Rail Map Europe 2015

Icon Illustrated Railway Map of Europe perfect for Interrail and Eurail pass holders

Author: Caty Ross

Publisher: Solitaire Contracts Ltd


Category: Transportation


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Explore the whole European railway network with the full color and icon illustrated RailMap of Europe. Included: - Index with Country flag and RailMap pages - Detailed explanation of RailMap legend and what to look out for on RailMap. - Easily identified High speed routes - Main railway lines (seat res usually required) and local lines - Green highlighted and easy to identify scenic routes - Ski resorts and summer hiking destinations - Ports and popular ferry routes - Stations with shower facilities - National parks and areas of outstanding beauty - Cities and towns with airports - Sandy beaches and stunning coastlines - Major inland lakes Top tourist destinations and major transport hubs are highlighted. These towns and cities also correspond to the RailPass Planning PC App tool’s interactive locations that when activated display Day and Night Train connections which can then be selected to create a route. Also included is instructions for how to receive a complete PDF of RailMap Europe and password for the Interactive RailPass Planning tool. This is an indispensable travel guide for anyone who is using the railway of Europe, Turkey and North Africa and especially useful for Interrail and Eurail pass holders.

Europe by Eurail 2015

Touring Europe by Train

Author: Laverne Ferguson-Kosinski

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Travel

Page: 584

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Europe by Eurail has been the train traveler’s one-stop source for visiting Europe’s cities and countries by rail for more than thirty years. Newly revised and updated, this comprehensive guide provides the latest information on fares, schedules, and pass options, as well as detailed information on more than one hundred specific rail excursions. Inside is all the information you need to visit historic cities, romantic villages, and scenic hamlets on more than ninety rail trips starting from your choice of twenty-eight base cities located in twenty countries. Three sample rail-tour itineraries combine several base cities and day excursions into fifteen-day rail-tour packages complete with hotel recommendations and sightseeing options. . Packed with practical information, step-by-step directions and advice on where to go and what to see and do, and complemented by the inclusion of twenty maps, this book takes the puzzle out of European Rail Travel.

Railpass Railmap Europe 2015

Icon Illustrated Railway Atlas of Europe, Turkey and Morocco Designed for Interrail and Eurail Pass Holders

Author: Caty Ross




Page: 62

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Welcome to RailPass RailMap Europe 2015 - Updated and revised third edition Explore the whole European railway network with the bright full color and icon illustrated RailMap of Europe. Updated and revised 3rd edition has additional detailed maps of central Belgium (including Brussels), central Paris, London and links to major airports, Central Switzerland (including Zurich) and central Berlin. Buyer Please Be Aware If you are looking to purchase a detailed railway map of Europe which displays all the station stops and are a professional railway enthusiast then please note that RailPass RailMap 2015 (all editions) have been specifically designed with the Global RailPass holder in mind. You will be disappointed if you want a completely definitive network guide and aesthetically pleasing curvy line artwork. RailPass RailMap is all about enabling the reader to navigate around the network in an easy to read, easy to understand, easy to pack format (i.e. can be folded in half) and full colour durable quality paper and laminated gloss cover (i.e. most large printed folding maps quickly suffer from tearing). RailPass RailMap 2015 is absolutely designed with the backpacker in mind. The large square paperback format enables large spreads which have the look and feel of a folded map with many duplications so you can easily follow the network across the spreads. All the top tourist destination, cities and major towns on the network are highlights in large bold print and RailMap is designed to provide a generalized and schematic representation of the Railway network so the reader can quickly locate the best routes to their chosen destinations. Included: - Easy to understand Index with Country flag and RailMap pages - Detailed explanation of RailMap legend and what to look out for on RailMap - Easily identified High speed routes (bright Orange). E.g. TVG, Eurostar, Thalys which always require additional supplements - Main railway lines (seat reservation is usually required) - Majority of local lines (where no reservation is required) - Bright green highlighted and easy to identify scenic routes for the whole network so you can choose the most interesting and awesome routes - Bus routes (pink lines) where the train network is in repair or is seasonal etc. - Popular Ski resorts and summer hiking destinations - Ports and popular ferry routes - Train stations with shower facilities - National parks and areas of outstanding beauty - Sandy beaches and stunning coastlines - Mountain ranges and major inland lakes - Major Budget Airports (with accompanying airport codes) All the major network connections, intersections and junctions are easy to follow to enable you to quickly get to your chosen destinations. RailPass Planning Apps Included in your purchase is access to the RailPass Planning PC App tool. This PC app is an essential aid to planning a RailPass and provides instant access to the complete Night Train network, interactive route planning and 100's of pre-created routes to enable you to see just what is possible. The paperback RailMap is generated via this tool so you will instantly feel at home using the App. Also part of your purchase is the complete PDF of RailPass RailMap. This is an indispensable travel guide designed by a backpacker for other backpackers who are going to be extensively using the entire railway of Europe, Turkey and North Africa and especially useful for Global Interrail and Eurail pass holders.

