Exordium of Tears

Author: Andrew P. Weston

Publisher: Perseid Press



Page: 556

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Fight or Die...Victorious in a star-flung battle against the inhuman Horde, Earth's fabled 9th Legion of Rome; the U.S. 5th Company's 2nd Mounted Rifles; and a Special Forces anti-terrorist team settle on Arden, their adopted planet, to raise families and live in peace.But soon, state secrets are revealed: The greatest of the inhuman Horde didn't join the battle, but yet lurk among Arden's outer colonies, posing a grave threat.Humanity's Ardenese defenders send a flotilla of ships to far Exordium, the world where the Horde outbreak began, with orders to reclaim the outer colonies...To Exordium . . . where the Horde awaits . . . where the cream of Arden's fighting force must engage this adversary of unrivaled power...As worlds are sundered, suns destroyed, and star systems obliterated, a universal conflict proves again that...Death is only the beginning of the adventure.

Tracks of My Tears

Author: Francis Xavier R. Chitanda

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Poetry


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This is a compilation of quite simply put, a man’s life journey expressed in open, honest and quirky poetry. Based on the author’s personal experiences this profound collection touches on an array of life matters; parenthood, politics, love & lust, friendship, wrong-doing, successes & failures plus much more. Readers will identify with the author on a personal level. A great weekend read you will find one of those poems to resonate with your own experiences. Francis Xavier has gifted all revenues and royalties from this publication to the charitable trust he helped found. The trust has a charitable arm inspired by his late mother in law who he never got to meet (read his poem to her inside); The Alice Award seeks to support the pursuit for education and excellence for the girl child and the youth in Zimbabwe. By purchasing this book you have contributed to the Alice Award’s charitable endeavours. Thank you. By Portia Chitanda

Tears into Wine

J. S. Bach's Cantata 21 in its Musical and Theological Contexts

Author: Eric Chafe

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Music

Page: 800

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In 1714, the 29 year-old Johann Sebastian Bach was promoted to the position of concertmaster at the ducal court of Weimar. This post required him for the first time in his already established career to produce a regular stream of church cantatas-one cantata every four weeks. Among the most significant works of this period is Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis in meinem Herzen (Cantata 21). Generally known in English as "I had much affliction," Cantata 21 draws from several psalms and the Book of Revelations and offers a depiction of the spiritual ascent of the soul from intense tribulation to joy and exaltation. Although widely performed and loved by musicians, Cantata 21 has endured much criticism from scholars and critics who claim that the piece lacks organizational clarity and stylistic coherence. In Tears into Wine, renowned Bach scholar Eric Chafe challenges the scholarly consensus, arguing that Cantata 21 is an exceptionally carefully designed work, and that it displays a convergence of musical structure and theological purpose that is paradigmatic of Bach's sacred work as a whole. Drawing on a wide range of Lutheran theological writing, Chafe shows that Cantata 21 reaches beyond the scope of the individual liturgical occasion to voice a breadth of meaning that encompasses much of the core of Lutheran thought. Chafe artfully demonstrates that instead of simply presenting a musical depiction of the soul's journey from sorrow to bliss, Cantata 21 expresses the various stages of God's revelation and their impact on the believing soul. As a result, Chafe reveals that Cantata 21 has a formal design that mirrors Lutheran belief in unfolding revelation, with the final movement representing the work's "crown"--the goal toward which all of the earlier movements are directed. Complete with full text translations of the cantata and the liturgical readings that would have accompanied it at the first performance, Tears into Wine is a monumental book that is ideally suited for Bach scholars and students, as well as those generally interested in the relationship between theology and music.

The Rhetoric of the Conscience in Donne, Herbert, and Vaughan

Author: Ceri Sullivan

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 275

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There is a kind of conscience some men keepe, Is like a Member that's benumb'd with sleepe; Which, as it gathers Blood, and wakes agen, It shoots, and pricks, and feeles as bigg as ten Donne, Herbert and Vaughan see the conscience as part theirs, part God's, and respond uncomfortably to failures in its workings. Hearts won't confess, laws are forgotten or jumbled, judgements ignored. The first study toconsider this central issue for over a decade, The Rhetoric of the Conscience draws on theology, poetics, and rhetoric in detailed readings of the poets. Remarkably, each poet - despite their very different devotional backgrounds - uses similar sets of tropes to investigate problems.


Author: Nadia Benjelloun

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 296

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Its circa 2040. The world is borne of intercontinental recession. A paroxysm of new viruses has taken over all biological and digital systems, and technology has run off its course. It came down to every man for himself. In a postapocalyptic setting, Avanzata, a country that seems to be making progressive recovery, is the home of Jason Dean, a seventeen-year-old boy who suspects that there is more to the story. From an intriguing newcomer to the disappearance of his father and the suspicious governmental activities in his school, little does he know that as he tries to piece together the links to all the strange occurrences in his hometown, his actions will trigger an event that will influence all of humanitypossibly for the worst.

Bernard of Clairvaux and the Shape of Monastic Thought

Broken Dreams

Author: M. B. Pranger

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 375

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This book examines the way Bernard of Clairvaux, in his writings, shapes the monastic existence as a subtle blend of biblical and liturgical texts and scenes on the one hand and uncontrollable events and emotions on the other.

Joel Whitburn Presents Billboard #1s, 1950-1991

A Week-by-week Record of Billboard's #1 Hits

Author: Joel Whitburn



Category: Music

Page: 332

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A week-by-week listing of the nearly 5,000 records that reached the top position on Billboard's major charts from January, 1950 through December, 1991. Includes #1s from the Pop Singles and Albums, RandB Singles and Albums, Country Singles and Albums, and Adult Contemporary Singles charts.

The Christian Preacher

Or, Discourses on Preaching

Author: Edward Williams



Category: Clergy

Page: 334

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Horae Homilecticae

Or Discourses (principally in the Form of Skeletons) Now First Digested Into One Continued Series, and Forming a Commentary Upon Every Book of the Old and New Testament; to which is Annezed an Improved Edition of a Translation of Claude's Essay on the Composition of a Sermon...

Author: Charles Simeon



Category: Bible


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Murder Without Tears

An Anthology of Crime

Author: Will Cuppy



Category: Detective and mystery stories

Page: 561

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Helps to Composition

Or, Six Hundred Skeletons of Sermons, Several Being the Substance of Sermons Preached Before the University

Author: Charles Simeon



Category: Sermons


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