The History of Grammar in Foreign Language Teaching

Author: Simon Coffey

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 256

View: 290

Taking a broadly chronological approach, this volume of original essays traces the origins of the concept of 'grammar'. In doing so, it charts the social, moral and cultural factors that have shaped the development of grammar from Antiquity, via the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Modern Europe, to current education systems and language learning pedagogy. The chapters examine key turning points in the history of language teaching epistemology, focusing on grammar for 'foreign' language teaching across different European cultural contexts. Bringing together leading scholars of classical and modern languages education, this book offers the first single-source reference on the evolving concept of grammar across cultural and linguistic borders in Western language education. It therefore represents a valuable resource for teachers, teacher-educators and course designers, as well as students and scholars of historical linguistics, and of second and foreign language education.

Handbook of Research on Foreign Language Education in the Digital Age

Author: Wang, Congcong

Publisher: IGI Global


Category: Education

Page: 460

View: 399

The role of technology in the learning process can offer significant contributions to help meet the increasing needs of students. In the field of language acquisition, new possibilities for instructional methods have emerged from the integration of such innovations. The Handbook of Research on Foreign Language Education in the Digital Age presents a comprehensive examination of emerging technological tools being utilized within second language learning environments. Highlighting theoretical frameworks, multidisciplinary perspectives, and technical trends, this book is a crucial reference source for professionals, curriculum designers, researchers, and upper-level students interested in the benefits of technology-assisted language acquisition.

Becoming a Language Teacher

A Practical Guide to Second Language Learning and Teaching

Author: Elaine Kolker Horwitz

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon


Category: Education

Page: 293

View: 854

Becoming a Language Teacher, by respected author and experienced language teacher Elaine K. Horwitz, gives pre- and in-service teachers the skills they need to meet the needs of all language learners in today's diverse classrooms--while encouraging them to develop a personal approach to language teaching. Using a warm, supportive tone, the author clearly explains the fundamental concepts of second language acquisition and language teaching. A much-needed resource at a time when it is critical for all mainstream teachers to focus on language, this guide describes how to develop language for academic needs as well as for communication purpose and addresses the latest trends in language teaching.

Foreign Language Teaching in Romanian Higher Education

Teaching Methods, Learning Outcomes

Author: Lucia-Mihaela Grosu-Rădulescu

Publisher: Springer


Category: Education

Page: 334

View: 227

This volume gathers recent research findings in the field of foreign language (FL) teaching in Romanian higher education dwelling on both methodology and students’ learning outcomes. The book satisfies the need for an up-to-date overview of FL teaching in Romanian universities in the European context as well as from a global international perspective. This book confers visibility to Romanian foreign language scholars’ research and it opens new paths for debate and collaboration worldwide. The scholars included in this volume have extensive expertise in the field of foreign language teaching and research in higher education which is supported by their international recognition as specialists in their specific areas. The contributing authors approach their respective chapters relying on both qualitative and quantitative research. Their experience and conclusions will prove helpful for any foreign language professional working in tertiary education.

Intercultural Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Contexts

Author: Romanowski, Piotr

Publisher: IGI Global


Category: Education

Page: 323

View: 553

While research into intercultural teaching has grown exponentially during the past two decades, the research has primarily resorted to the use of quantitative data collection instruments and the interpretation of scores calculated through them. As such, studies in the field can seem somewhat decontextualized, ignoring in some cases setting-specific parameters. Therefore, further study is needed to bring together theory, research, and practice demonstrating how this teaching is reflected in research design and how it is undertaken in different settings. Intercultural Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Contexts is an essential reference source that provides a series of rich insights into the way intercultural education is practiced in numerous international contexts and showcases practical examples of teaching situations and classroom activities that demonstrate its impact within the classroom. Featuring research on topics such as higher education, multilingualism, and professionalism, this book is ideally designed for educators, researchers, administrators, professionals, academicians, and students seeking pedagogical guidance on intercultural teaching.

Transforming Postsecondary Foreign Language Teaching in the United States

Author: Janet Swaffar

Publisher: Springer


Category: Education

Page: 225

View: 555

This volume addresses critical challenges and issues facing foreign language departments in colleges and universities across the U.S. It presents the insights of individuals who have built or are in the process of building foreign language curricula during a major transition period in postsecondary institutions. The authors of this volume come from various language departments and institutional experience from across the U. S., including private and public postsecondary foreign language teachers, researchers and administrators. The chapters address issues and provide templates for curricular change at all learning levels. The five sections of this book explore: Changing Perceptions about Foreign Language Learning; The Case for a Multi-literacy FL Curriculum in Concept and Assessment Praxis; Curricular Transformations: Historical Hurdles and Faculty Heuristics; Rethinking the Graduate Curriculum; Foreign Languages' Integration into the Interdisciplinary University. “This thought-provoking and timely volume addresses the question of how historic and current disciplinary, institutional and political conditions affect curricular transformation in collegiate foreign language programs. Responding to the issues raised in the 2007 MLA Report, this collection of nine essays presents a diversity of curricular models and approaches from different theoretical perspectives focusing on the integration of language and content. The book will undoubtedly be of great interest to a broad audience, such as foreign language educators, curriculum designers, administrators, graduate students and researchers.” Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl, Yale College, CT, USA.

