Hunted in America

Author: Pamela Geller

Publisher: Dangerous Books


Category: Islam

Page: 296

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In Fatwa: Hunted in America, Pamela Geller tells her own story of how she became one of the world's foremost activists for the freedom of speech, individual rights, and equality of rights for all. Pamela Geller recounts her unlikely journey from New York City career girl to indomitably fearless human rights activist, reviled by the enemies of freedom the world over. "I assumed my freedom," she writes. "Never for one moment did I think that it could be taken from me. But all that changed on one day." That day was September 11, 2001 -- when on a beautiful, bright blue sunny morning, the global jihad struck in America with terrifying and murderous force. The United States of America and the free world as a whole would never be the same again. Neither would Pamela Geller. In this book, Geller tells the whole extraordinary story of how she began chronicling her take on news events at her groundbreaking website Atlas Shrugs, then moved into activism, at first on behalf of Muslim girls who were being brutalized and victimized at home for not following the misogynistic rules of Islamic law, and then to stand against the advance of jihad and sharia on numerous fronts, above all for the freedom of speech, which is increasingly embattled in this age of jihad. It's all here: Geller recounts the battle to defeat the sinister Ground Zero mosque project; the ISIS attack at Geller's Mohammed Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas; the fatwa issued to her and plot to behead her; and much more, including the relentless vilification from a mainstream media hell-bent on defaming and destroying everyone who stands for freedom against jihad terror and sharia oppression.Pamela Geller writes: "Any lover of freedom would have been tarred the same way I was, and many have been. I am but a proxy in this terrible, long war. What has happened to me is what happens, in small and large ways, to every American who stands for freedom." At last, in Fatwa: Hunted In America, she tells her story.


Hunted in America

Author: Pamela Lewinsky

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



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I am Pamela, a research student at UCLA. My uncle was in Army, he was killed by Pakistani terrorists. My uncle's death still pains me a lot. It left an incurable scar on my soul. But I do not believe that Pakistan killed my uncle, I believe that war killed my uncle. I have done extensive research on the problem of terrorism, war between USA and Pakistan. By almighty's grace, I have come up with a viable solution to end war between USA and Pakistan forever, which would also end the problem of "so called terrorism" once and for all. We have tried and tested the solution in border of USA and infiltration has reduced significantly by using our idea. I also take the opportunity to thank Mark Zuckerberg for coming up with Facebook platform. We have used Facebook extensively to solve terrorist's problem. UN must acknowledge our benevolent presence in USA border and should recommend us for " Nobel Peace Prize" collectively.

Islam: Religion of Peace?

The Violation of Natural Rights and Western Cover-Up

Author: Mario Alexis Portella

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion

Page: 290

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Eight hundred years ago, St. Francis of Assisi embarked on a mission to the port city of Damietta, Egypt, to try and convert Sultan al-Kamil to Christianity. While this did not come to fruition, both the sultan and the saint were able to have a peaceful dialogue and establish a mutual respect that is absent from the present-day polemics of Islam. While many today hold that those who seek to create a universal caliphate through acts of terror in the name of Islam falsely represent their religion, they ignore the original Islamic texts that inspire these perpetrators. The Islamization of our society, however, does not just come from avowed terrorists but from various Islamic scholars and activists seeking to impose sharia law. As a result of the West disavowing its Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian roots, government officials have catered to such injustices since they consider the petrodollar more valuable than the victims of violence. Consequently, they have capitulated our rights of free speech and religion to the point of classifying anyone who questions Islamists’ intentions as an Islamophobe. Islam: Religion of Peace? places Islam in its historical and sociopolitical contexts in order to better understand what has bred the Islamic threat facing today’s society, as well as how many of our political and church leaders have failed to address the problem, thereby creating more instability between both Muslims and non-Muslims. Author Mario Alexis Portella also proposes solutions whereby both peoples may enter into a meaningful discourse and establish harmony.

Hunting in the Shadows: The Pursuit of al Qa'ida since 9/11

The Pursuit of al Qa'ida since 9/11

Author: Seth G. Jones

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company


Category: History

Page: 448

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From one of our most trusted counterterrorism experts, a sweeping, insider's account of the decade-long chase for America's deadliest enemy. This landmark history chronicles the dramatic, decade-long war against al Qa’ida and provides a model for understanding the ebb and flow of terrorist activity. Tracing intricately orchestrated terrorist plots and the elaborate, multiyear investigations to disrupt them, Seth G. Jones identifies three distinct “waves” of al Qa’ida violence. As Jonathan Mahler wrote in the New York Times Book Review, “studying these waves and the counterwaves that repelled them can tell us a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to fighting terrorism.” The result is a sweeping, insider’s account of what the war has been and what it might become.

