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Who's Who of Doctor Who

A Whovian's Guide to Friends, Foes, Villains, Monsters, and Companions to the Good Doctor

Author: Cameron K. McEwan

Publisher: Race Point Pub


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 240

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The Who's Who of Doctor Who is the must-have handbook exploring the dynamic cast of characters in Doctor Who over the past half century. With a heavy focus on the past three doctors, including Matt Smith.

Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter

Author: Benjamin Cook

Publisher: Random House


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 736

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For this new edition of The Writer's Tale, Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook expand their in-depth discussion of the creative life of Doctor Who to cover Russell's final year as Head Writer and Executive Producer of the show, as well as his work behind the increasingly successful Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures spin-offs. Candid and witty insights abound throughout two years' worth of correspondence, covering David Tennant's last episodes as the Doctor and the legacy that Russell and David leave behind as a new era of Doctor Who begins. With over 300 pages of new material, and taking in events from the entire five years since the show's return in 2005, The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter is the most comprehensive - and personal - account of Doctor Who ever published.

Doctor Who: Who-ology

Author: Cavan Scott

Publisher: Random House


Category: Games & Activities

Page: 368

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Test your knowledge of the last Time Lord and the worlds he’s visited in Who-ology, an unforgettable journey through over 50 years of Doctor Who. Packed with facts, figures and stories from the show’s galactic run, this unique tour of space and time takes you from Totters Lane to Heaven itself, taking in guides to UNIT call signs, details of the inner workings of sonic screwdrivers, and a reliability chart covering every element of the TARDIS. Now fully updated to cover everything through to the 12th Doctor's final episode, and with tables, charts and illustrations dotted throughout, as well as fascinating lists and exhaustive detail, you won’t believe the wonders that await.

Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time Lords

Author: Steve Tribe

Publisher: HarperCollins


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 160

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THE book the Time Lords (including the Doctor) read when studying at the Academy, the full-color in-world history that pieces together the true story of Gallifrey from the many and contradictory accounts that survived the Last Great Time War. Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time Lords tells the story of all of this ancient, legendary civilization, of notable historical figures, of Gallifrey itself, of the Time War and much more. The planet Gallifrey. The Shining World of the Seven Systems. Often to be found in the constellation of Kasterborous. Birthplace of one of the oldest civilizations in the universe: The Time Lords. From their technologies and strategies to the renegades like the Master and the Doctor himself, this is the definitive guide to the oldest and most powerful civilization in the universe. They invented black holes, transmits, stellar manipulators, and they atrophied. A bunch of elderly academics in funny hats, the Time Lords watched the whole history of creation. This was the civilization that inflicted some of its most renowned and deadly renegades and criminals on the universe: the Master, the Rani, the Monk, the War Chief, yet it was also the benevolent power that rid the cosmos of the Great Vampires, the Racnoss and the Fendahl. Featuring full-color, never-before-seen illustrations and a beautiful interior design, this is a highly collectible in-world companion no Whovian can be without.


Fifty Years of Doctor Who Assistants

Author: Andy Frankham-Allen

Publisher: Candy Jar Books


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 343

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Companions: Fifty Years of Doctor Who Assistants is an unofficial guide to the travels and experiences of the companions of each of the eleven incarnations of the Doctor. Written by a true fan, Andy Frankham-Allen provides an in-depth account of each character's struggles, experiences and relationships as he outlines their significance in the TV series as well as other Doctor Who media. The book also features a foreword by Gary Russell and afterword by David J Howe.

Fire and Snow

Climate Fiction from the Inklings to Game of Thrones

Author: Marc DiPaolo

Publisher: SUNY Press


Category: Climatic changes in literature

Page: 348

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A broad examination of climate fantasy and science fiction, from The Lord of the Rings and the Narnia series to The Handmaid’s Tale and Game of Thrones. Fellow Inklings J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis may have belonged to different branches of Christianity, but they both made use of a faith-based environmentalist ethic to counter the mid-twentieth-century’s triple threats of fascism, utilitarianism, and industrial capitalism. In Fire and Snow, Marc DiPaolo explores how the apocalyptic fantasy tropes and Christian environmental ethics of the Middle-earth and Narnia sagas have been adapted by a variety of recent writers and filmmakers of “climate fiction,” a growing literary and cinematic genre that grapples with the real-world concerns of climate change, endless wars, and fascism, as well as the role religion plays in easing or escalating these apocalyptic-level crises. Among the many other well-known climate fiction narratives examined in these pages are Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, The Handmaid’s Tale, Mad Max, and Doctor Who. Although the authors of these works stake out ideological territory that differs from Tolkien’s and Lewis’s, DiPaolo argues that they nevertheless mirror their predecessors’ ecological concerns. The Christians, Jews, atheists, and agnostics who penned these works agree that we all need to put aside our cultural differences and transcend our personal, socioeconomic circumstances to work together to save the environment. Taken together, these works of climate fiction model various ways in which a deep ecological solidarity might be achieved across a broad ideological and cultural spectrum. “This book is remarkably diverse in its literary, cinematic, journalistic, and graphics-media sources, and the writing is equally authoritative in all these domains. DiPaolo’s prose moves deftly from a work of fiction to its film avatar, to the political and societal realities they address, and back again into other cultural manifestations and then into and out of the deep theory of climate fiction, literary scholarship, ecofeminism, religious tradition, and authorial biographies. It contributes considerably to all of these fields, and is indispensable for climate and environmental literature classes. It’s also a must-have for general readers of the genre.” — Jonathan Evans, coauthor of Ents, Elves, and Eriador: The Environmental Vision of J. R .R. Tolkien “I like it. No, I love it. This book is both broad and deep, and yet it remains both very readable and constantly interesting. It’s the sort of book that can only be written by someone who is a good reader of both books and culture. As I was reading it I thought, this is like being at a party and meeting someone brilliant and fun, and finding that I’m enjoying that person’s company so much that I don’t notice the time flying by. It’s not often that a scholarly book does that to me.” — David O’Hara, Augustana University

