Faces of Hope

Babies Born on 9/11

Author: Christine Pisera Naman

Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 128

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In this book, Christine Pisera Naman, whose son Trevor was born on September 11, 2001, has gathered together striking black-and-white photos of her child and forty-nine other babies who share the same birthday. Gathered from each of the fifty states in the union, these shining faces give hope to our nation as its citizens reflect on the anniversary of September 11. With simple eloquence, the author shares two wishes that she has for each little one, such as: I hope that you find good in all people. I hope you catch snowflakes on your tongue. I hope you always have more than you need and share your plenty. I hope you are someone's dream come true.

Faces of Hope

A Family Album

Author: Christine K. Wilson

Publisher: Tate Publishing


Category: Photography

Page: 83

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Faces of Hope-A Family Album is a timeless book dedicated to any person touched by a child with Down syndrome. Filled with black-and-white photographs and inspirational quotations to warm the heart, Faces of Hope is designed to share hope, understanding, and a sense of comfort with all who have embarked on this wonderful journey full of mystery and surprise. It is a quintessential first book for newcomers. And to all new members, welcome to the family. 'When my son Jon was born with Down syndrome, an official at the hospital asked if we intended to take him home. That was in 1972. Today Jon, who works in the Washington Nationals' clubhouse, is 38 and doing fine because times have changed for the better. But there still is much room for improvement of the public's understanding of the aptitudes and potential of Down syndrome citizens-which, it is well to remember, is what they are. This book, with love shining forth from every picture, will help enormously.' -George F. Will, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author

The Faces of Hope

A Journey through Infertility and Adoption

Author: Leslie Almand Reynolds

Publisher: WestBowPress


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 24

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The journey through infertility is a nightmare, plain and simple! Whether you are ever able to have a baby on your own, or continue on to adoption, the pressure is indescribable. The sadness and loneliness are sometimes so deep that your hurt no longer remains emotional, but becomes physical as well. You don’t feel like you can do this any longer. Is it even worth it? Hope is God’s gift for His children which He gives anew every morning. Our hope was realized in the adoption of our two beautiful boys, and we are so thankful we never gave up! Whether you are reading this while on the fertility “scream machine” or have reached the fork in the road of whether or not to adopt, we hope sharing our story with you will encourage you by knowing you are not alone, that we’ve been through it, survived it, and have come out of the valley of darkness. Hang in, hang on, and never lose hope!

A Smile on Their Faces and Hope in Their Hearts

Author: roger weston

Publisher: Lulu.com



Page: 37

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A true record of the authoor's trip to West Africa to visit the School which he helps to fund and to meet his good friend, The Headteacher, Edward de Sesay, a refugee from Sierra Leone.

Faces of Hope

Children of a Changing World

Author: Alison Wright



Category: Photography

Page: 165

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A powerful documentary of children in developing countries includes photographs from around the globe documenting their cultural traditions and illustrating the difficulties they face trying to survive in a world afflicted by hunger, war, and disease.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Hope

Author: Jaklin A. Eliott

Publisher: Nova Publishers


Category: Psychology

Page: 296

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Hope is an aspect of human existence that appears increasingly significant in our modern world. However, what hope is, how it works, and why it is important continue to be debated, with different approaches to hope evident within different fields. This anthology of hope is unique in that it features contributions from many seminal writers and researchers across a wide range of disciplines, and thus offers multiple perspectives on this important and complex phenomenon. Hope is viewed through the lenses of theology, philosophy, politics, psychology, nursing, and medicine, with authors covering the histories and possible futures of hope and hope research. Encompassing the theoretical and the practical, the societal and the personal, this book will be a valuable resource to those commencing or conducting research into hope, and an enjoyable and insightful read for those wishing to know more about the state of hope today.

Graphic Worlds of Peter Bruegel the Elder

Author: H. Arthur Klein

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Art

Page: 176

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Unique survey of best works by16th-century Flemish printmaker presents 64 engravings and one woodcut, each accompanied by an informative essay. Subjects include landscapes, ships and the sea, peasants, humor, and religion.

A Philosophy of Human Hope

Author: J.J. Godfrey

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Philosophy

Page: 272

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Few reference works in philosophy have articles on hope. Few also are systematic or large-scale philosophical studies of hope. Hope is admitted to be important in people's lives, but as a topic for study, hope has largely been left to psychologists and theologians. For the most part philosophers treat hope en passant. My aim is to outline a general theory of hope, to explore its structure, forms, goals, reasonableness, and implications, and to trace the implications of such a theory for atheism or theism. What has been written is quite disparate. Some see hope in an individualistic, often existential, way, and some in a social and political way. Hope is proposed by some as essentially atheistic, and by others as incomprehensible outside of one or another kind of theism. Is it possible to think consistently and at the same time comprehensively about the phenomenon of human hoping? Or is it several phenomena? How could there be such diverse understandings of so central a human experience? On what rational basis could people differ over whether hope is linked to God? What I offer here is a systematic analysis, but one worked out in dialogue with Ernst Bloch, Immanuel Kant, and Gabriel Marcel. Ernst Bloch of course was a Marxist and officially an atheist, Gabriel Marcel a Christian theist, and Immanuel Kant was a theist, but not in a conventional way.

The Faces of Forgiveness

Searching for Wholeness and Salvation

Author: F. LeRon Shults

Publisher: Baker Books


Category: Religion

Page: 270

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While forgiveness has historically been regarded as a religious concern, it has also become a popular topic in contemporary psychology. Unfortunately, there has been little effort to combine a Christian understanding of forgiveness with psychology. The Faces of Forgiveness, winner of the Narramore Award from the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, steps in to fill this void. The authors fuse Christian forgiveness and psychology with the unifying motif of the face; thereby building on the considerable psychological research linking emotions related to forgiveness with the human face. At a deeper level, the face can serve as a metaphor for integrating forgiveness, wholeness, and salvation. The authors argue that forgiveness should take a central role in our understanding of salvation because it is warranted by the Bible and engages our postmodern context. Pastors, psychologists, family counselors, and students of psychology and theology will find The Faces of Forgiveness a helpful resource.