From Source to Sea

Notes from a 215-Mile Walk Along the River Thames

Author: Tom Chesshyre

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 320

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Over the years, authors, artists and amblers aplenty have felt the pull of the Thames, and now travel writer Tom Chesshyre is following in their footsteps. He’s walking the length of the river from the Cotswolds to the North Sea – a winding journey of over two hundred miles. Join him for an illuminating stroll past meadows, churches and palaces, country estates and council estates, factories and dockyards. Setting forth in the summer of Brexit, and meeting a host of interesting characters along the way, Chesshyre explores the living present and remarkable past of England’s longest and most iconic river.

Karrawirra Parri

Walking the Torrens from Source to Sea

Author: Mike Ladd

Publisher: Wakefield Press


Category: 'The Nib" Waverley Library Award for Literature Nominations (2012)

Page: 125

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In 2007, Mike Ladd walked the River Torrens from its source to the sea, taking notes as he went. First appearing as a popular series of articles in the Adelaide Review with photographs by Cathy Brooks, Karrawirra Parri is a beguiling social and natural history of the river, and a delightful meditation on literature and walking.

The River Nene from Source to Sea

Author: David Phillips




Page: 185

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Did you know that George Washington and the future King of Britain are related? You will learn this and much more besides as you join author David Phillips on his journey through history and along the lovely River Nene valley, meeting the ancestors of US presidents and other famous folk, as well as plenty of local heroes, along the way.This is the definitive story of the River Nene and the settlements along its valley, from Northamptonshire, through Cambridgeshire to the sea in Lincolnshire.No boater, angler or lover of the countryside and local history can afford to miss this book, written by local author, David Phillips.Foreword by the renowned TV angler and former record carp holder, Chris Yates.

River Days

Exploring the Connecticut River from Source to Sea

Author: Michael J. Tougias



Category: Nature

Page: 170

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“As a boy, I had the Huck Finn dream that many do of letting the river carry me to adventure.” Now, some 30 years later, award-winning outdoor writer Michael Tougias lives that dream. Trading Huck Finn's log raft for canoe and kayak, Tougias journeys the length of the Connecticut River—from its source near the Canadian border through four New England states to where it meets the sea in Connecticut. Recently designated an American Heritage River, the Connecticut provides the perfect setting for Tougias's narrative—a wonderful blend of adventure, fishing tales, history, and natural history.

The Rivers of Devon from Source to Sea

With Some Account of the Towns and Villages on Their Banks

Author: John Lloyd Warden Page



Category: Devon (England)

Page: 348

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The Thames

A Photographic Journey From Source to Sea

Author: Derek Pratt

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Travel

Page: 160

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The Thames is an extraordinary river: linking London to the countryside and the sea, the Thames is the heart of the capital and its waters the lifeblood of England. Following the river is a voyage through Britain's history, as its varied path joins landmarks of the past with the urban landscape of the modern world. This stunning photographic journey offers a unique and comprehensive showcase of the Thames we know ... and the Thames we don't... Derek Pratt's photography gives readers a unique insight into the river's many facets, comparing the rural idylls with the urban landscapes, the industrial buildings with the famous views, the royal landmarks with the river used by people all along its course for daily recreation and famous events. London has so often been the beginning and the end of the Thames story, and whilst it forms a major part, this book gives an altogether more complete and unexpected view of one of the most famous, remarkable and well-loved rivers in the world. With a stylish design, beautiful photography and interesting insights, this gorgeous coffee table book will appeal to a wide range of readers. It will be the perfect gift for anyone living near, visiting or enjoying this magnificent river, with its visual variety, hidden secrets and fascinating history.

The River Axe

From Source to Sea

Author: Chris Borrison



Category: Axe, River (Somerset, England)

Page: 47

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Painting Rivers from Source to Sea

Author: Rob Dudley

Publisher: The Crowood Press


Category: Art

Page: 160

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Rivers can be enchanting or exciting, but are always absorbing. They provide a myriad of painting opportunities and challenges for the artist. Focusing on watercolour - one of the most direct of mediums - this practical book explains how to paint a river and capture its life, light, movement, colour and interest. With over 200 colour images, Rob Dudley shares his methods, techniques and ideas to make this beautiful book a must-have for all landscape and en plein-air artists. It explains each stage of a painting; inspiration and focus, sketching and information gathering, planning and painting; and advises on how to paint water so that it captures the colour, shape and tone of light and reflections. It also looks at the various moods and characters of rivers - from the early streams and cascades through to strong, busy waterways and finally to the tidal estuary, where the river meets the sea, and instructs on how to bring a painting to life by including the features of a river - the boats, wildlife, people and bridges. Finished paintings, examples and step-by-step sequences are used throughout to support the detailed instruction. Beautifully illustrated with 233 colour images.

From Source to Sea: A Meander Down the Dordogne Valley

Author: Valerie Thompson



Category: Travel

Page: 338

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FROM SOURCE TO SEA is the result of Valerie's decision to drive, with a friend, the length of the Dordogne River in fits and starts, taking photos and notes with the idea of writing a book. This fascinating journey covers most aspects of the river's fascinating history, from Early Man to the present day and touches on legends, geology, towns, villages, farming, nature, religious establishments, castles and what is on, in and by the river. Illustrations, mostly her own pen and ink drawings, and sketch maps enliven the text, which never dwells too long on any one topic, but skips briskly to the next, occasionally quoting some experiences of others who have written about the Dordogne's numerous char