BriarCliff Vol 1

A Paranormal Dark Fantasy

Author: Lorraine Beaumont

Publisher: Owlet Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 232

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USA TODAY RECOMMENDED READ - "The paranormal romance that centers the story and pulls you into its embrace like a lover you had forgotten how much you enjoyed kissing. There is mystery and more than anything there is the need to find out what dark secret lies at the core of it all.” Sookie Stackhouse Reviews Briar Cliff Township might look like any other picturesque New England town, but it harbors a dark secret. For much of the year it is indeed like so many of the little towns of privilege tucked away amongst the forests of the New England coast. But when the winds change old stirrings arise from forgotten misdeeds and a thirst for vengeance.

MY ONLINE WRITINGS (2004 to 2006) Vol 1




Category: Social Science


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This book can be downloaded as a PDF file from here. Contents 1. March of the Evil Empires: First letter to UKResident 2. Schools with Asian language study 3. Immigration to English nations The colonial experience The finer aspect of job outsourcing: The Power of the Web as a media: Back to Schools 4. We are White and we are proud. Posted on: May 1 2004 5. The other face of ‘Terrorism’. Posted on: May 3 2004 Posted on: May 4 2004, 6. have they gone NUTs 7. Rantisi Assasinated 8. Nick Griffin BNP 9. SURVIVED AND HOME FROM IRAQ, Posted on: Apr 23 2004 10. Monarchy v Republic 11. Joining the Euro: Don’t do an historic blunder Posted on: Mar 31 2004 12. Princess Michael of Kent, a Royal Bigot? 13. Spying on the UN 14. Changes in America 15. Hijjab - Religious dress code, Have the French got it right? 16. Chinese School Janitor attacks nursery school kids (in China). 17. Prince Charles:, Eternal Bachelor Answering Oldfred How did the British, who came to India in very, very small numbers, get to acquire the whole place? 18. Perspective from a vantage position 19. Is Oldfred still around? 20. What one could lose 21. Intelligence 22. Business Process Outsourcing 23. Immigration policy & Freedom of Speech 24. Education: Formal verses informal 25. Israel’s “Terrorism” Barrier 26. The London Olympic Bid, will the benefits outweigh the costs? 27. Thatcher son arrested for alleged coup link, can mommy bail him out? 28. Tsunami and the British legacy, Part I: What exists below the surface 29. The foreign worker and economic prosperity, A thinking in construction 30. A theme from the Reader’s Digest 31. The legitimacy of the Asylum seekers 32. SOCIAL WELFARE SYSTEM, THE BEST OF BRITISH 33. Delete multiculturalism 34. Euro Myths, here are some of them 35. Inter-racial marriages in the House of Windsor 36. NATIONALITY, IMMIGRATION AND ASYLUM ACT 2002, An Overview 37. What ails Britain?, My inferences 38. What I am trying to convey 39. New Spanish Government 40. Was Iraq right? 41. Suffering dogs and starving kids 42. Princess Diana Inquest 43. Marxism 44. Why the left is wrong about Israel 45. Feudalism in British languages 46. The European Union, Case for keeping away Posted on 13 May 2004 Posted on: May 14 2004 47. God save the Queen 48. Is halal slaughter cruel? 49. Asian work motivation 50. Democracy Vs. Dictatorship 51. D-Day 52. US and England 53. Should Blair distance himself from Bush?, Your views...209 54. Israeli Home Demolitions 55. The Crooked British 56. Enemy combatant maltreatment 57. British contributions 58. Vernacular English, Rejoinder to Welshman and Attila 59. Feudal Languages: A delineation 60. A quote and a reply 61. Forced Metamorphosis of English nations 62. A strange perspective 63. How to Win the War on Terrorism 64. Exporting Americanism 65. Should the British pull out of Iraq? 66. Envisage, and forestall the perils 67. Equal Parental Access? 68. Train and Coach Travel 69. An intelligent immigration policy 70. Leaving School at 16 71. Disinterested musings on formal scholarships 72. The asylum 73. Black police quotas 74. Hijjab - Religious dress code 75. Whatever Happened to the UK 76. Gibraltar & British Rule 77. The foreign worker and economic prosperity 78. English Classical Writers 79. Posted on: May 23 2004 The Moon and Sixpence and A Thing of Beauty Do I miss the old comics? 80. The varied reading 81. Smacking Children 82. When the Princess died 83. Séance 84. Cricket’s thread 85. Britain Really Did Rule The Waves 86. Business Process Outsourcing 87. Financing the Royal Family 88. Will Saddam have a fair trial? 89. Now, what might happen in Iraq? 90. Hindi Movies 91. Royal Navy sailors arrested by Iran! 92. Non-English social systems in English societies 93. The compulsions of Robert Clive 94. Achieving equality with the English, By going up or by bringing down? 95. The impending suffocation 96. The tragedy of being Saddam Hussein 97. Muthappan 98. The Timer, the Knell, the Codes, the Encryption 99. Quality of knowledge 100. Macaulay and Bollywood, Dispeller and distributors of poison 101. Multicultural contributions, how much can we withstand 102. Envisaging the future, Enlarging on Evansthespy’s misgivings 103. If I were 104. Virginia University Campus shooting 105. Can someone please explain, UK doctors working abroad 106. Gandhi and his ‘Ji’, Grooming up of a fake

Paperback Quarterly (Vol. 1 No. 1) Spring 1978

Author: Charlotte Laughlin

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 48

View: 779

Paperback Quarterly, A Journal for Paperback Collectors, Volume 1 Number 1, Spring 1978, contains: "Paperback Originals," by Bill Crider, "The PQ Interview with Harry Whittington," "A Conversation with the de Camps," by Charlotte Laughlin, "New Book Released About Robert E Howard," reviewed by Tevis Clyde Smith, and "Cumulative Paperback Index 1939-1959: A Closer Look."

