Follow Your Bliss

Author: Hal Zina Bennett

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 244

View: 634

What really excites you? What gives your a sense of meaning and purpose in your life? Discover how these can guide you to a more fulfilling and profitable career and a more deeply satisfying lifestyle. This program for finding your right livelihood has already helped over 30,000 readers. Learn the power of your own inner calling.

Follow Your Bliss!

A Practical, Soul-Centered Guide to Job Hunting and Career-Life Planning

Author: Haley Fox

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 160

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Life is too short to be spent at a job that holds no personal value—or, in the worst-case scenario, a job that evokes apathy, misery, or contempt. And yet, many of us feel painfully insecure about our abilities to find meaning and satisfaction in work. Everyone deserves that joy and satisfaction, but many people behave as though they don’t deserve it. In Follow Your Bliss!, author Haley Fox shows that you deserve more than just a job. You deserve bliss, and you have the potential to achieve it. You have an obligation to use the gifts and talents that uniquely equip you for soul-nourishing work. This second edition, first published in 2000 under the author’s former name, Helen Nienhaus Barba, has been updated and expanded, offering more current information about the working world. This volume journeys through the entire job-seeking process, beginning with getting a lay of the land, then taking stock of who you are and what you have to offer, and finally acquiring the skills to master the nuts and bolts of job hunting. Topics include preparing a portfolio of application materials, goal-setting, and fine-tuning interview skills. Imaginative exercises offer practical guidance grounded in an awareness of bliss as a guiding force. Drawing upon years of experience as an artist and psychotherapist, Fox offers a unique, heart-based, antichecklist approach to career-life planning.

Follow Your Bliss

Wisdom from Inspiring Women to Help You Find Purpose and Joy

Author: Alyssa Kuchta

Publisher: Rock Point


Category: Self-Help

Page: 236

View: 353

Lead a life full of passion and confidence with Follow Your Bliss, an amazing collection of empowering words of wisdom from 60 influential, trailblazing women that will guide you through your day. Do you wish you had a big sister or a have-it-all-together kind of friend to give you some encouraging advice on your next big move? Are you trying to find the right words to inspire a loved one? Follow your Bliss features timeless wisdom to inspire at every stage in life whether you’re a recent graduate, transitioning into a new stage in your life, or just looking to encourage someone else. Spark bravery, joy, and clarity into your life while fostering a community of sisterhood and comradery with these powerful words. Whether you’re looking for advice on your career, self-love, happiness, gratitude, positivity, embracing change, or paying it forward, you’ll discover that a little encouragement is all you need to lead a life of purpose and fulfillment. You’ll be able to easily flip through each gorgeous chapter and find aspirational quotes or advice as quick reminders to yourself to get out there and make the most of your life. Read it from front to back, backward, or flip through aimlessly until you find what you’re looking for. Follow Your Bliss is your on-the-go friend to help you power through the day with potent nuggets of motivation. Words of encouragement and inspiration from women around the world come together in the Everyday Inspiration series from Rock Point. Follow the journeys of hundreds of strong female leaders from past to present through thoughtful biographies and empowering quotes, and receive advice for how to live a more thoughtful and fulfilling life overall through performing acts of kindness for other or various methods of self-care. The perfect gift for family and friends, these gorgeous hardcovers featuring foiled covers and full-color interiors bring these amazing words of wisdom to life. Other titles in the series include: Grit & Grace; Find Your Glow, Feed Your Soul; Beautifully Said; Find Your Calm; and Hello Gorgeous!

Follow Your Bliss

The Life and Times of a Family Doctor

Author: Donald Hodder

Publisher: FriesenPress


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 462

View: 690

Dr. Donald Hodder has woven tales of joy and sorrow, humour and fulfillment into this compelling memoir. He practised family medicine for over forty-five years, all of it in his native Newfoundland. During his career, he kept many notebooks detailing his experiences. These became the foundation for this book. In studied prose and lilting verse, with integrity and compassion, he interlaces autobiographical material with social commentary on people and happenings in his life. He witnessed a broad spectrum of human conditions: the mundane, the miraculous, the physical, the psychological, and the social. He feels immensely honoured to have shared in the most intimate aspects of daily life with thousands of patients for so long. He is, at times, absolutely serious, skillfully witty, and hilariously funny. You are invited to sit at his table of memories and be entertained, enlightened, and enriched. Enjoy!