Doctor Who and Philosophy

Bigger on the Inside

Author: Courtland Lewis

Publisher: Open Court


Category: Philosophy

Page: 288

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Not only is Doctor Who the longest-running science fiction TV show in history, but it has also been translated into numerous languages, broadcast around the world, and referred to as the “way of the future” by some British politicians. The Classic Doctor Who series built up a loyal American cult following, with regular conventions and other activities. The new series, relaunched in 2005, has emerged from culthood into mass awareness, with a steadily growing viewership and major sales of DVDs. The current series, featuring the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, is breaking all earlier records, in both the UK and the US. Doctor Who is a continuing story about the adventures of a mysterious alien known as “the Doctor,” a traveller of both time and space whose spacecraft is the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space), which from the outside looks like a British police telephone box of the 1950s. The TARDIS is “bigger on the inside than on the outside”—actually the interior is immense. The Doctor looks human, but has two hearts, and a knowledge of all languages in the universe. Periodically, when the show changes the leading actor, the Doctor “regenerates.”

Ultimate Regeneration: The Incredible Resurrection of Doctor Who

Author: Christian Cawley



Category: Performing Arts

Page: 282

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Sourced from the controversial reviews of, this book charts the return of Doctor Who in 2005 with the episode Rose and via regenerations and new companions takes the reader through to the departure of the man who brought the show back, Russell T Davies.

Tardis - Mutter's Spiral Planets

Gallifrey, Sol System Planets, Gallifrey - List of Appearances, Kasterborous, Nine Gallifreys, Pazithi Gallifreya, S

Author: Source: Wikia

Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series



Page: 36

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This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: 35. Chapters: Gallifrey, Sol System planets, Gallifrey - List of Appearances, Kasterborous, Nine Gallifreys, Pazithi Gallifreya, Seal of Rassilon, Tomb of the Uncertain Soldier, Abydos, Agora, Aldebaran II, Alpha Centauri, Arcadia, Argolis, Auros, Beta Caprisis, Blestinu, Capella Four, Catastrophea, Dellah, Desperus, Deva Loka, Earth, Exo III, Flissta, Florana, Frontios, GalSec, Gehenna, Hurala, Hydropellica, Justice Alpha, Justice Beta, Justice Prime, Kalaya, Karagula, Kastria, Kembel, Liasici, Mal Oreille, Megerra, Mira, Myarr, New Memphis, New Rarga, Nowhere, Ogron planet, Ood Sphere, Peladon, Pesca, Phaester Osiris, Planet 1, Planet Hollywood, Plumptious Minor, Polymos, Raaga, Raxacoricofallapatorius, S'Arl, Sense Sphere, Sentarion, Serenity, Seven Planets, Shokesh, Sirius IV, Solos, Sontar, Sunday, Tara, Terileptus, They're All Nouns You Idiot, Tivoli, Urtilaxian, Veltroch, Visphok, Volag-Noc, Vulcan, Zolfa-Thura, Cassius, Ceres, Jupiter, Mondas, Neptune, Planet 14, Planet 5, Pluto, Saturn, Venus. Excerpt: The Endless Library was a great repository of Time Lord knowledge on the planet Gallifrey. Every night, Gallifreyans patrolled the storerooms within these archives in order to ensure that another Biblioclasm did not occur. (PDA: The Infinity Doctors) Gallifrey was the homeworld of the Time Lords, amongst them the Doctor and the Master. (DW: The Time Warrior, The Runaway Bride, The End of Time) It was destroyed in the Last Great Time War. (DW: Dalek) The literal translation of Gallifrey was "They that walk in the shadows." (NA: The Pit) Gallifrey was located in the constellation of Kasterborous, (DW: Voyage of the Damned) at galactic co-ordinates 10-0-11-0-0 by 0-2 from Galactic Zero Centre. (DW: Pyramids of Mars) Several accounts placed it more or less at the centre of the galaxy. (PDA: The Devil Goblins from Neptune, EDA: Interference - Book Two) Indeed, I.M. Foreman once spe...