For God Alone

Author: Catherine Booth

Publisher: Ambassador Productions Limited


Category: Religion

Page: 189

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Enrich devotional time with the writings of the co-founder of the Salvation Army. Themes include: obedience, purity, sincerity and many others.

For God Alone

A Primer on Prayer

Author: Bonnie Bowman Thurston



Category: Religion

Page: 227

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Bonnie Thurston is the author of many books and articles about spirituality and prayer. In For God Alone she shows us, clearly and practically, how to pray. The result is a unique introduction to prayer that will encourage all Christian readers seeking to deepen the life of prayer. For God Alone introduces three traditional trajectories of Christian prayer: oratio, meditatio, and contemplatio. Thruston guides the reader from familiar "voiced prayers" through the prayer of thought and intellect to the less familiar prayer of quiet or listening. Thurston concludes each chapter with practical exercises for the practice of prayer, suggestions for further reading, and space for reader's notes. Drawing material from both Eastern and Western traditions, For God Alone is learned but conversational in tone and thoroughly accessible to the general reader. Adult education classes in various denominations will profit from reading this book. It will also be used in practical ministries courses, spirituality courses, and courses in the theology and practice of prayer. "From the Bible to Buddha, Bonnie Thurston probes deeply into the theology and practice of prayer, with particular weight on the latter. I doubt if any reader can put the book down without finding himself or herself thinking about prayer in new and surprising ways." --Patrick D. Miller, Princeton Theological Seminary "Bonnie Thurston is an accomplished scholar and teacher as well as a profound person of prayer and Christian witness. In this volume she wears her considerable learning lightly, such that the witness of her own practice comes through both lucidly and with quiet passion." --Lawrence S. Cunningham, O'Brien Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame

God Alone

Author: Ligonier Ministries



Category: Religion


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Study guide for God Alone includes lesson objectives, message outline, study questions, and discussion questions. Suitable for individual or group study.

"God Alone is King"

Islam and Emancipation in Senegal : the Wolof Kingdoms of Kajoor and Bawol, 1859-1914

Author: James F. Searing

Publisher: James Currey Publishers


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 293

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Provides an account of African history from an African viewpoint.

Don't Leave God Alone

How to Get God's Attention, Remain in His Presence, and Even Change His Mind to Make a Difference in Your World

Author: Hank Kunneman

Publisher: Charisma Media


Category: Religion

Page: 224

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DIVIn today's fast-paced society it is easy to get distracted until your much-needed time with God is lost. But God wants your attention more than anything. The Bible is filled with examples of great men and women who would not leave God alone. Their cries to God changed their lives, the lives of others and altered the course of history. "Don't Leave God Alone" explains the way to develop this type of personal relationship with God, the kind that moves His heart and makes a difference in the world./div

For God Alone

The Lives of the Early English Saints: St. Hilda and St. Elfleda of Whitby

Author: H E Brown

Publisher: Leonine Publishers




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The history of England is a history of Catholic faith. Any history of early medieval England would not be complete without mentioning two influential saints of the seventh century. For God Alone tells the story of St. Hilda and St. Elfleda of Whitby. Where does one begin to relate the glorious lives of two women who did so much? Author H.E. Brown gives an in-depth historical account of their lives. She includes fascinating research such as: - Archeological findings - Legends - Poems - Mass and Offices of St. Hilda - Letter of St. Efleda For God Alone provides invaluable and inspirational research for anyone interested in sainthood, monastic life, or English history.

To God Alone be Glory

The Story and Sources of the Book of Common Worship

Author: Harold M. Daniels

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press


Category: Religion

Page: 304

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InTo God Alone Be Glory, the fruit of extensive study and research, Harold Daniels tells the fascinating story of the history of Reformed worship in America, from the 1600s to the present. He describes the development and objectives of theBook of Common Worshipand explores how the book itself serves as an agenda for liturgical reform within the church. In a substantive second part of the book, Daniels provides the sources of the prayers and other materials used in theBook of Common Worship. Persons involved in planning, presenting, studying, or teaching about Presbyterian worship will benefit greatly from having a copy of this comprehensive resource in their personal library.

Satisfaction in God Alone

Author: Trent Frederick



Category: Religion

Page: 126

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As one of the wisdom books, Ecclesiastes is loaded with practical advice which points ultimately to Christ and his work upon the cross, as all Scripture does. In Trent Frederick's first book, this exposition looks both closely and broadly at the content of Ecclesiastes from start to finish, emphasizing God's unique ability to satisfy the hearts of all human beings. That satisfaction begins with the common inner desire of us all to experience eternal life. This theme is found all throughout Ecclesiastes, and can be used to draw love for God from each of our hearts.

In God Alone

Meditative Christian Music

Author: Betty Young Rosenwald

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.


