From Worst to First

A History of Kansas City Major League Baseball 1955-1985

Author: Del Black





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This is more than a history book of baseball in Kansas City from 1955-1985. It is "living history" compiled from the memories, stories and experiences of five sports journalists, all employees of the Kansas City Star-Times for all or parts of these years. All five were present on a daily basis at the Kansas City Star in its "glory days" when in-depth reporting and hand-drawn graphics kept them in intimate contact with owners, managers, players and fans. Sid Bordman, Del Black, Bob Sands and Jim Murray were well-known locally and respected nationally for taking A's and Royals fans deep into the heart of the workings of these local teams. Joe Henderson was a highly respected reporter and a close friend and confidant of Star editors Joe McGuff and Ernie Mehl.

Summary: From Worst to First

Review and Analysis of Bethune's Book

Author: BusinessNews Publishing

Publisher: Primento


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The must-read summary of Gordon Bethune’s book: “From Worst to First: Behind the Scenes of Continental's Remarkable Comeback”. This complete summary of the ideas from Gordon Bethune’s book “From Worst to First” shows that all successes in your business or in your career will be the result of your ability to create, develop and maintain healthy and honest relationships. As the author rightly points out, there is no such thing as a successful company that sells a product nobody wants and where employees don’t want to come to work. In his book, Bethune explains how you must create a working environment that adds value and motivates employees to achieve success. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key concepts • Expand your business knowledge To learn more, read “From Worst to First” and find out how you can add value to your business by making it a great place to work.

Worst to First

Or a "shock"ing Tale of Women's Basketball in Motown

Author: Vince Prygoski

Publisher: Vince Prygoski


Category: Sports & Recreation

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It Was A Truly "Shock"ing Turnaround! From worst record in the league to WNBA champions...this was the history making achievement of the 2003 Detroit Shock. Led by great players like Swin Cash, Ruth Riley, Deanna Nolan and Cheryl Ford, and coached by Detroit Piston legend Bill Laimbeer, the Shock knocked off the defending champions from Los Angeles in a thrilling three game championship final. This book tells the entire history of the Shock through the 2003 season, and also includes general background information on women's basketball.

Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Leaders

What the Airline Industry Can Teach Us About Leadership

Author: A. Mayo

Publisher: Springer


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 248

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This book reveals how leadership evolves through the story of the American airline industry across the 20th century. Entrepreneurs dominate the industry's early history, but as the industry evolved a new breed of managers emerged who built a dominant business model that enabled their companies to grow dramatically.

Play Ball

The Life and Troubled Times of Major League Baseball

Author: John Feinstein

Publisher: Villard


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 425

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An inside look at the world of major league baseball draws on interviews with the players, umpires, managers and coaches, owners, and others to discuss behind-the-scenes intrigues, financial manipulations, controversies, and personalities. From the Hardcover edition.

The Best of Everything Baseball Book

Author: Nate LeBoutillier

Publisher: Capstone


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

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When was the first World Series played? What MLB pitcher holds the league record with seven no-hitters? Which player stole home 54 times during his career? Learn the answer to these questions and more in The Best of Everything Baseball Book.

The Extra 2%

How Wall Street Strategies Took a Major League Baseball Team from Worst to First First

Author: Jonah Keri

Publisher: ESPN


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 272

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What happens when three financial industry whiz kids and certified baseball nuts take over an ailing major league franchise and implement the same strategies that fueled their success on Wall Street? In the case of the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays, an American League championship happens—the culmination of one of the greatest turnarounds in baseball history. In The Extra 2%, financial journalist and sportswriter Jonah Keri chronicles the remarkable story of one team’s Cinderella journey from divisional doormat to World Series contender. When former Goldman Sachs colleagues Stuart Sternberg and Matthew Silverman assumed control of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 2005, it looked as if they were buying the baseball equivalent of a penny stock. But the incoming regime came armed with a master plan: to leverage their skill at trading, valuation, and management to build a model twenty-first-century franchise that could compete with their bigger, stronger, richer rivals—and prevail. Together with “boy genius” general manager Andrew Friedman, the new Rays owners jettisoned the old ways of doing things, substituting their own innovative ideas about employee development, marketing and public relations, and personnel management. They exorcized the “devil” from the team’s nickname, developed metrics that let them take advantage of undervalued aspects of the game, like defense, and hired a forward-thinking field manager as dedicated to unconventional strategy as they were. By quantifying the game’s intangibles—that extra 2% that separates a winning organization from a losing one—they were able to deliver to Tampa Bay something that Billy Beane’s “Moneyball” had never brought to Oakland: an American League pennant. A book about what happens when you apply your business skills to your life’s passion, The Extra 2% is an informative and entertaining case study for any organization that wants to go from worst to first.


Champions of the West

Author: Bruce Madej

Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC


Category: Sports & Recreation

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Year in and year out, the Wolverines have placed championship banner upon banner atop their record collection. The Wolverines have 47 national team championships, 281 Big Ten titles, more than 1,600 first team All-Americans, nearly 1,300 individual Big Ten champions, and the list goes on. While many schools note periods of success, the U-M has made winning a way of life, emerging from the battles victorious more than 10,000 times. This great tradition has been filled with notable names and spectacular performances.

For Boston

From Worst to First, the Improbable Dream Season of the 2013 Red Sox

Author: The Boston Globe

Publisher: Triumph Books


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 128

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When John Farrell was introduced as the new Red Sox manager in the fall of 2012, he took over a last-place team lacking talent and cohesion. A franchise that once made Boston proud had become an embarrassment. Just one year later, the Red Sox have won the World Series, their third title in a decade. There were many keys to the team’s success: General manager Ben Cherington remade the roster with a series of mid-range free-agent signings. The returning players recommitted themselves, bonds were formed, and beards were grown. The Red Sox never had more than a three-game losing streak and led the majors in runs scored. They regained the respect of Red Sox Nation and lifted a city still reeling from the senseless violence that marred its beloved marathon just as the baseball season was getting underway. With emotions running high and “B Strong” signs cheering them on at Fenway, the Red Sox wrote their own worst-to-first story that brought them to a World Series meeting with who else but the St. Louis Cardinals, the longtime foe who had denied Williams, Pesky, and Doerr in 1946, as well as the Impossible Dream team of 1967, while providing the foil for the lovable “idiots” of 2004. The 2013 season was destined to be just as drama-filled and unforgettable. As in 2004, it would end in victory for the Red Sox. No more curses; in just one season, this was fortune reversed. It’s a journey that transcends sports—a tale of resolve, resilience, and, finally, redemption. And it’s all chronicled in the new, must-have keepsake book by Triumph Books and the Boston Globe, For Boston: From Worst to First, the Improbable Dream Season of the 2013 Red Sox. Relive each dazzling moment of the team’s latest eventful season and incredible playoff run with this special commemorative book—128 pages of award-winning reporting, vivid storytelling, dramatic photography, complete game summaries, and statistics. Plus, look back at the historic importance of this World Series match-up wi