Fancies and Goodnights Vol 1

Author: John Collier

Publisher: eNet Press




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This collection of John Collier short stories won the International Fantasy Award in 1951. His fantastic ability to mix satire with thought provoking 'what ifs' is clearly seen in this compilation of thirty-two short stories.

The World's Strongest Rearguard: Labyrinth Country's Novice Seeker (light novel)

Author: Tôwa,

Publisher: Yen Press LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 203

After living life as a corporate lapdog, Arihito is reborn in a fantasy world. Strangely, the class he's assigned is the very ambiguously titled Rearguard. It seems weird, but Arihito soon figures out that though it isn't flashy, he's gained the ability to do just about everything in battle, from assisting attacking and defending to healing! As he begins his new life, he quickly gathers curious companions: his old supervisor who's younger than he is, a mysterious demi-human mercenary girl, and a gorgeous high-level swordswoman. With this bevvy of interesting ladies in his party, his journey as the greatest supporter that's ever lived!

Ten Stinky Stories: Vol. 1 (ePub)

Author: Donald Rump

Publisher: Donald Rump


Category: Humor

Page: 120

View: 567

Celebrating the best of fart fiction, Donald Rump weaves together ten flatulent tales of love, betrayal, flesh-eating cannibals, and everyone's favorite green gas, that are sure to blow you away. Intended for mature (and not so mature) audiences. Over 100 pages (approximately 32,000 words). BOTTLING FARTS Could the greatest power… The path to riches beyond our wildest imagination… The key to reaching the highest level of spiritual awareness and happiness… …be obtained by bottling farts??? THE CHAPPED-ASS CRITIC Zack Pimpton's ass never felt worse, and it doesn't help that his doctor is a part time comedian. Unfortunately, Zack is quite the bastard himself and accidentally says the wrong thing that causes the mild-mannered doctor to snap. GOING DUTCH Barnabus Prim has reached the end of his rope. Drowning in debt and married to an obnoxious wife who can't stand the sight of him, he decides to do the unthinkable. But finding a way to the afterlife proves more difficult than he imagined. MARRIAGE STINKS Mackelroy Puggsley thought he'd heard everything until an odd man named Bilby Bloob shows up in the DMV lobby one morning. When Bilby demands a marriage license for his gassy wife, the old man puts his foot down. Sure, it's one thing to marry your high school sweetheart, but a fart? Who in the world marries farts? GASTROINTESTINAL BLUES Since leaving his posh position at the Department of Motor Vehicles, Mackelroy Puggsley thought he'd smelled the last psychotic fart that nearly killed him. But in his new role as a psychologist, he quickly realizes that the problem is more widespread than he thought. Will a crazed client and his two gassy brides prevent the old man from getting one last piece of nookie before he dies? Or will Mackelroy talk his way out of another hazardous situation and live to see another hair pie? THE WOULD BE ASTRONAUT Hank Larmspitz has a plan. Well, sort of. He's going to be the first man on the moon, dagnabbit, and he's going to do it without the aid of a space suit or even a space ship. THE $500 QUESTION Perkins Deadwood can't believe his ears. His twelve-year-old son just asked for a pet fart for Christmas. And not just any fart, a Spanish fart. Hay caramba! Can the used car salesman talk his son out of it? Or is this Christmas really going to stink? FINDING FLOOFY When a man falls head over heels for a murderous fart, he has difficulty coping with her mysterious departure. Was it something he said? Something he did? Was his penis too small? None of it makes any sense. "I will find you, my darling Floofy. Even if it's the last thing I do!" TILL DEATH DO US FART Helen Hubbard's fears have finally been confirmed. During brunch one morning in her favorite restaurant, her husband Gary confesses to cheating on her, and is ready to leave at a moment's notice. When she pries deeper into the matter, she discovers more about his mysterious lover Muffy than she cares to know. “So you’re leaving me for a fart???” Helen exclaimed. WEEKEND GETAWAY When Martin Dollop and Arthur Bodine set off for a romantic vacation in the islands, they have no idea what they're in for. Now rotting away in a Mexican jail cell, it appears that they've reached the end of their rope. Even the pinche guard won't do them the honor of putting a bullet in their heads, and offers each a shot of poison to end their suffering. Will the two lovebirds cash in on their free weekend getaway and make things right between them? Or will the doomed couple kill each other in the process? BONUS! Also includes the bonus story I Am Fart.

Black Theatre USA Revised and Expanded Edition, Vol. 1

Plays by African Americans From 1847 to Today

Author: Ted Shine

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Drama

Page: 916

View: 950

A collection of 51 plays that features previously unpublished works, contemporary plays by women, and the modern classics.

Nice Girl Does Noir -- Vol. 1 (Intro by William Kent Krueger)

Author: Libby Fischer Hellmann

Publisher: Libby Fischer Hellmann


Category: Fiction


View: 127

Short stories are the poetry of prose. They are precise, cut to the bone, every word a necessity. Libby Fischer Hellmann has the hand of a master. The stories in this collection have all been published previously. They’re unified by the presence of two women: Ellie Foreman and Georgia Davis. Libby is a nice girl, but I guarantee these stories will take you places nice people don't go.

Erica's Lesbian Love Stores Vol. 1

Author: Erica Crooks

Publisher: Erica Crooks


Category: Fiction

Page: 71

View: 848

From Erica Crooks the satirical mastermind behind The Eric Crooks Show and webmaster behind comes a collection of short romantic Lesbian love stores from Butch and Femme couples, Butch and Transwoman Femme and even Femme and Femme couples.