From My Bakery Perch

Author: Vita Sinopoli



Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 325

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Girl Factory

A Memoir

Author: Karen Dietrich

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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It’s 1985 in a small factory town near Pittsburgh. Eight-year-old Karen’s parents are lifelong workers at the Anchor Glass plant, where one Saturday, an employee goes on a shooting spree, killing four supervisors, then himself. This event splits the young girl’s life open, and like her mother, she begins to seek comfort in obsessive rituals and superstitions. This beautifully evocative memoir chronicles the next fourteen years, as Karen moves through girlhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. It illuminates small-town factory life; explores a complicated mother-daughter bond; thoughtfully unfolds a smart, but insecure girl’s coming of age; achingly recounts her attempts to use sex to fit in; and ultimately uncovers the buried secret from her childhood—a medical file with an unbearable report. The Girl Factory deftly travels the intersections of memory and origin. Karen’s body remembers details her mind has tried to control. As the young woman mines her interior landscape for answers, certain questions persist. Where does memory live—in the body or the mind? And can you rewrite the story of your past?


Writing by Women of Italian Descent

Author: Nzula Angelina Ciatu

Publisher: Womens Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 360

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A dynamic collection of multimedia works, 'Curaggia' provides a forum for critical discourse about location and identity within Italian cultures. 'Curaggia' examines the roles of religion, language, class, race, gender, ability, and sexuality; it documents how Italian women are transforming their communities, excavating social, economic, and psychological experiences of living in Italy and abroad; and it celebrates the rich diversity of Italian women's lives. Following a tradition of perseverance forged by mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters, these reflections launch the processes of naming pain, of shedding myth, stereotype, and distortion of self and other; and they move us toward exploring dreams, toward building a stronger coalition politic.

A Cruel Love

Author: S.M. Soto

Publisher: S.M. Soto


Category: Fiction

Page: 339

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As a hitman for hire, Percivale is no stranger to violence. From the moment he saw Blossom Jaymes through the window of her bakery, he knew he was in too deep. Not only was she as sweet as her perfectly crafted treats, but she was a soft-spoken, golden-haired angel that shone like a bright beacon in his dark world. And Percivale didn't deal in angels. He dealt in death and crime. The even bigger issue? Percivale's next hit is on said sweet little baker who doesn't seem to realize how much danger lurks around her with each passing day. If he doesn't get the job done, who will? When Percivale has to decide what's more important to him—the life of a woman who may very well be innocent or getting his revenge on the men who murdered his family—the lines become blurred. Morals are twisted and a deathly chase ensues that can only result in one thing—Blossom buried six feet under. Or can it? Can Percivale let his lust for revenge go in order to save Blossom from the bounty on her head, or will the power she unknowingly holds over him be what gets her killed?

Cielito Lindo

Author: Max Blue

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 195

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Inspector Bismark Pacheco, the most respected man in Costa Rica, would rather practice playing his tuba, but he is called to the mountain resort of Monteverde to investigate an armed robbery of a group of tourists from Sheboygan. Pacheco finds himself pitted against the oily professional criminal Delgado, masquerading as a bank vice president, and his hulking henchman, the evil Romulo. Journalist Wilson Abut writes it all down… the four muchachos who roam the cloud forest collecting quetzal feathers; Kenneth, the vodka-drinking poet who searches for meaning; Kaufmann, the mysterious Swiss businessman who has come to buy the town, and his gnomish valet Igor; Paco, the beer-swilling taxi driver who shaves on Tuesday and Thursday, and sings Cielito Lindo; Bonnie and Arnold, the UCLA students who came to see tropical birds and instead become kidnap victims; Dunbar, the Jamaican guide with the $1,000 binoculars, who ends up with an arrow through his throat. Pacheco and Luz Stella, his beautiful assistant, face death at the Monteverde Music Festival.

Stony Kill

Author: Marie White Small

Publisher: SelectBooks, Inc.


Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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After the sudden death of her mother, Joss Ryckman finds herself running away from everything—the life she did not choose of managing the family bakery in Brooklyn, the troubled relationship with her sometimes violent father, and her conflicts with Wyatt, a lover who always wants more. But when she flees to the country farm of her childhood in upstate New York, will she finally find the truth of dark events in her family’s past? Or will all that she has held at bay for twenty years come crashing down? As Joss comes to terms with her loss, she is forced to confront memories of a childhood steeped in both joy and sorrow. As the past seeps in through the rich farmland and the landscape of the treacherous, churning Stony Kill, Piecing together the broken past and her family’s dysfunction, the dark secrets of a family submerged in a history of violence and regret begin to take shape, and the reality of two brutal killings can no longer be denied. Joss must make her own choices and, ultimately, let go.Rich with beautiful language and immersed in powerful descriptions of Joss’s feelings, Stony Kill tells a powerful story of the heartbreak and suffering from violent acts of a dysfunctional family, and ultimately her hope and choice of a better life.

Texas Cinderella

Author: Winnie Griggs

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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In Search of a Groom After a life of drudgery on her family's farm, Cassie Lynn Vickers relishes her freedom working in town as a paid companion for feisty Mrs. Flanagan. When her father suddenly demands she come home, she has no choice. Unless she can find a husband. If only she could convince handsome town newcomer Riley Walker to marry her… Riley is on the run. He's desperate to keep his niece and nephew safe from his crooked half brother. But a delay in Turnabout, Texas, shows him everything he didn't know he was missing: home, family—and Cassie Lynn. Can he find a way to become her Prince Charming…and build a real family with the children and Cassie Lynn?

The Shadows of August

Author: Denis

Publisher: Author House


Category: Fiction

Page: 306

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A great lady once remarked, "All the characters are at the race track". She was right. Damon Runyon knew that, as did Ernest Hemingway, Dick Francis, Joe Hirsch, and many others. Search any shopping mall and you will be hard pressed to find the likes of Too Tall Teddy, Patricia the Planner, Diamond Earl, Shiner, or the Stranger. Even beglittered casinos fail to attract personalities one finds perched along the rail of a major racetrack like Saratoga. They're all there, each adding a new paragraph to the spectacle that crystallizes in August on Union Avenue. Come on in, everyone is welcome.

50 Years as a U.S. Immigrant

And How I Got Here.

Author: Svein Jenshus

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 483

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My fore-father Vikings arrived in North America in ships like this one over 300 years before Columbus and you'll find the historic facts in this book. I arrived in a more modern vessel. My son Earl S. Jenshus designed both the cover, showing a likeness of "our Stavangerford" and the back page. He is an international known graphic artist. Reading these pages you may learn a little Hawaiian, learn how to shoot birds on the wing, train dogs, buy the "pick-of-the-litter", shotgun safety. How to make money investing in real estate and how to look at the similarities of languages instead of the differences. You can learn how to hypnotize chicken! More useful might be the secret of how to pronounce a-multi-syllable word the first time you see it (!) and how to have a long and happy marriage in the process. It covers 80 plus years of living on two continents, 50+ of them in different states in the USA, starting as a penniless immigrant in Brooklyn N.Y., working in different fields before I found my niche in sales. Including as well are hundreds of years of history, part of which I have actually lived and more still of what I have learned being an avid reader since early childhood.