the daughters, grabbing hold of healing lifelines and moving from broken places to whole spaces within.Do you feel your mother did not "show up" for you in the ways you needed?Because of your mother's role in your life, do you feel like you were "not enough?"Do you wonder if it is possible to heal from the brokenness that comes from being wounded by your mother?If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, the "Daughters" warmly welcome you. "There are tears of both sorrow and joy in the beautiful, brave stories of harm and hope. Daughters Betrayed By Their Mothers changed my life." --Charlotte Carson, Editorial Director, "Daughters Betrayed By Their Mothersÿis heartrending and uplifting; dark and optimistic; painful and inspirational. A profound human document." --Sam Vaknin, author ofÿMalignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisited "Powerful, reflective, and reassuring to all who read it, Holli Kenley'sÿDaughters Betrayed By Their Mothersÿreminds us that no matter what hurt we have experienced, the opportunity to heal and be whole is always possible." --Cyrus Webb, media personality, author, and speaker Learn more at From Loving Healing Press

Fifty Is the New Fifty

Ten Life Lessons for Women in Second Adulthood

Author: Suzanne Braun Levine

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

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Read Suzanne Braun Levine's posts on the Penguin Blog. An inspiring guide to maximizing creativity and happiness in the second half of life Suzanne Braun Levine follows her groundbreaking Inventing the Rest of Our Lives with fresh insights, research, and practical advice on the challenges and unexpected rewards for women in their fifties, sixties, and seventies. Rich with anecdotes, this book captures the voices of women who are confronting change, renegotiating their relationships, and discovering who they are now that they are finally grown up. Levine's own warm, wise, and humorous voice make this guide encouraging, enriching, and empowering. 50 Is the New Fifty is about survival, joy, and camaraderie, and it proves that fifty is its own wonderful stage of possibilities and promise. Watch a Video

Slow is Beautiful

New Visions of Community, Leisure and Joie de Vivre

Author: Cecile Andrews

Publisher: New Society Publishers


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

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We’re hammered, we’re slammed, we’re out of control. Happiness is on the decline in the most affluent country in the world, and Americans are troubled by the destructiveness of a lifestyle devoted to money and status. Yet no one seems to have a clue how to exit from the fast lane. Slow is Beautiful analyzes the subtle consumer and political and corporate forces stamping the joy from our existence and provides a vision of a more fulfilling life through the rediscovery of caring community, unhurried leisure, and life-affirming joie de vivre. The book discusses: • The frantic time poverty plaguing everyone—a poverty that is being challenged by the growing slow life movement whose message is reverberating around the world • The need to build a culture of connection with both people and the planet by challenging the consumer society and re-creating vibrant life in our local communities • The creation of a different experience of time where we live life in slower, more reflective ways, savoring our lives and recapturing exuberance and laughter Offering inspiration and concrete ideas, Slow is Beautiful will appeal to a broad audience of baby boomers nearing retirement, harried professionals with a social conscience, the one-time “middle class,” and twenty- to thirty-somethings who are now facing the sobering realities of constricted choices.

Gift from the Sea

Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Publisher: Chatto & Windus


Category: Life

Page: 144

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'Quietly powerful and a great help. Glorious' Emma Thompson 'Women need solitude in order to find again the true essence of themselves.' First published in 1955 and an instant bestseller, Gift from the Sea is a classic, wise book for women about how to flourish in life, how to balance life, work, motherhood; about finding space to think and breathe. Holidaying by the sea, and taking inspiration from the shells she finds on the seashore, Anne Morrow Lindbergh meditates on youth and age, love and marriage, peace, solitude and contentment. Her insights - into aspects of the modern world that threaten to overwhelm us, the complications of technology, the ever multiplying commitments that take us from our families - are as relevant today as they ever were, perhaps even more so. By recording her thoughts during a brief escape from everyday demands, Anne Morrow Lindbergh helps readers find a space for contemplation and creativity within their own lives.

Life Stories

A Guide to Reading Interests in Memoirs, Autobiographies, and Diaries

Author: Maureen O'Connor

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 723

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Memoirs, autobiographies, and diaries represent the most personal and most intimate of genres, as well as one of the most abundant and popular. Gain new understanding and better serve your readers with this detailed genre guide to nearly 700 titles that also includes notes on more than 2,800 read-alike and other related titles. * A list of subjects and suggested "read-alikes" accompany each title * Appendixes cover awards, websites, and resources * Detailed indexes provide further points of access

Lessons from a Complex Child

One Family's Journey Untangling the Mysteries of Regression, Diagnosis, and Recovery

Author: Ellen Woodbriar

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 294

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At twenty-nine months, my son Jackson had met all of his developmental milestones. He spoke in full sentences, knew his ABCs and colors, had well-developed fine and gross motor skills, was affectionate, had perfect eye contact, loved to talk, and was extremely social. Six months later, just after Jackson’s third birthday, neurologists couldn’t rule out that he might have a malignant form of epilepsy, some form of neurodegenerative disorder, have regressive encephalopathy, be autistic, or have a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). What could possibly have caused the regression he experienced over a four-month period, the irritability he was exhibiting, the sixty to eighty seizures he was enduring each day, and the autistic-like behaviors he had developed? Although I’m not a physician and don’t work in the healthcare profession, I have lived through the regression and recovery of my own child. This experience has led me to form the opinion that, potentially, too many children are being put on the autism spectrum. Some children, like Jackson, with ASD-like symptoms are not autistic and therefore are not receiving the full breadth of intervention that could potentially help them recover. Do I have proof of this? No, because from my experience, and up until this point, there has not been enough research that the medical profession recognizes as reliable made available to the public or to parents like me to identify the root cause of some symptoms. The purpose of my telling this story is not to give anyone, or any family, false hope but, with good reason, to encourage you to leave no stone unturned in treating a medically complex child. It takes passionate determination and tenacity to find underlying and seemingly hidden causes of complex illnesses and to see the journey through to recovery when possible.

Leadership the Outward Bound Way

Becoming a Better Leader in the Workplace, in the Wilderness, and in Your Community

Author: John Raynolds

Publisher: The Mountaineers Books


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 444

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Dynamic and effective leadership skills from the organization that has spent decades helping people discover their own potential to lead

Library Journal

Author: Melvil Dewey



Category: Libraries

Page: 1030

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Includes, beginning Sept. 15, 1954 (and on the 15th of each month, Sept.-May) a special section: School library journal, ISSN 0000-0035, (called Junior libraries, 1954-May 1961). Also issued separately.