For the Love of Land

Global Case Studies of Grazing in Nature's Image

Author: Jim Howell

Publisher: Booksurge Publishing


Category: Nature

Page: 496

View: 693

For the Love of Land describes the nuts-and-bolts and supporting natural history of "healing the land with livestock", including inspiring stories from successful "land healing" practitioners from acr

For the Love of Israel and the Jewish People

Essays and Studies on Israel, Jews and Judaism

Author: Nathan Lopes Cardozo

Publisher: Urim Publications


Category: Religion

Page: 327

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The unique, almost mysterious connection between the land of Israel and the Jewish people is at the heart of this remarkable collection of essays. Author Nathan Lopes Cardozo addresses questions such as How is it that contrary to all the laws of history, the Jewish people outlived so many powerful empires? How has such a tiny nation been able to make an unprecedented contribution to the well-being of all of humankind? Why did the Jewish people become a source of endless irritation to those who opposed their ethical teachings? and How can the State of Israel rediscover its Jewish identity as the source of its greatest blessing and hope? As he explores these issues, Lopes Cardozo explains how the Jews, even in their exile, were able to develop almost a portable homeland, taking the spirit and the concept of Israel with them wherever they went.

For the Love of the Land

Author: Bonnie Leon

Publisher: Baker Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 313

View: 657

Filled with the Down Under pioneer spirit of the late 1800s, this historical romance, set against the stark beauty of the Outback, finds its main characters learning to trust their Creator in times of disaster and hope.

For the Love of Alberta

Ways to Save Your Natural Heritage: Private Conservancy Guide for Alberta

Author: Lesley Patricia Curthoys

Publisher: Nature Alberta


Category: Conservation of natural resources

Page: 110

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For the Love of Israel

The Holy Land - From Past to Present. an A-Z Primer for Hachamin, Talmidim, Vatikim, Noodnikim, and Dreamers

Author: Rabbi Steven Stark Lowenstein

Publisher: Triumph Books


Category: History

Page: 48

View: 362

From Aliyah to Megidoo and Netanyahu to Zionism, this vibrant A-to-Z guide--or rather Z-to-A, Hebrew-style--examines more than 3,000 years of this postage stamp-sized land's history. With the 26 letters of the alphabet paired with lighthearted text and colorful illustrations, this fun fact book explores the heart, the soul, and the foundation of the Jewish people--the homeland from where their ancient traditions, culture, and values have come. Through Hebrew words, interesting facts, poignant quotes, and profound teachings, each letter comes to life with a significant aspect of the land's backgro.

For the Love of the Land (Queensland Chronicles Book #2)

A Novel

Author: Bonnie Leon

Publisher: Baker Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 955

Nearly a year after moving to Queensland, Australia, Rebecca Thornton has learned to love her new home and the sometimes unforgiving land. But living in the Outback has its challenges. A drought has settled on Thornton Creek, and Douloo Station has been hit hard. A visit from Aunt Mildred and the birth of Rebecca's first child have kept Rebecca busy, but she still wishes she could be more help to her husband as he tirelessly struggles to save the family home. As the drought continues, Rebecca can only pray for peace for her husband and for the much-needed rain on which their survival depends. For the Love of the Land, book two in the Queensland Chronicles, is a story of hope, prayer, and trust in the One who always provides, even in the toughest of times.

For the Love of Lemurs

My Life in the Wilds of Madagascar

Author: Patricia Chapple Wright

Publisher: Lantern Books


Category: Science

Page: 256

View: 484

In 1986, primatologist Patricia Chapple Wright was given a seemingly impossible task: to travel to the rainforests of Madagascar and find the greater bamboo lemur, a species that hadn't been seen in the wild for thirty years. Not only did Wright discover that the primate still existed but that it lived alongside a completely new species. What followed was a love affair with an animal and a country that continues to this day. In this frank and enchanting sequel to High Moon Over the Amazon, Wright recounts the many challenges she faced, including separation from her daughter, a tempestuous romance with a fellow scientist, and political upheaval that threatens her dream of establishing a national park to ensure the safety of her precious lemurs. But in the end, her tenacity, daring, and passion for this endangered primate lead to extraordinary scientific breakthroughs and help bring the animal back from the brink of extinction.

For Love of the Land

The Legacy of Mildred Kanipe

Author: Lois Christiansen Eagleton

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: History

Page: 236

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Mildred Kanipe was a strong-willed woman with set ideas. Nobody told her what to do or how to do it. When they tried, she just smiled and said, "That's interesting," and went ahead and did it her way. Mildred carried a pistol-except when she was at home on the ranch. There she carried a .30-30 rifle. She never married, and except for an occasional hired hand she ran her almost 1,100 acre ranch by herself. All who knew her agree she was an unforgettable character. When she died she left her beloved ranch-the part her family had owned and farmed for over one-hundred years and that she had purchased with her own hard work-to the people of Douglas County Oregon for a park. This is the story of Mildred, the history of the land she loved, and the people who came before and after her.

For the Love of Grief

Author: Deborah Manley

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Philosophy

Page: 280

View: 281

For the Love of Grief is a raw and honest account of personal grief. Anecdotes from the author’s own experiences pepper the book, and Manley offers insight into the generally-accepted stages of grief. Having lost close friends and relatives herself, the author shares stories from her own journey and offers practical advice readers may find surprising yet helpful in coping with the storms they face. For the Love of Grief offers a helping hand to those who feel alone in their grief and who struggle to find ways to cope with the pain they feel. “Rather than losing our true self forever,” the author writes, “I believe that, instead, those things that life has done to us molds us into who we are truly meant to be.”


A Labyrinth of Words

Author: Ips RUEHL

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Poetry

Page: 80

View: 457

This is a book of original writings of verse found in the book titled: “Buried in my heart”. The original thought to put these writings into book form has been a positive and negative thought process for over sixteen years. A deliberate determination of habit change and a renewable force has re-entered my being that has almost given me the assignment of completing my journey of the unseen, unknown, path, or segment of my life. I held the secret within me. The feeling of peace is a source element that cannot be explained only known and God given. To me, God’s peace is, God’s other word for love, and just as important. You can have love, and not have peace within. The forthcoming pages of writings, verses, are not in rotation, no particular order. I have been unable to put them into any sequence of time written. It is my belief that the story “Buried in my heart” will be found to be interesting… An aspect of curiosity…A dilemma of a life lived… “For The Love of God”, what does that exactly mean?