Category: Music

Page: 58

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This contemplative, meditative Christian music is inspired by scriptures. The music was begun as a way to remember the scriptures but may lead one into a deeper and closer experience with the Lord. It can be sung or listened to during meditation or it can be sung by choirs or congregations. There are a variety of moods expressed in this music and many are written as prayers. The music is easy to play. At His Feet Blessed Are Ye Blessed Be He Blest Am I Calm My Heart, O Lord Fill Me With Your Presence Fruit of the Spirit He Humbled Himself Heal Me Today Here Am I His Grace Is All I Need Holy Spirit I Am Alive Today I Will Lift Mine Eyes In God Alone In My Darkness, You Are My Light Lead Me to the Rock Listen, Listen Narrow Is the Way No Eye Has Seen Our Lord is Faithful "Seek My Face" This Beautiful World You Are the Water of My Soul

Soli Deo Gloria

To God Alone Be the Glory

Author: Sharon Rivera

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion

Page: 116

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Many of us get up every day and go about our lives as if God is there. But he’s in the background. That is, until something happens, and we need him. In Soli Deo Gloria, author Sharon Rivera discusses how God alone is the glory, and he should be at the forefront of our lives every day. Many Christians today struggle with doubt when the hard times come upon them unexpectantly. The facts in this book will give you a reason to erase doubt and enable you to stand firm in th midst of trials. With a mix of scriptures and her own observations based on years of Bible study and prayer, Rivera offers strong insight that will help Christians grow on their journey to heaven. The message, inspired by and funneled from God, celebrates our relationship with Jesus and guides us into living and enjoying him today. Soli Deo Gloria teems with important Christian messages encouraging us to stand firm in our faith no matter the circumstances. Rivera communicates there is nothing too big for God; everything is possible with God.

Idols of the Heart

Learning to Long for God Alone

Author: Elyse Fitzpatrick

Publisher: P & R Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 240

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Were all idol-worshippers at heartputting loves, desires, and expectations ahead of God. But theres good news! Elyse shows us how we can identify our idols and battle besetting sins.

God Alone

A Spiritual Biography of Blessed Rafael Arnaiz Baron

Author: Gonzalo Maria Fernández

Publisher: Monastic Wisdom


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 123

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Set amid the tumult of the Spanish Civil War, this spiritual biography recounts the efforts of a fervent young Spanish aristocrat to come to grips with his artistic talent, his intense personality and, above all, his unquenchable passion for God. Trained in art and architecture, Rafael longed to be a Trappist, but was obliged repeatedly by war and illness to withdraw, and then try again. His intensively personal reflections form the basis of this biography of a man intent on giving his life to God despite all obstacles.

God Alone

Heartfelt Encouragement from the Pages of Our Daily Bread

Author: Joanie Yoder

Publisher: Discovery House Pub


Category: Religion

Page: 255

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Since she first began writing devotionals for "Our Daily Bread" in 1994, Joanie Yoder has been a favorite of readers. She connected with them as she shared her own struggles, joys, sorrows, and challenges in a heartfelt, transparent, and God-honoring way. Having experienced the pain of miscarriages, depression, and a dependency on prescription drugs, Joanie learned firsthand about true dependence on God and His life-changing power. She shared many of those stories of the Lord's grace, healing, and unfailing sufficiency, always pointing everyone to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

God Alone Suffices, Third Edition

Author: Slawomir C. Biela

Publisher: In the Arms of Mary


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 208

View: 908

In this book S. C. Biela expounds on various ways that an individual can grow in his interior life by letting go of the illusions of this world, and replacing them with total reliance on God. The author guides his reader on a path toward complete surrender of self to the God of love. This third edition includes an exceptional Appendix that contains ten Forewords written by Roman Catholic Cardinals for the edition of God Alone Suffices in their respective countries. Each of them offers deep and enriching meditations. All of these Cardinals recommend the reading of this "spiritual treasure."

Monergism or Synergism

Is Salvation Cooperative or the Work of God Alone?

Author: Daniel Kirkpatrick

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 318

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The tensions between Calvinism and Arminianism have perpetuated Christian thought for some 500 years. The concerns from both parties are legitimate. Calvinists are often accused of fatalism along with holding to a troubling view of double-predestination. Arminians are often accused of holding to a human-centered view of salvation that robs God of glory while championing human ability. Could it be that many of the tensions between Calvinists and Arminians are sourced in an often-overlooked issue—monergism and synergism? Could the same be said regarding Protestantism and Roman Catholicism concerning justification? In this volume, Daniel Kirkpatrick explores the specific roles of God and humans in various aspects of salvation to determine whether salvation is a work between God and a person (synergism) or a work of God alone (monergism). Building upon the framework of Aquinas, the Reformers, and Arminians, this book examines the issue of who does the work of salvation in light of cause and effect with hopes of providing new insights on historic doctrines.

Leave God Alone (He's Tired of You Bothering Him)

Liberating Essays from a Recovering Church Addict

Author: Jeff Obafemi Carr

Publisher: Media Scientist, LLC


Category: African American men

Page: 132

View: 142

Leave God Alone combines humor, philosophy, analysis and anecdotes in a freewheeling volume that challenges those who call themselves Christians to confront prejudices and examine biases regarding faith, worship and other religious matters. Dr. carr explores issues ranging from the role of ministers in society to attitudes of believers inside and outside the church, as well as the tendency of some women to romanticize Christ and approach him in a rather worldly manner. His style and candid observations may provoke, amuse, rankle or stimulate, but they won't bore or tire anyone. As an ordained minister as well as an actor, director and now artistic director of Amun Ra Theatre, Dr. carr's background provides him with a unique view of the secular and spiritual universes. This book seeks to combine the down-to-earth approach of the street with the optimistic worldview of a true believer unafraid to confront injustices and untruths wherever they occur, and courageous enough to offer solutions and fresh approaches for a new century and contemporary constituency.

To God Alone

A Novel

Author: Minns Sledge Robertson



Category: Bible

Page: 261

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