Friend Request

The most addictive psychological thriller you'll read this year

Author: Laura Marshall

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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***THE SUNDAY TIMES & NO.1 EBOOK BESTSELLER*** 'Twisty and gripping' Erin Kelly 'I read it in one go' Marian Keyes 'I loved it' Rachel Abbott Loved FRIEND REQUEST? Laura Marshall's sensational new thriller, THREE LITTLE LIES, is available now in hardback, ebook and audio. ***** Maria Weston wants to be friends with me Maybe that had been the problem all along: Maria Weston had wanted to be friends with me, but I let her down. She's been hovering at the edge of my consciousness for all of my adult life, although I've been good at keeping her out, just a blurred shadow in the corner of my eye, almost but not quite out of sight. Maria Weston wants to be friends. But Maria Weston has been dead for more than twenty-five years. ***** THE ADDICTIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER THAT EVERYONE'S RAVING ABOUT - perfect for fans of He Said/She Said, The Couple Next Door and I See You. 'The twist is genuinely unexpected . . . This is an obvious choice if you enjoyed The Girl on the TrainIndependent 'I couldn't put it down!' Jenny Blackhurst, author of The Foster Child 'A mystery with a genius premise' Stylist 'A devour-in-one-sitting must' Heat 'Tightly plotted, and with a fabulous twist' Sunday Mirror 'Gripping . . . loved it from start to finish' Goodreads Reviewer 'Twisty and gripping . . . You must read this!' Emma Kavanagh, author of Falling 'Twists and turns and real life scenarios make this a fantastic thriller' Amazon Reviewer

Friend Request

Author: Patti Callahan Henry

Publisher: St. Martin's Press


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 22

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Heartbreaking, inspiring, and totally true—this e-original short non-fiction story sets the stage for New York Times bestselling author Patti Callahan Henry's novel And Then I Found You. Patti Callahan is one of three sisters, a member of a close-knit Irish American family. Yet as happy and boisterous as they appear to be, the Callahans have long harbored a heartache. Some twenty years ago, Patti's younger sister, Barbi, placed her infant daughter for adoption. The whole family respected Barbi's decision and admired her fortitude. Still, they couldn't help but wonder: What ever became of the beautiful baby who had been placed with a chosen, but anonymous family? On April 20th, 2010, Facebook gave them the answer they'd been looking for. It was a life-changing moment—one that inspired Patti to write this unforgettable true story. Advance praise for Patti Callahan Henry's And Then I Found You: "[It] will surprise you, provoke you, and rearrange your heart." —Jacquelyn Mitchard "Henry at her best, brimming with heart and compassionate wisdom." —Joshilyn Jackson "The most soulful book Patti Callahan has ever written."—Dorothea Benton Frank "Explores the labyrinth of a woman's heart—mother, daughter, sister, friend, lover. Moving and beautifully written."—Mary Alice Monroe

The Friend Request


Publisher: Alex Ford


Category: Online social networks


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Have you accepted a 'friend request' when you should have clicked ignore? Do you really know all the people listed as 'friends' on your Facebook page? What if somebody from your past assumed the identity of someone from your present, so they could get close to you? What if they wanted to get close to you, just to hurt you -- again.

The Friend Request

Author: Matthew Lowell



Category: Fiction

Page: 308

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The Friend Request is a book about a serial killer who uses social media to select his targets. For years he has kept Law Enforcement off his trail by the lack of evidence he leaves behind. Fueled by a need to correct all that is wrong in the world. The killer has made it his lifes goal to hunt down and eliminate all who are unworthy. Special Agent Cathy Chambers has been assigned to the case and is coming up empty with little or nothing at all to go on. She must reach back into her past and recruit the one man that has the ability to think like a killer living off the grid and fighting the progression of technology in our world. A man that has saved her life before and just may need to do it again.

It Started with a Friend Request

Author: Sudeep Nagarkar

Publisher: Random House India


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 288

Why don't we feel the moment when we fall in love but always remember when it ends? Akash is young, single and conservative with a preference for girls with brains than in miniskirts. One day, he runs into free-spirited Aleesha at a local discotheque. A mass-media student, Aleesha is a pampered brat, the only child of her parents who dote on her. This brief meeting leads them to exchange their BlackBerry PINs and they begin chatting regularly. As BlackBerry plays cupid, they fall in love. When they hit a rough patch in their life, Aditya, Akash's close pal, guides them through it. But just when they are about to take their relationship to the next level, a sudden misfortune strikes. Can Aditya bring Akash's derailed life back on track? It Started with a Friend Request is a true story which will make you believe in love like never before.

