Floral Jewels

From the World's Leading Designers

Author: Carol Woolton

Publisher: Prestel Pub


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 176

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From the vaults of the world's most esteemed jewelers, this lavishly illustrated treasury features gem-laden blooms that will never fade away. This gorgeous volume highlights hundreds of examples of the finest floral jewelry ever made. Divided into four seasons--and the flowers that bloom in them--this book explores the history of flowers in the fine jewelry world and features dazzling illustrations, original sketches and gouache paintings showing how these blooms have been translated into pieces that are both priceless and ageless.

Southern African Wild Flowers - Jewels of the Veld

Author: John Manning

Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa


Category: Nature

Page: 176

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Southern African Wild Flowers takes readers on a journey through the diverse landscapes of the subregion, showcasing the unique richness of its wild flowers along the way. Each chapter focuses on a specific region, highlighting the most beautiful, interesting and rare plants occurring there. The journey begins at the Zambezi river and then moves down the eastern part of southern Africa through the well-watered ‘land of plenty’. From here, the reader is taken through the splendours of the Cape fynbos and then northwards, to end in the parched ‘thirstlands’ of the west. Beautiful full-colour photographs by well-known botanical photographer Colin Paterson-Jones celebrate the flora of the region, while the authoritative text reveals insights into the plants themselves, their origins, interactions with other living organisms, and their often remarkable adaptation to sometimes hostile environments. Emphasis is given to the context in which the flowers grow; and the changing vegetation and landscapes are featured throughout, displaying the extraordinary diversity within southern Africa.


Historic Rings

Author: Diana Scarisbrick

Publisher: Kodansha International


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 339

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Historic Rings is a Kodansha International publication.

The Language of Flowers

A History

Author: Beverly Seaton

Publisher: University of Virginia Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 234

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The author traces the phenomenon of ascribing sentimental meaning to floral imagery from its beginnings in Napoleonic France through its later transformations in England and America. At the heart of the book is a depiction of what the three most important flower books from each of the countries divulge about the period and the respective cultures. Seaton shows that the language of flowers was not a single and universally understood correlation of flowers to meanings that men and women used to communicate in matters of love and romance. The language differs from book to book, country to country. To place the language of flowers in social and literary perspective, the author examines the nineteenth-century uses of flowers in everyday life and in ceremonies and rituals and provides a brief history of floral symbolism. She also discusses the sentimental flower book, a genre especially intended for female readers. Two especially valuable features of the book are its table of correlations of flowers and their meanings from different sourcebooks and its complete bibliography of language of flower titles. This book will appeal not only to scholars in Victorian studies and women's studies but also to art historians, book collectors, museum curators, historians of horticulture, and anyone interested in nineteenth-century popular culture.

Teatown Lake Reservation

Author: Lincoln Diamant

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing


Category: History

Page: 96

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A place apart . . . Teatown Lake Reservation is the largest not-for-profit nature preserve and education center in Westchester County. Forty miles north of New York City, it extends over seven hundred fifty rural acres within the boundaries of four towns: Cortlandt, Yorktown, New Castle, and Ossining. Open to the public year-round without charge, Teatown welcomes all and offers much: nature programs, exhibits, summer camp, annual festivals, environmental conferences, fourteen miles of hiking trails through meadows and forests, and a thirty-three-acre lake with a wildflower-laden island. It is a peaceful place apart. Teatown Lake Reservation, an informal history of a unique community resource, traces the development of the Teatown area from its geologic origins through Native American habitation and early European settlement up to the present time. It explains how the reservation came to be, why it is named Teatown, and how it has developed into a landmark in the fields of environmental education and nature preservation.

Time to Lay By

Author: Jay Mondy

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Education

Page: 224

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Time To Lay By, is a collection of short stories, some humorous, some bizarre, but all true. For centuries storytellers were the only source of history. They told their tales, preserving history by handing their stories down from generation to generation. Without the storyteller, much of history would have been lost. Time To Lay By, recounts a way of life that was common in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Southeastern Kansas in the not too distant past. Once again, a part of history has been saved throught the words of the storyteller. There are stories of legal hangings, western men, moonshiners, bootlegging and many other topics too numerous to mention. These long ago stories are as they occurred back in days lost in the pages of time. They add to our knowledge of a fasciniating region and a way of life nearly forgotten. This book isn't just for the historians, but for anyone who is curious about the past or simply love a good book.

Tiffany Jewels

Author: John Loring

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 240

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The only book to relate the entire dazzling story of Tiffany jewels, this resplendent volume is packed with stunning photographs of exquisite jewelry & newly discovered designs.