Toward Useful Program Evaluation in College Foreign Language Education

Author: John Marvin Norris

Publisher: Natl Foreign Lg Resource Ctr


Category: Education

Page: 229

View: 322

This volume reports on innovative, useful evaluation work conducted within U.S. college foreign language programs. Each case is reported by program-internal educators, who walk readers through critical steps, from identifying evaluation uses, users, and questions, to designing methods, interpreting findings, and taking actions.

Negotiating Identity in Modern Foreign Language Teaching

Author: Matilde Gallardo

Publisher: Springer Nature


Category: Education

Page: 209

View: 130

This edited book examines modern foreign language teachers who research their own and others’ experiences of identity construction in the context of living and teaching in UK institutions, primarily in the Higher Education sector. The book offers an insight into a key element of the educational and socio-political debate surrounding MFL in the UK: the teachers’ voices and their sense of agency in constructing their professional identities. The contributors use a combination of empirical research and personal reflection to generate knowledge about MFL teachers’ identity that can enhance how they are perceived in the social and educational establishments and raise awareness of key issues affecting the profession. This book will be of particular interest to language teachers, teacher trainers, applied linguists and students and scholars of modern foreign languages.

The Practice of Foreign Language Teaching

Theories and Applications

Author: Azamat Akbarov

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 590

View: 584

The Practice of Foreign Language Teaching: Theories and Applications is a collection of essays which will appeal to teachers of modern languages no matter the level of instruction. The volume analyzes the concepts of foreign language education and multicultural competence, including the notion of the intercultural speaker. It also discusses the ways in which language education policy develops, by comparing the theories and purposes of foreign language education. The essays collected here highlight the various different methods and approaches in language teaching, and introduce more experienced teachers to new approaches and teaching ideas. The book will also provide language instructors with the theoretical background and practical solutions they need to decide which approaches, materials, and resources can and should be used in their L2 classrooms.

Task-Based Language Teaching in Foreign Language Contexts

Research and implementation

Author: Ali Shehadeh

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 364

View: 784

This volume extends the Task-Based Language Teaching: Issues, Research and Practice books series by deliberately exploring the potential of task-based language teaching (TBLT) in a range of EFL contexts. It is specifically devoted to providing empirical accounts about how TBLT practice is being developed and researched in diverse educational contexts, particularly where English is not the dominant language. By including contributions from settings as varied as Japan, China, Korea, Venezuela, Turkey, Spain, and France, this collection of 13 studies provides strong indications that the research and implementation of TBLT in EFL settings is both on the rise and interestingly diverse, not least because it must respond to the distinct contexts, constraints, and possibilities of foreign language learning. The book will be of interest to SLA researchers and students in applied linguistics and TESOL. It will also be of value to course designers and language teachers who come from a broad range of formal and informal educational settings encompassing a wide range of ages and types of language learners.

Second Language Learning and Language Teaching

Fifth Edition

Author: Vivian Cook

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 334

View: 542

Second Language Learning and Language Teaching provides an introduction to the application of second language acquisition research to language teaching. Assuming no previous background in second language acquisition or language teaching methods, this text starts by introducing readers to the basic issues of second language acquisition research. It then examines how people learn particular aspects of the second language, such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and the writing system, and at the strategies they adopt in their learning and the differences between individuals. Final chapters look at second language learning in a broader context – the goals of language teaching and how teaching methods relate to SLA research. This newly updated fifth edition builds on the comprehensive scope of earlier editions while also addressing more recent developments in the field, particularly multilingual approaches to language teaching.

Culture in Second Language Teaching and Learning

Author: Eli Hinkel

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 250

View: 314

This book identifies the many facets of culture that influence second language learners and teachers. The paperback edition identifies the many facets of culture that influence second language learners and teachers. It addresses the impact of culture on learning to interact, speak, construct meaning, and write in a second language, while staying within the sociocultural paradigms specific to a particular language and its speakers. By providing a comprehensive introduction to research from other disciplines on the interaction between language and culture, this volume offers an important contribution to the field of second language acquisition.