Feeling Loved

The Science of Nurturing Meaningful Connections and Building Lasting Happiness

Author: Jeanne Segal

Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.


Category: Psychology

Page: 208

View: 432

Do your connections with friends, family, or romantic partners leave you feeling empty, dissatisfied, or out of sync? What you may be missing is the close bond that’s only experienced with people who make us feel secure and valued—the experience of feeling loved. Feeling Loved reframes the way we view love and connection and provides a new roadmap for getting the love we need. The book begins with a description of what we unwittingly do that hijacks our ability to feel loved and goes on to offer powerful researched-based tools to transform your relationships. A clinical psychologist of more than thirty years and cofounder of Helpguide.org, author Jeanne Segal, PhD, is a pioneer in the psychology of connection. Her engaging and practical approach guides readers in developing new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting in order to make life-altering social and emotional changes. In Feeling Loved, you will learn how to: - Grasp the difference between being loved and feeling loved - Identify the challenges that keep you from experiencing love and making others feel loved - Use proven techniques to reduce stress and regulate out-of-control emotions - Develop new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting to create emotional connections - Transform your relationships with everyone in your life, from family and friends to coworkers Segal makes new inroads into the science of relationships and explores the transformative power of nonverbal, face-to-face exchanges. Filled with inspirational, real-life stories, Feeling Loved provides a blueprint for getting the love and happiness we need.

Feeling Loved

A Ted E. Bear Story

Author: Barbara Webber

Publisher: BalboaPress


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 40

View: 315

Follow the adventures of the Ted E. Bear family as they explore what makes each of the “cubbies” feel loved. Although the five cubbies live in the same house, with the same mommy, they each feel loved by her in very different ways. Laugh and learn with the cute Lily Bear, who adores everything pink, the bossy, girly-girl Bet E. Bear, Freddy who wears colorful clothing that makes you look twice, Ted E. Bear, the fun-loving athlete, and Zeddy-Spaghetti who has a favorite dinner he could eat very night! This fun-filled, engaging story helps parents learn what makes THEIR child feel loved and happy. See the cubbies discover how everyone can get into a good mood just by focusing on happy memories and thoughts! This delightful story inspires compassion, empathy, and self-esteem, while teaching communication, good listening skills, and the power of sharing love. How would your child’s world be different if everyone was Feeling Loved? Barbara Webber has created a masterpiece for children and parents. Feeling Loved belongs in every elementary school around the world as it teaches the most important lesson of life . . . love! ~ Dr. Darren R. Weissman – Hayhouse Radio Talk Show Host, Best Selling Author and Developer of The LifeLine Technique TM Aside from teaching children about the importance of family, positive thinking and honest communication, this incredibly clever book also teaches them that it is ok to be different... I think the first step in making your children feel loved would be to buy them this book and read it for them. ~ Top Books Worth Reading Illustrations by Isella Vega

Fear of Feeling Loved


Publisher: Mill City Press, Incorporated


Category: Fiction

Page: 424

View: 323

Marcia Anderson is starting a new chapter in her life. She has recently broken up with a long-term boyfriend, just completed her PhD, and is setting out for a teaching position in Tampa. The last thing she wants is a new relationship. But on the way to Tampa, she has a chance meeting with Jack Johnson, a handsome, buff, somewhat older man, who is to figure highly, perhaps too highly, in both her personal and professional life - a problematic admixture that poses anguish for her. Over the next few weeks, as she puts together courses, gets to know her fellow teachers, and tries to settle in to her new environs, Marcia must wrestle with conflicting emotions and come to grips with lingering issues from previous relationships and her family. Fortunately she has a warm circle of new friends and old family members who provide not only insight and advice but also humor and fun as she struggles with many painful issues such as jealousy, anger, guilt and trust. Along the long journey through her first semester of teaching, a journey that takes her from rough biker bars to posh Key West restaurants, Marcia must confront her most basic fear - her fear of feeling loved.

Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved by You

Second Edition

Author: Jordan Paul

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Self-Help

Page: 288

View: 678

This classic text for couples interested in creating freer, more joyful, and profoundly intimate relationships explores the delicate balance of being true to oneself and being loved by another. Newly updated by the authors, here is the classic text for couples interested in creating freer, more joyful, and profoundly intimate relationships. In their best-selling book about couple relationships, Jordan Paul and Margaret Paul explore the delicate balance of being true to oneself and being loved by another. While couples think they are fighting about money, sex, or time, the authors reveal how such conflicts are almost always more deeply rooted and related to issues of self-protection. Offering a solid framework for conflict resolution, the authors guide couples in working through fears and false beliefs that can block the expression of loving feelings. Stories of couples and examples of dialogue validate readers- feelings and experiences.Key features and benefitsa proven best-sellerhighly recommended by marriage therapistsincludes exercises for couples to explore core beliefs and values

We Feel Fine

An Almanac of Human Emotion

Author: Sep Kamvar

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Psychology

Page: 283

View: 511

The creators of the award-winning website of the same name draw on science, art and blogs to reveal what people throughout the world are actually feeling, in a volume that summarizes a database compilation of several million search results analyzed by weather, location and other factors.

Made to be Loved

Enyoying Spiritual Intimacy with God and Your Spouse

Author: Stephen B. Bell

Publisher: Moody Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 320

While desired, the idea of spiritual intimacy is scary and even threatening to some couples. They've tried those other couples devotional books, but sharing Bible study and prayer time together just doesn't come naturally. And when these sharing times seem awkward and manipulated, many couples put the book back on the shelf and simply go on as they were before. If this sounds all too familiar, Made to Be Loved is the sip of cool water for your thirsty marriage. Steve and Valerie Bell encourage couples to go beyond treating the symptoms of a marriage that lacks spiritual intimacy and go straight to the root of the problem. The real disease that threatens marriages is spiritual distance from God. According to the Bells, "when a husband and wife invite God into their marriage, their perspectives change. Hearts are softened, expectations become more realistic, sexual relations take on a soulish sweetness, even fights get better!" Take your marriage to the next level with the help of Steve and Valerie Bell. Develop a deeper love relationship with you God, and in doing so, create a whole new atmosphere in your marriage.


Feeling Loved, Comfortable, and Safe

Author: Paul Carlo

Publisher: Xlibris Us



Page: 132

View: 786

Personal connections that leave people feeling a sense of being cared about and valued, with a true sense of belonging and being wanted, is something most of us include when listing the kinds of things that lead to feeling happy and fulfilled. Yet many of us don't have the kinds of close relationships that leave us feeling deeply cared about and understood. Dr. Carlo has created this book with the intention of empowering others to understand how to enrich their lives in ways that will result in their feeling more confident in their social experiences, comfortable, safe, and loved.

Loving the Sexually Mature Christian Man

Author: Waymon Geans

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Self-Help

Page: 111

View: 767

When talking about sexual maturity you have to keep an open mind and realize we are talking more than just sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse can be a part of your sexual maturity growth but also understand you dont have to have intercourse to sexually grow. The main objective for the author of this book is to make the readers aware of the difference in their sexual maturity and to open doors for discussion about matters that someone may not have known how to bring up. If so, the author has accomplished his intention of getting couples to understand their sexual maturity and how to grow together.

Faith Is Not a Feeling

Choosing to Take God at His Word

Author: Ney Bailey

Publisher: WaterBrook


Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 996

In 1976 the Big Thompson River flood in Colorado took 150 lives, including those of seven women on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ International. Deeply grieved by the loss, survivor Ney Bailey embraced a journey of faith that led her to a life-changing truth: No matter how things look and no matter how we feel, God is in control. In Faith is Not a Feeling, Ney reveals how life’s tragedies and challenges lead each of us to an important decision about how we will relate to God. Building on a foundation of experiences all believers can relate to, this well-loved speaker and teacher shows how you can take advantage of the endless opportunities life provided to deepen your trust in the Lord. Faith is Not a Feeling has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to choose to believe God’s promises over their own personal feelings. Now you, too, can discover the secrets that will allow you to face painful experiences with a measure of objectivity, use your feelings to take you to God, and experience true peace in the midst of failure and trials. Best of all, you will learn how to obediently and confidently take God at His word as you never have before.

Moments, Attachment and Formations of Selfhood

Dancing with Now

Author: Kelly Forrest

Publisher: Springer


Category: Psychology

Page: 124

View: 888

Using innovative empirical data, this book presents a unique approach to looking at moments, exploring the deeper meanings of why memories stand out and how they influence an individual's sense of self. Forrest challenges the privileged position of narrative coherence as the basis for healthy identity and formations of selfhood.