A Friend Request

Author: Aditya Goel




Page: 166

View: 572

Shubham an average looking guy.He fell in love with a girl from Bhilai called Saara, From Facebook friends to more than lovers, everything was just beautiful.After being in 3 years of relationship with her, one-day Shubham saw something on her phone and was completely shocked.It was her game plan, where she steps out of a committed relationship, lies, betrayal, mind games, covers her tracks and how she played everything was just beyond his thoughts as if it was her daily routine.Saara used his kindness and trust as a weapon, it wasn't an accident, she exactly knew what she was doing. She fell in love with a boy name Charry, who turned out to be a playboy and had an assault of sexual harassment by another girl.people like Saara mess up something good, by looking for something better, just to end up with something worse.A thriller, jerking and unexpected love story.About the Author...Aditya Goel was born in Ranchi, Jharkhand, studied in Delhi Public School, Durg and pursuing his engineering from Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg. This is his first book- A Friend Request! - published when he was twenty years old.He lives in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh loves eating pizza, loves photography and active gym freak.You can follow him on Instagram(@aditya.goel08).


Learn How To LIKE Yourself More!

Author: Tair Ta'ir



Category: Self-Help


View: 281

Do you or someone you know spend inordinate amounts of time—UNPRODUCTIVE TIME—hanging out on Facebook (and other social networks)? Don’t you think this time could be best spent learning how to: -LIKE YOURSELF (MORE)? -FOLLOW YOUR BLISS (MORE)? -WORK (MORE) TO CHANGE WHAT YOU DON’T LIKE ABOUT YOUR CURRENT REALITY? FRIEND REQUEST YOURSELF is A Self-Improvement Quick Read, the fifth how-to guide in the series. You’ll truly like reading it because it will help you Learn How To LIKE Yourself More! Read FRIEND REQUEST YOURSELF: Learn How To LIKE Yourself More!, along with STOP Your Mediocre or Substandard Existence: 100 Tips On How You Can Start Living An Abundant Life!, another publication.

Facebook: The Missing Manual

The Missing Manual

Author: E. A. Vander Veer

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."


Category: Computers

Page: 272

View: 391

Facebook's popularity is skyrocketing, drawing more than 400 million people to this combination online village green, personal website creator, and souped-up address book. But one thing you won't get when signing up is a printed manual. Enter Facebook: The Missing Manual, Second Edition -- the witty, authoritative guide you need, now revised and updated to include all of Facebook's latest features. Coverage includes: Getting started, getting connected. Signing up is easy, but the real payoff comes when you tap into networks of coworkers, classmates, and friends. This book explains it all-including how to pick and choose who gets to see what, and how to steer clear of people you want to avoid. Adding applications. Ranging from silly (fortune cookies and video games) to serious (goal tracking), thousands of mini-programs can transform your Facebook account into an addictive, one-stop resource. Learn how to find and install your favorites. Facebook for grownups and businesspeople. Facebook isn't just for Junior anymore. Thousands of companies and business professionals use the site for everything from project collaboration and advertising to filling (and finding) jobs. This book is written for adults of all ages. Protecting your privacy. Creeps are everywhere online, but on Facebook you can feel especially exposed with so much personal info on display. This book offers an easy-to-follow, multi-pronged approach to staying safe.

You Have a New Friend Request

Do You Accept?

Author: Brent Craine

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion

Page: 368

View: 737

The thoughts in this book have been taken from thoughts that I have had after doing my daily scripture readings. I have taken all my thoughts from the year 2015 as I have written them each morning and posted on Facebook. Most people that take the time out of their day to read these posts have asked me to bring them together into a book. My goal is that you will find some thoughts and prayers that you will be able to better your life and help to change who you are. I hope you enjoy the thoughts I have put to paper and that they cause you to think about what you truly believe. My goal has always been to open peoples minds about their thoughts on God, and I hope you start to think more about how God has played a part in your life, even when you didnt think about him. May God bless you and be with you as you reflect on these.