First Thousand Words in Chinese

Author: Heather Amery

Publisher: Usborne Books


Category: Chinese language

Page: 63

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"With internet-linked pronounciation guide" Text in Chinese and English.

First Thousand Words in German

Author: Heather Amery



Category: German language

Page: 64

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MODERN LANGUAGES (IE OTHER THAN ENGLISH). The classic Usborne word book as a bi-lingual German/English edition, illustrated by Stephen Cartwright. A thousand everyday words illustrated with busy scenes and labelled pictures to help children learn key German vocabulary. Ages 5+

Der ungeheure Raum


Author: Edward E. Cummings



Category: Soldiers

Page: 313

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Page: 138

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LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at, the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet. Users can browse, search and view photos of today’s people and events. They have free access to share, print and post images for personal use.

The First Thousand Years

Author: Robert Louis Wilken

Publisher: Yale University Press


Category: Religion

Page: 416

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This sweeping history begins with the life of Jesus and narrates the remarkable story of Christianity as it unfolded over the next thousand years. Unique in its global scope, the book encompasses the vast geographical span of early Christianity, from the regions around the Mediterranean Sea through the Middle East and beyond to central Asia, India, and China. Robert Louis Wilken, beloved professor and renowned author, selects people and events of particular importance in Christian history to bring into focus the full drama of the new religion's development. The coming of Christianity, he demonstrates, set in motion one of the most profound revolutions the world has known. DIVWilken tracks the growth of Christian communities around the ancient world and shows how the influence of Christianity led not only to the remaking of cultures but also to the creation of new civilizations. He explores the powerful impact of the rise and spread of Islam on Christianity and devotes several chapters to the early experiences of Christians under Muslim rule in the Middle East, Egypt, north Africa, and Spain. By expanding the telling of Christian history to encompass perspectives beyond just those of the West, Wilken highlights how interactions with new peoples and languages changed early Christian practices, even as the shared rituals of Christian people bound them in spiritual unity despite their deep cultural differences./div


Author: Pan-Pacific Union



Category: Pan-Pacific relations


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A History of Japanese Literature

The First Thousand Years

Author: Shūichi Katō

Publisher: Tokyo ; New York : Kodansha International


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 319

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Studies the development of Japanese literature from the folktales and poetry of the Age of the Manyoshu to the dramatic works of the Muromachi period ending in 1568, emphasizing its relation to social, cultural and intellectual developments

Teaching Early Literacy

Development, Assessment, and Instruction

Author: Diane M. Barone

Publisher: Guilford Publications


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 246

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Grounded in cutting-edge theory and research about literacy development, this book is filled with practical assessment and instructional ideas for teachers of pre-K through grade 3. Engaging vignettes show how everyday conversations and activities offer rich opportunities both for evaluating children's current level of knowledge and for helping them progress toward more sophisticated and rewarding interactions with reading and writing. Throughout, the book highlights ways to work effectively with English language learners and their families, a theme that is the exclusive focus of two chapters. Other timely topics covered include creative uses of technology and ways to incorporate popular culture into the classroom. Over two dozen reproducible assessment tools and handouts enhance the utility of this volume as an instructional resource, professional development tool, or graduate-level text.

Traditional Chinese Characters

Learn & Remember 2,193 Character Meanings

Author: Alan Hoenig

Publisher: Dr. Alan Hoenig


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 506

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The pioneering memory technique taught in this book removes the major obstacle to learning modern Mandarin Chinese: how to remember the meanings of more than 2,000 of the most common of traditional Chinese characters—enough to read more than 96 percent of the characters in almost any Chinese text. The lessons included here will help to learn new definitions at a breakneck pace, build up new characters using characters already learned, develop memory tricks to associate meanings with these characters, and fix meanings and characters forever in the mind. This unique manual provides a sure-fire way to master the most challenging and intimidating aspect of learning Chinese, vital for any student of the Chinese language.

Books on China, 1980

A Cumulative List with Descriptions of Original and Reprinted Western-language Titles Available from Taiwan




Category: China

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