Fighter Combat

Tactics and Maneuvering

Author: Robert L. Shaw

Publisher: Naval Institute Press


Category: History

Page: 428

View: 426

This book provides a detailed description of one-on-one dog-fights and multi-fighter team work tactics, as well as discussions on aircraft and weapons systems.

Luftwaffe Night Fighter Combat Claims, 1939-1945

Author: John Foreman

Publisher: Red Kite / Air Research


Category: Aircraft accidents

Page: 248

View: 692

A definitive list of nearly 7,000 claims submitted by Luftwaffe night fighter pilots for Allied aircraft shot down in WW2. These claims are listed with the following details; Date, Time, Location, Type of aircraft shot down, Claiming Pilot and his Unit. Entries feature claims against Russian, American as well as Bomber Command aircraft.

Jane's Fighter Combat in the Jet Age

Author: David C. Isby

Publisher: Collins Reference


Category: History

Page: 192

View: 343

Fighter Combat in the Jet Age covers the entire history of jet fighters in action, from the end of World War II to the present. Meticulously detailed, it features 300 photos, line drawings and graphs that reveal how jet fighters and their weapons have developed and improved, utterly changing the face of air combat. It also focuses on the key technological developments of the Cold War, such as the fighters built to intercept nuclear bombers and to dominate European skies in a Third World War. With combat examples from Southeast Asia, the Falklands and the Middle East, Fighter Combat in the Jet Age compares and contrasts the fighter aircraft of different nations and manufacturers. Also included are spreads with sidebars and boxes describing fighter tactics, major air battles, experimental weapons and famous pilots. It's enough to thrill aircraft enthusiasts of all ages.

An illustrated guide to modern fighter combat

Author: Mike Spick

Publisher: Prentice Hall Direct


Category: History

Page: 154

View: 106

Describes the characteristics and history of fighter planes now used by the U.S., Russia, Europe and Israel, and discusses weapons systems and combat tactics

The First Team and the Guadalcanal Campaign

Naval Fighter Combat from August to November 1942

Author: John B. Lundstrom

Publisher: Naval Institute Press


Category: History

Page: 626

View: 569

From huddled command conferences to cramped cockpits, John Lundstrom guides readers through the maelstrom of air combat at Guadalcanal in this impressively researched sequel to his earlier study. Picking up the story after Midway, the author presents a scrupulously accurate account of what happened, describing in rich detail the actual planes and pilots pitted in the ferocious battles that helped turn the tide of war. Based on correspondence with 150 American and Japanese veterans, or their families, he reveals the thoughts, pressures, and fears of the airmen and their crews as he reconstructs the battles. These are the story of the Wildcat and Zero fighters, and the Dauntless, Avenger, Betty, Kate, and Val bombers. Lavishly illustrated with drawings, maps, and photographs, this fresh look at the campaign set a standard for aviation histories when first published in 1994.

Air Combat

Dogfights of World War II

Author: Dmitriy Khazanov

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: History

Page: 320

View: 510

The battle for the skies in World War II fuelled a race between rival air forces to develop ever faster and more capable fighter aircraft – and the struggle for air superiority was never over until the war itself ended. This volume explores four clashes of some of the finest planes and pilots, in key theatres of the war: Spitfires duelling the formidable Bf 109 over the Channel, the Fw 190 battling the Soviet La 5 and 7 on the Eastern Front, the F4F Wildcat in a desperate clash with the legendary A6M Zero-sen, and the F4U Corsair in combat with the second-generation Japanese Ki-84 in the closing days of the war. Fully illustrated with contemporary photographs, maps and colour artwork, Air Combat conveys the full story behind these dramatic aviation duels.

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Pearl Harbor 1941

Author: Mark Stille

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: History

Page: 80

View: 983

In the early hours of December 7, 1941, the Japanese First Air Fleet launched a massive air-strike against the American Pacific Fleet based at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Supported by a group of midget submarines, the attack gutted the American battleship fleet but, owing to a lack of intelligence, the American aircraft carriers they hoped to destroy were not present. In this new study of the raid, Mark Stille reexamines the political context of the attack and the intelligence operations of both sides, and gives a detailed analysis of all the major events during the battle. Backed with numerous photographs, diagrams, maps, and artwork, this book is a complete study of the Japanese attack that awoke 'the sleeping giant'.

Panther Red One: Memoirs of a Fighter Pilot

Memoirs of a Fighter Pilot


Publisher: KW Publishers Pvt Ltd




View: 346

This book originally began as a series of articles, at the behest of the author’s son, for the website Bharat Rakshak. As the articles flowed, the author was then persuaded by his children to expand these articles into something that more resembles a book. It was (and is) intended for his grandchildren to know about one part of their heritage—a part that will likely not recur in the family tree. It was not intended for general publication, but the children convinced the author otherwise. Perhaps the 1 couple of chapters could be a reader for all grandchildren of today because every family came from similar villages all over India. It also gives a feel for the motivation, and the acceptance of the environment and facilities that were far from adequate to achieve the goal of being a fighter pilot. It is more “episodic” than such works usually are, as it has been written at the age of 80, from the heart and from memory. It is hoped that you will enjoy it.

Fighter Command Air Combat Claims, 1939-45: 1939-1940

Author: John Foreman

Publisher: Red Kite / Air Research


Category: World War, 1939-1945

Page: 312

View: 394

An essential reference series listing every combat claim submitted by RAF fighter pilots during World War Two. Part One covers the Fall of France and Battle of Britain, Part Two covers the period after the Battle of Britain when RAF Fighter Command went on the offensive over Occupied Europe.