Rail Economics, Policy and Regulation in Europe

Author: Matthias Finger

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing


Category: Transportation

Page: 400

View: 911

The European railway sector has undergone profound and predominantly institutional changes over the past 20 years, due to the initiatives of the European Commission. This book constitutes a first systematic assessment and account of the recent transformations of the industry along a series of critical yet contentious issues such as competition, unbundling, regulation, access charging, standards and interoperability, and public–private partnerships. It also covers the main railways sectors including passenger transport, high speed and freight.

Railway Research

Selected Topics on Development, Safety and Technology

Author: Krzysztof Zboinski

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand


Category: Transportation

Page: 206

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This book focuses on selected research problems of contemporary railways. The first chapter is devoted to the prediction of railways development in the nearest future. The second chapter discusses safety and security problems in general, precisely from the system point of view. In the third chapter, both the general approach and a particular case study of a critical incident with regard to railway safety are presented. In the fourth chapter, the question of railway infrastructure studies is presented, which is devoted to track superstructure. In the fifth chapter, the modern system for the technical condition monitoring of railway tracks is discussed. The compact on-board sensing device is presented. The last chapter focuses on modeling railway vehicle dynamics using numerical simulation, where the dynamical models are exploited.

Growth of the International Economy, 1820-2015

Author: Michael Graff

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 374

View: 983

Kenwood and Lougheed’s classic book has been the benchmark introduction to the development of the global economy for decades. For this fifth edition, Michael Graff has brought the story up to date to include events from the early part of the twenty first century – continued globalization, the emergence of Asia as an economic power and the greater role played by business on the international scene. Beginning with the industrial revolution, the book charts the long nineteenth century, the impact of colonialism, the fast pace of technology growth and the impact of global wars. New features to this edition include: a prologue explaining the initial conditions faced by the world economy in 1820, detailing the beginnings of international trade and the influence of slavery greater coverage of developing countries increased coverage of World Wars I and II and of the twentieth century a number of appendices outlining the economic concepts and theories underlying the text This new edition of Growth of the International Economy provides the reader with a clear understanding of the factors which have been instrumental in creating the economic environment we face two hundred years after the industrial revolution.

The European Commission's 4th Railway Package

Twelfth Report of Session 2012-13, Vol. 1: Report, Together with Formal Minutes, Oral and Written Evidence

Author: Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Transport Committee

Publisher: The Stationery Office


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 58

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The Transport Committee broadly welcomes the European Commission's 4th Railway Package but believes it focuses too much on liberalising the railway in domestic markets at the expense of important measures to improve cross-border freight and passenger services. The Committee recommends the UK Government should actively negotiate to ensure: joint working between Network Rail and train operators is not prohibited or unduly restricted; metro and light rail systems are not affected by the proposals to separate infrastructure and service operators; the UK's arrangements for letting train franchises are not challenged. In addition, MPs are concerned about: governance arrangements for Eurotunnel; the maximum annual threshold proposed for rail franchises, which could prevent UK companies bidding for work in other EU countries; and the possibility that the EU may become responsible for specifying the content of public transport plans: these should remain the responsibility of national or local governments.

Great Continental Railway Journeys

Author: Michael Portillo

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Travel

Page: 256

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Great Continental Railway Journeysis now a firmly established series on BBC2, following in the illustrious tracks of its predecessor - Great British Railway Journeys. Both series are fronted by ex-politician Michael Portillo and in this European odyssey he travels around continental Europe, using George Bradshaw's1913 Continental Railway Guide. Now coming up for its fourth instalment this autumn, Portillo guides the train-travelling fan across Europe arriving at a myriad of magical and historically fascinating cities we all dream of travelling to by train. From London, to Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Copenhagen, Oslo, Lisbon, Madrid, Berlin, Monte Carlo, Prague, Munich, Zurich, Rome, Budapest, St Petersburg; all the way down to Constantinople, Haifa and Jerusalem - Portillo describes the great feats of engineering that built the various railway lines connecting Europe and further afield and the men and women who made these journeys famous through their deeds and words. The new series (6x1-hour) will transmit in early November 2015, and this book will be the official, lavishly illustrated tie-in covering every single journey Portillo has undertaken across Europe. Capturing all the colour, beauty, excitement and fervour of journeying across this historic continent can muster. A must-have purchase for any armchair fan of unique and award-winning travel programming.