Meditations...Follow Your Bliss

Author: Dee L. Workman

Publisher: Tate Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 108

View: 664

Dee has a wealth of experience to draw upon, and her latest book is truly a gem worth reading. It is an honor to be her friend and counselor, and to have witnessed her journey of growth and transformation. Jody Wood MSW

Professor Chandra Follows His Bliss

Author: Rajeev Balasubramanyam

Publisher: Random House


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 828

'I loved this beautiful book. It's tender and compassionate, written with exquisite care and verve, and so so SO funny' MARIAN KEYES Professor Chandra is about to embark on the trip of a lifetime. In the moments after the bicycle accident, Professor Chandra begins to reassess his life, his career and his relationship with his three children. He’s just missed out on the Nobel Prize (again). All this work. All this stress. It's killing him. Professor Chandra needs to take a break, and reluctantly agrees to visit a Californian retreat, to follow his bliss. And so he must try to crack the most complex problem of all: the secret to his own happiness

Find Your Bliss

Break Free of Self-Imposed Boundaries and Embrace a New World of Possibilities

Author: J.P. Hansen

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser


Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

View: 123

We celebrate thinking outside the box, but why is there a box in the first place? That box hinders your natural ability to live the blissful life of your dreams. In Find Your Bliss, bestselling and award-winning author J.P. Hansen draws from his successful life-coaching business to provide insight that empowers you to recognize your limitations, then break free of them. Many of us struggle to find meaning in life, yet resist the changes that might help us discover it. Find Your Bliss will help you identify barriers to happiness, then provide proven techniques to recognize and overcome resistance. In addition to real-life examples, it uses the author’s Six Spokes of Bliss and Ten Steps to Break Free. Find Your Bliss is not only inspiring; it offers practical advice on transforming your struggles in life into everyday bliss. Meaningful happiness is your birthright; this book will help you rediscover yours.

Following Our Bliss

How the Spiritual Ideals of the Sixties Shape Our Lives Today

Author: Don Lattin

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: History

Page: 288

View: 513

Renowned journalist Don Lattin, longtime reporter for the San Francisco Examiner and more recently the San Francisco Chronicle, interprets the American spiritual and religious landscape since the 60s with insight, wit, and telling reporting. What David Brooks did for the American social and commercial landscape in the bestselling Bobos In Paradise, he does for the spiritual landscape, showing how the 60s have had a profound transformative impact in every area of spirituality. This is the first comprehensive look at the spiritual legacy of the 60s and 70s, as seen through the lives of those raised amid some of the era’s wildest experimentation.

Every Move You Make

Author: Nikki Winston

Publisher: Hay House, Inc


Category: Self-Help

Page: 278

View: 223

Change the way you move . . . and you can change the way you feel, the way you act, and the way you’re perceived. That’s the promise of EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE: Bodymind Exercises to Transform Your Life. We’ve long known that changing our mental or emotional focus can help change our physical state (think of stress management for patients at risk for heart attacks or visualizations to improve athletic performance). It’s themind-to-body connection, and it’s something that’s readily accepted in today’s world. Less well explored is the other side of the equation: the relationship between body and mind: Change your physical state and you can change your mental or emotional focus; change the way you move in deliberate, carefully prescribed ways—that is, repattern your body—and you can repattern your mind, emotions, and spirit in ways that let you live your life more fully, more authentically, and more joyously. Every Move You Make gives you practical tools in the form of ten basic movements that help stimulate and support changes you need to make your life work better. Also included are several partner exercises to improve the quality of your relationships. The movements are easy and relaxing to do, and are illustrated in photographs throughout the book. Chapters address different aspects of life: self-image, stress, career, creativity, relationships, sexuality, anxieties, and compulsions. You’ll identify with the case studies of real people that Nikki Winston has worked with—all of whom have successfully made the changes described.

You're Accepted

Author: Katie Malachuk

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Education

Page: 208

View: 486

"[You're Accepted] is wonderfully written, in a style that will appeal to everyone involved in the process--student, parent, guidance counselor." --Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder of the Omega Institute and New York Times bestselling author of Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow Students may worry about SATs and grades, but university admissions coach Katie Malachuk knows that it takes much more than numbers to chart the right path to college. To help applicants (and their families) make enlightened decisions, she transforms the application process into one of self-discovery, rather than self-delusion. Katie's approach strips away the destructive, competitive energy and replaces it with revelations about how to uncover your innate talents and true self. With great humor and insight, You're Accepted makes a convincing case that presenting the real, authentic you (not some smooth, packaged version) actually increases your chances of getting into college. The former admissions director shares insider tips on everything from writing essays to seeing things from the admissions committee's point of view. You're Accepted brings higher fulfillment to higher education by helping you get into the college that's right for you--the one that will help you become the person you're meant to be.