Experimental Photography

A Handbook of Techniques

Author: Marco Antonini



Category: Photography

Page: 240

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Photography has always been about experimentation, and anyone who thinks the advent of digital imaging might have stopped photographers from inventing new ways to impress their film is in for a big surprise. Experimental Photography presents the most interesting and creative modifications for low-cost film cameras, manual printing techniques and unconventional use of the medium. The book accompanies the reader through the world of photography special effects and manipulations documenting techniques, approaches, experimenters, camera makers and their extraordinary creations. One picture at a time, Experimental Photography compiles a manifesto against visual homogenization.

The Experimental Photography Workbook

A Manual of Analog Black and White Darkroom Practice

Author: Christina Z. Anderson



Category: Photography

Page: 241

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The Experimental Photography Workbook, now in its 6th edition, is completely revised, updated, and professionally published, with full-color images from 100 photographers illustrating all processes. Inside you will find succinct how-to's on the photogram, cliche-verre, lumenprint, chemigram, photo-chemigram (chromo/painting with light), collage, photomontage, photo transfer, pinhole, zoneplate, Holga, paper negative, Sabattier, lith printing, liquid emulsion, modern tintype, mordancage, dye mordanting, bleachout, toning, applied color, abrasion tone, bromoil, encaustic, distressing film, and more. The Workbook is the perfect "short & sweet" manual to put play back into the analog black & white darkroom, and will be a great impetus to increased creativity for students and professionals alike.

52 Assignments

Experimental Photography

Author: Chris Gatcum

Publisher: Ammonite Press



Page: 128

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52 Assignments: Experimental Photography is filled with prompts and projects, nudges and sparks, innovations and inspirations, and--most importantly--experiments in shooting, processing, and printing, to help you kick your photographic habits, step out of your comfort zone and create your own collection of experimental work. You will be briefed to tackle modern uses for traditional film (hacking vintage film cameras, making pinholes, playing with plastic, collecting the filters that inspired Instagram) and traditional uses for digital (multiple exposures, extreme speeds, timed challenges, focus tricks), as well as lo-tech and hi-tech ways to manipulate your prints (staining prints with water, digital effects, photocopy prints, burning photos, printing on flexible surfaces). The rest of the journal's pages are styled for you to add your own thoughts, notes, lists, Top 10s, technical specifications, quotes, and even sketches and doodles, creating a record of your own 52 photographic assignments. These may be completed weekend by weekend over the course of a year, or dipped into every time you need to bring a new edge or experimental approach to your photography.


A Cultural History

Author: Mary Warner Marien

Publisher: Laurence King Publishing


Category: Photography

Page: 544

View: 295

Here is the history weve been waiting for ... erudite and entertaining ... she shows how pictures really did change our world. Her shrewd selection of over 600 fascinating photos (many in colour) illustrate a history that meets the ultimate test; open to any page and youre hooked ... and its free from tormenting academic jargon. Camera Arts This groundbreaking survey of international photography, which examines the discipline across the full range of its uses by both professionals and amateurs, has been expanded and brought up to date for this second edition. Each of the eight chapters takes a period of up to forty years and examines the medium through the lenses of art, science, social science, travel, war, fashion, the mass media and individual practitioners. These broad topics complement a fully developed cultural context whose emphasis is more on key ideas than individuals. The author also pays close attention to how contemporary practitioners, commentators and beholders have talked about specific works, the nature of photography and the photographers changing role in society.

Theory of Film

The Redemption of Physical Reality

Author: Siegfried Kracauer

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 364

View: 235

Siegfried Kracauer's classic study, originally published in 1960, explores the distinctive qualities of the cinematic medium. In this new edition, Miriam Bratu Hansen, examining the book in the context of Kracauer's extensive film criticism from the 1920s, provides a framework for appreciating the significance of THEORY OF FILM for contemporary filmmakers, students, as well as the general reader. 64 photos.

Making History

Wu Hung on Contemporary Art

Author: Wu Hung

Publisher: Timezone 8 Limited


Category: Art

Page: 278

View: 227

Making Historycollects the most provocative and insightful essays of Wu Hung, the esteemed scholar and critic of Chinese contemporary art and culture. Written in clear and readable prose, this volume contains detailed analyses of the cultural origins, precedents, influences and aspirations of the most exciting contemporary artists practicing today.