Author: John M. Patrick

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 340

View: 283

An elderly couple, Wilbur and Ellie Weiss, who had escaped the concentration camps under the Nazi regime during World War II were headed for home when they were accidently run off the road on a treacherous snowy New Year's Eve night in 1980 and killed instantly when their car landed sideways in a ditch. Six months later, the couple involved in running them off the road, Andy and Marisa Janzen, bought the Weiss' Victorian London home when they moved from Joplin Missouri to Charleston Missouri when Andy took the job as hospital adminstrator. Wilbur concocts a variety of methods to try and scare the Janzen family away out of their home with the blessing of his wife. That also included the family of Hank, Cindy, Mary, and Joseph Pritchard-Hank and Cindy were also in the car with Andy and Marisa when Andy accidently clipped the rear of the Weiss' car who had been drinking celebrating his new job. Much to the dismay of Ellie, Wilbur's attempts to get rid of the Janzen family also included putting the children from both families at risk-something Ellie wanted Wilbur promised he would not do, a promise Wilbur said he could not keep, but assured his late wife, he wouldm do everything he could, to keep the innocence of the kids out of harm's way which would be an eays task. After a tragic accdient that involved the Janzen's close friends, Hank and Cindy, Andy and Marisa were determined to stay in their new home until Wilbur had no choice but to try and force the Janzen family out through the most extreme measures.

Ghost in the Game

Author: Christopher Keene

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 229

View: 813

Book 3 of the LitRPG series The Dream State Saga will suck readers in with each twist, turn, and dark secret that comes to light. In order to defend the virtual reality world he and his friends love, Noah must repair broken alliances and work with the game’s creators themselves.

This Haunted Isle

Author: Peter Underwood

Publisher: Peter Underwood


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 276

View: 859

Peter Underwood has personally visited the historic buildings and sites of Britain, and here presents a wealth of intriguing legends and new stories of ghostly encounters from more than a hundred such throughout the United Kingdom. From Abbey House in Cambridge to Zennor in Cornwall, this is an A to Z of the haunted houses of Britain. At Bramshill in Hampshire — now a police training college — there have been so many sightings that even sceptical police officers have had to admit that the place is haunted. Beautiful Leeds Castle in Kent has a large, phantom black dog; there is an Elizabethan gentleman (seen by a Canon of the Church of England!) at Croft Castle; a Pink Lady at Coughton Court; a prancing ghost jester at Gawsworth; a spectre in green velvet at Hoghton Tower; six ghosts at East Riddlesden Hall; a headless apparition at Westwood Manor; and then there are some little-known ghosts in Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London, and the strange ghosts of Chingle Hall, perhaps the most haunted house in England.

The Book Of Dreams And Ghosts

eBook Edition

Author: Andrew Lang

Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag



Page: 521

View: 965

It has been known for some time that Mr. Lang has added ghosts to his hobbies. In the volume before us, " The Book of Dreams and Ghosts,'' Mr. Lang offers a large collection of ghost stories old and new, and his opinions on "appearances." As far as we can gather Mr. Lang's attitude from these pages, which have much of the vagueness of expression that goes with memoirs of the supernatural, he disbelieves in traditional ghosts, the ghosts that do things—but wishes it were otherwise. Like all persons of poetical or romantic temperament, he would prefer to believe in them. They would make life so much more interesting and exciting. This book is annotated with a rare extensive biographical sketch of the author, Andrew Lang, written by Sir Edmund Gosse, CB, a contemporary poet and writer. From the contents: The Dog Fanti Mark Twain’s Story The Pig In The Dining-Room The Mignonette The Lost Cheque The Ducks’ Eggs The Lost Key The Lost Securities The Arrears Of Teind The Two Curmas The Assyrian Priest The Knot In The Shutter Queen Mary’s Jewels The Deathbed Dream Of Mr. Perceval’s Murder The Rattlesnake The Red Lamp The Scar In The Moustache The Coral Sprigs The Satin Slippers The Dead Shopman Story Of The Diplomatist Under The Lamp The Cow With The Bell The Deathbed Of Louis Xiv. The Old Family Coach Riding Home From Mess The Bright Scar The Vision And The Portrait The Restraining Hand The Benedictine’s Voices The Man At The Lift The Wraith Of The Czarina An “Astral Body” In Tavistock Place The Wynyard Wraith Lord Brougham’s Story The Dying Mother The Vision Of The Bride ... and much more ...

Dreams and Ghosts

Author: Andrew Lang

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 320

View: 755

A pioneering anthropologist and folklorist presents scores of lively and reputedly true ghost stories from around the world, featuring the naked ghost, the rattlesnake ghost, the dancing devil, other apparitions.

More Ghost Towns of Texas

Author: T. Lindsay Baker

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press


Category: History

Page: 210

View: 354

A companion volume to Ghost Towns of Texas provides readers with histories, maps, and detailed directions to the most interesting ghost towns in Texas not already covered in the first volume. Reprint.

Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places

Author: Brad Steiger

Publisher: Visible Ink Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 680

View: 786

The culmination of Brad Steiger’s 50 years of paranormal research, this book is a bold telling of true ghost stories and firstperson encounters with the supernatural. Arranged topically, it covers every sort of ghost and haunting: poltergeists, shadow beings, and phantoms alongside haunted apartments, hotels, and trains. From ghosts that still haunt Ohio’s State Reformatory, otherwise known as Shawshank, to Abe Lincoln’s regular consultation with mediums, this compendium delves into the true scary stories from both historical documents and personal accounts. In its 30 chapters, spirits represented include the good (“Ghosts that Saved Lives”), the bad (“Invisible Home Wreckers”), and the ugly (“Demonic Spirits That Whisper Commands to Kill”). The book goes on to unearth the ghastly goingson and macabre manifestations at haunted places such as museums, churches, graveyards, restaurants, and sacred sites while also instructing how to perform a cleansing ritual to rid a home of unwanted spectral visitors. This second edition is updated to include new stories and compelling evidence of both the existence of ghosts and proof of hauntings that will entertain, induce chills, and make the doubtful believe.

Peter Underwood's Guide to Ghosts and Haunted Places

Author: Peter Underwood

Publisher: Peter Underwood


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 218

View: 161

Peter Underwood's Guide to Ghosts and Haunted Places is based on 50 years' expert study and investigation. The result is a unique exploration of the world go ghosts, apparitions and psychic phenomena which draws on a wealth of cases personally investigated by the author. Illustrated with photographs, this fascinating book examines the enormous variety of ghostly activity from both sides of the Atlantic and discusses all the available evidence. Included are chilling tales of numerous haunted places including castles, stately homes, churches, theatres, pubs, prisons, hospitals, battlefields, even trees and roads. There are bizarre cases of unexplained aerial phenomena and strange happenings surrounding inanimate objects. Also examined are stories of ghost animals and the extraordinary accounts of time-slips, cyclic ghosts and poltergeists. If you want to satisfy your curiosity about the subject or simply enjoy a riveting read, Peter Underwood's Guide to Ghosts and Haunted Places is the book for you.