German Machine Guns in the Second World War

Author: Hans Seidler

Publisher: Pen and Sword


Category: History

Page: 144

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German Machine Guns of the Second World War is a highly illustrated record of the German war machine between 1939 1945. Many of the photographs, all from the authors collection, come originally from the albums of individuals who took part in the war.Arranged by theatre chronologically, the book analyses the development of the machine gun and describes how the Germans carefully utilised weapons such as the MG34 and the much vaunted MG42 into both offensive and defensive roles. Supported by a host of other machine guns like the MP28, MP38/40 and the lethal Sturmgerher 44, it depicts how these formidable machine guns fought against an ever increasing enemy threat.Using over 250 rare and unpublished photographs together with detailed captions and accompanying text, this book provides a unique insight into German weaponry from early Blitzkrieg campaigns to the final demise of the Nazi empire.


German Universal Machineguns

Author: Folke Myrvang



Category: Germany

Page: 470

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Weapons of World War II

Author: Mike Taylor

Publisher: ABDO


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Describes some of the weapons used by both the Allied and Axis forces during World War II, including automatic weapons, radar, early computers, tanks, aircraft carriers, bombers and fighter planes, and the atomic bomb.

German Infantry Weapons of the Second World War

The War Machines

Author: John Christopher

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited


Category: History

Page: 160

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This fascinating in-depth dossier on the German infantry weapons, ranging from the legendary Lugar pistol to the anti-tank guns and howitzers, is based on classified military intelligence reports published during the Second World War.

The Second World War

Europe and the Mediterranean

Author: Thomas E. Griess

Publisher: Square One Publishers, Inc.


Category: History

Page: 448

View: 329

From the prewar development of the German war machine to the ultimate victory of the Allied coalition, here is an in-depth analysis of the battles that raged on the Western and Eastern Fronts. It examines the major strategies, the innovative tactics, and the new generation of weapons—along with the people who used them.

The Oxford Illustrated History of the First World War

New Edition

Author: Hew Strachan

Publisher: OUP Oxford


Category: History

Page: 416

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The First World War, now a century ago, still shapes the world in which we live, and its legacy lives on, in poetry, in prose, in collective memory and political culture. By the time the war ended in 1918, millions lay dead. Three major empires lay shattered by defeat, those of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottomans. A fourth, Russia, was in the throes of a revolution that helped define the rest of the twentieth century. The Oxford History of the First World War brings together in one volume many of the most distinguished historians of the conflict, in an account that matches the scale of the events. From its causes to its consequences, from the Western Front to the Eastern, from the strategy of the politicians to the tactics of the generals, they chart the course of the war and assess its profound political and human consequences. Chapters on economic mobilization, the impact on women, the role of propaganda, and the rise of socialism establish the wider context of the fighting at sea and in the air, and which ranged on land from the trenches of Flanders to the mountains of the Balkans and the deserts of the Middle East. First published for the 90th anniversary of the 1918 Armistice, this highly illustrated revised edition contains significant new material to mark the 100th anniversary of the war's outbreak.

Eye-Deep in Hell

Trench Warfare in World War I

Author: John Ellis

Publisher: JHU Press


Category: History

Page: 215

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A detailed reconstruction of life and death in the trenches of World War I, describing the construction and physical and spiritual environment of the trenches and the soldiers' daily routine

Forgotten Voices Of The Second World War

A New History of the Second World War in the Words of the Men and Women Who Were There

Author: Max Arthur

Publisher: Random House


Category: History

Page: 496

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The Imperial War Museum holds a vast archive of interviews with soldiers, sailors, airmen and civilians of most nationalities who saw action during WW2. As in the highly-acclaimed Forgotten Voices of the Great War, Max Arthur and his team of researchers spent hundreds of hours digging deep into this unique archive, uncovering tapes, many of which have not been listened to since they were created in the early 1970s. The result will be the first complete oral history of World War 2. We hear at first from British, German and Commonwealth soldiers and civilians. Accounts of the impact of U.S. involvement after Pearl Harbour and the major effects it had on the war in Europe and the Far East is chronicled in startling detail, including compelling interviews from U.S. and British troops who fought against the Japanese. Continuing through from D-Day, to the Rhine Crossing and the dropping of the Atom Bomb in August 1945, this book is a unique testimony to one of the world's most dreadful conflicts. One of the hallmarks of Max Arthur's work is the way he involves those left behind on the home front as well as those working in factories or essential services. Their voices will not be neglected.

History of World War II.

Author: Tim Cooke

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish


Category: World War, 1939-1945.

Page: 296

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Chronicles the final years of World War II, the war's aftermath, and its legacy, including new technologies and tactics and the Cold War; and contains a bibliography, a list of websites, Allied and Axis army organization charts.