Terror in the Mind of God

The Global Rise of Religious Violence

Author: Mark Juergensmeyer

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 319

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This well-regarded look at the connection between religion and terrorism has been updated to include events of September 11, 2001. Its focus is to better understand how and why some people are willing to commit acts of violence in the name of their god(s) and a greater good.

International Law and Drone Strikes in Pakistan

The Legal and Socio-political Aspects

Author: Sikander Ahmed Shah

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Law

Page: 247

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While conventional warfare has an established body of legal precedence, the legality of drone strikes by the United States in Pakistan and elsewhere remains ambiguous. This book explores the legal and political issues surrounding the use of drones in Pakistan. Drawing from international treaty law, customary international law, and statistical data on the impact of the strikes, Sikander Ahmed Shah asks whether drone strikes by the United States in Pakistan are in compliance with international humanitarian law. The book questions how international law views the giving of consent between States for military action, and explores what this means for the interaction between sovereignty and consent. The book goes on to look at the socio-political realities of drone strikes in Pakistan, scrutinizing the impact of drone strikes on both Pakistani politics and US-Pakistan relationships. Topics include the Pakistan army-government relationship, the evolution of international institutions as a result of drone strikes, and the geopolitical dynamics affecting the region. As a detailed and critical examination of the legal and political challenges presented by drone strikes, this book will be essential to scholars and students of the law of armed conflict, security studies, political science and international relations.

A New Beginning for Humankind

A Recipe for Lasting Peace on Earth

Author: R. B. Herath

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Political Science

Page: 252

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The world is reaching a nuclear tipping point, and a catastrophe looms. Even the United Nations can't seem to do anything about the threat. Given the circumstances, people everywhere need to unite to prevent a disaster. In this new study, peace activist R. B. Herath explains what's at stake and what everyday people can do to solve the problem. Here are some of the questions Herath seeks to answer: What are the major violent conflicts in the world today? Is there any guarantee that none of the ongoing violent conflicts will deteriorate into a worldwide fiasco? If there is no such guarantee, what needs to be done to prevent such an eventuality? Is there anything more to be done to ensure lasting peace on the planet? By taking steps to prevent tension from building up to a tipping point and by building a stronger system of checks and balances, it's possible to resolve conflicts at all levels through peaceful means. Join Herath as he seeks to change habits that promote war to habits that promote peace in the face of the present troubled state of the world."

Islamic Law

The Sharia from Muhammad’s Time to the Present

Author: Hunt Janin

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Religion

Page: 215

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The sharia is a set of traditional laws that define a Muslim’s obligations to God and his fellow human beings. Westerners often misunderstand the nature of the sharia, born as it is of a complicated legal and academic tradition that may not always seem relevant to today’s world. Written for those unfamiliar with Islam, this volume provides an accurate and objective assessment of the sharia’s achievements, shortcomings and future prospects. It explores the fundamentals of Islam and traditional sharia laws. In addition, the sharia is discussed with respect to Ottoman law, puritanism and jihad. The sharia’s relevance to today’s world events is also explored. Among items provided in appendices are a commentary on a Western translation of the concept of jihad and an analysis of the sharia in 29 selected countries.

The American Culture of War

The History of U.S. Military Force from World War II to Operation Iraqi Freedom

Author: Adrian R. Lewis

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: History

Page: 538

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The American Culture of War presents a sweeping, critical examination of every major American war of the late 20th century: World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the First and Second Persian Gulf Wars, through to Operation Enduring Freedom. Lewis deftly traces the evolution of US military strategy, offering an original and provocative look at the motives people and governments used to wage war, the debates among military personnel, the flawed political policies that guided military strategy, and the civilian perceptions that characterized each conflict. Now in its second edition, The American Culture of War has been completely revised and updated. New features include: Completely revised and updated chapters structured to facilitate students' ability to compare conflicts New chapters on Operation Iraqi Freedom and the current conflict in Afghanistan New conclusion discussing the American culture of war and the future of warfare Over fifty maps, photographs, and images to help students visualize material Expanded companion website with additional pedagogical material for both students and researchers. The American Culture of War is a unique and invaluable survey of over seventy years of American military history, perfect for any student of America's modern wars. For additional information and classroom resources please visit The American Culture of War companion website at www.routledge.com/cw/lewis.