Getting Started with CNC

Personal Digital Fabrication with Shapeoko and Other Computer-Controlled Routers

Author: Edward Ford

Publisher: Maker Media, Inc.


Category: Computers

Page: 166

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Getting Started with CNC is the definitive introduction to working with affordable desktop and benchtop CNCs, written by the creator of the popular open hardware CNC, the Shapeoko. Accessible 3D printing introduced the masses to computer-controlled additive fabrication. But the flip side of that is subtractive fabrication: instead of adding material to create a shape like a 3D printer does, a CNC starts with a solid piece of material and takes away from it. Although inexpensive 3D printers can make great things with plastic, a CNC can carve highly durable pieces out of a block of aluminum, wood, and other materials. This book covers the fundamentals of designing for--and working with--affordable ($500-$3000) CNCs.

The Newbie's Guide to Cnc Routing

Getting Started with Cnc Machining for Woodworking and Other Crafts

Author: Prof. Henry

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 78

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If you've recently purchased a CNC machine for your shop, or are just wanting to learn more about using one for woodworking and other crafts before you take the plunge, this is the book for you. You'll learn the basics behind the sometimes mystifying world of these fantastic machines, how to design your projects, which tools to use, how to painlessly convert your designs into language the CNC can understand, and pick up some tips on getting started in the shop and using your CNC safely. You'll find everything in simple non-technical language, that will move you from Newbie to Novice in easy-to-understand steps.

Getting Started with CNC

CNC Programming Basics - CNC Modes & Controls - CNC Operating - CNC Machine Set Up - CNC Lathe Intro: CNC Programming Tutorials. Guide To Step-by-Step CNC Machine

Author: Tran Thanh




Page: 142

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CNC Programming Tutorials. Guide To Step-by-Step CNC Machine1. CNC Programming Basics2. CNC Modes & Controls3. CNC Operating4. CNC Machine Set Up5. CNC Lathe Intro

Getting Started with MakerBot

Author: Bre Pettis

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."


Category: Computers

Page: 213

View: 353

Provides information on using the MakerBot printer to creat a wide variety of 3D objects.

Getting Started with Onshape

Second Edition

Author: Elise Moss

Publisher: SDC Publications


Category: Computers

Page: 388

View: 147

Onshape is an exciting, new, completely cloud based CAD tool. Getting Started with Onshape is a quick paced guide geared towards users who have no experience with 2D or 3D modeling. Because Onshape can be used for FREE it opens up CAD to anybody who is interested in creating their own models, including members of the bourgeoning Maker community and students who want to learn how to use 3D design tools. Because Onshape is 100% cloud based, there is no software to install and it is always up to date. New features are available to use as soon as they are ready. The good news is that the tools, as outlined in this book, will continue to work the same way even as Onshape evolves. This book guides you through the very basics of how to create models, run simulations, make engineering drawings and bill of materials, create renderings and finally exporting to an stl file, which can be used to create a 3D print. Then you can send your stl file to one of many local or online shops that can print out an stl file. When you have completed this book you will have taken the first step to the Maker Faire journey. In the first chapter of Getting Started with Onshape you will learn how to create an account, explore the workspace and learn how to share your documents with other people. Chapter two features a project where you are guided, step by step, to design your own singlet ring. Throughout this chapter you will learn many of the basic tools you will need to use in nearly every project you create. The third chapter features a new project where you create all the parts of a scooter. This project builds on what you learned previously to create more complex designs while new features of Onshape are introduced. In the remaining chapters you will learn how to import parts from other CAD systems, assemble the parts of your scooter, create a set of engineering drawings for your scooter, add and use apps from the Onshape app store to extend the capabilities of Onshape, and complete two more projects. The apps covered in this book will show you how to run simulations, make a bill of materials, and create renderings and animations.

Getting StartED with Windows Live Movie Maker

Author: James Floyd Kelly

Publisher: Apress


Category: Computers

Page: 248

View: 614

Windows Live Movie Maker is a small but powerful movie editing application from Microsoft. It is a complete rewrite of the old Movie Maker software with a new audience in mind. The focus of this new edition is on giving you the power to quickly create movies and slideshows to share with your friends and family. The movies can be a combination of your favorite pictures and home movies set to your own soundtrack. You can add cool effects to transition between scenes, and captions to add a narrative to your movie. With Movie Maker, users can: Edit digital video and photos, including adding music and narration Apply animation effects to videos and photos Create DVDs for personal use, including menu systems for navigation

Learn Cnc Secrets

Author: Ivan Irons

Publisher: Fistfire Pub


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 144

View: 116

Learn the Basic Concepts of CNC! Before you get started with CNC you need to understand the whole process. Think of it, you could be going down one path at full speed not knowing the direction you are heading. That is what this book will do for you. It is a map. Learn CNC Secrets gives you that overview of the entire CNC Process.

3D Printing and CNC Fabrication with SketchUp

Author: Lydia Sloan Cline

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 368

View: 281

Model and print your own 3D creations using SketchUp! Get up and running fast in the consumer design and fabrication world using the hands-on information in this guide. 3D Printing and CNC Fabrication with SketchUp features step-by-step tutorials of fun and easy DIY projects. Learn how to create your own 3D models, edit downloaded models, make them printable, and bring them to physical life either on your own printer or through an online service bureau. Download and install SketchUp on your Mac or PC Navigate the interface and SketchUp’s native design tools Download design and analysis tools from the Extension Warehouse. Edit models downloaded from the 3D Warehouse and Thingiverse. Import and export STL files. Analyze your projects for 3D printability. Set up, use, and maintain a home 3D printer Work with AutoCAD, 123D Make, 123D Meshmixer, and Vetric Cut2D Generate files for CNC cutters

Design for CNC

Furniture Projects and Fabrication Technique

Author: Gary Rohrbacher

Publisher: Maker Media, Inc.


Category: House & Home

Page: 344

View: 192

Design, DIY, and computer-controlled fabrication are a powerful combination for making high-quality customized things. Written by the founders of the architecture, design, and research firm Filson and Rohrbacher, this book takes you through the basics of CNC fabrication, the design process, production, and construction of your own furniture designs. Through their AtFAB series of projects, accompanied by an overview of digital techniques and design thinking, this book introduces the knowledge and skills that you'll find widely applicable across all kinds of CNC projects. Not only will you learn how to design, fabricate, and assemble a wide range of projects, you'll have some great furniture to show for it! While 3D printing has been grabbing headlines, high school, college, library, and other public makerspaces have been making things with CNC machines. With a CNC router, you can cut parts from strong, tactile, durable materials like wood. Once you have your design and material, you can set up your job and let it run. When it's done, you can put the project together for an heirloom of your own. While 3D printing can make exciting things with complex designs, CNCs are the digital workhorses that produce large-scale, long-lasting objects.

Understanding CNC Routers

Demystifying CNC Wood Router Technology

Author: Alain Albert

Publisher: FPInnovations



Page: 102

View: 509

This book was created to give potential consumers of CNC routers a basic understanding of the inner workings of this technology. A better informed consumer can then make better purchasing decisions and increase the chance of successful integration of the technology in his or her wood shop.