Ethiopian Amharic Phrasebook 2nd Edition

Author: Tilahun Kebede



Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 268

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This book contains essential words and phrases for effective communication with local people. There is a helpful punctuation guide and all words are given in relevant script where applicable. Includes phrases for shops and restaurants.

Ethiopian Amharic Phrasebook

Author: Tilahun Kebede

Publisher: Lonely Planet


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 268

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This book contains essential words and phrases for effective communication with local people. There is a helpful punctuation guide and all words are given in relevant script where applicable. Includes phrases for shops and restaurants.

Songs We Learn from Trees

An Anthology of Ethiopian Amharic Poetry

Author: Chris Beckett

Publisher: Carcanet Press Ltd


Category: Poetry

Page: 304

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This is the very first anthology of Ethiopian poetry in English, packed with all the energy, wit and heartache of a beautiful country and language. From folk and religious poems, warrior boasts, praises of women and kings and modern plumbing; through a flowering of literary poets in the twentieth century; right up to thirty of the most exciting contemporary Amharic poets working both inside and outside the country. These poems ask what it means to be Ethiopian today, part of a young fast-growing economy, heirs to the one African state which was never colonised, but beset by deep political, ethnic and moral problems.

Ethiopian literature (in amharic)


Author: Balashova, G.A.

Publisher: MeaBooks Inc


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 228

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The Reader includes sample works of modern writers starting with the first story by Afewerk Ghebre Jesus written in 1908 up to the writings of the early 2000s, which continue Amharic literature in various genres. The Chrestomathy is supplemented with linguistic and cultural comments of lexical, grammatical and ethno-cultural nature. Short biographies of the writers are included. Ethiopian literature is justly considered young, though it is based on a very old cultural foundation. Its major benefit is the focus on an individual person displaying moral integrity and unity with the environment.

Amharic and Ethiopic Onomastics

A Classic Ethiopian Legacy, Concept and Ingenuity

Author: Elias Yemane



Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 300

View: 325

A native Ethiopian with a background in architecture and theology now living in the US, Yemane introduces Ethiopian culture, traditions, and customs in which the Ethiopic and Amharic naming system are among the most important elements. He analyzes the psychology, philosophy, and theology of Christian Ethiopia, and discusses the internal and externa

The Beta Israel in Ethiopia and Israel

Studies on the Ethiopian Jews

Author: Tudor Parfitt

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 320

View: 200

For decade the Falashas - the Black Jews of Ethiopia - have fascinated scholars. Are they really Jews and in what sense? How can their origins be explained? Since the Falashas' transfer to Israel in the much publicised Israeli air lifts the fascination has continued and and new factors are now being discussed. Written by the leading scholars in the field the essays in this collection examine the history, music, art, anthropology and current situations of the Ethopian Jews. Issues examined include their integration into Middle Eastern society, contacts between the Falasha and the State of Israel how the Falasha became Jews in the first place.

The History of Ethiopia

Author: Saheed A. Adejumobi

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: History

Page: 219

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This up-to-date historical narrative traces Ethiopia's history from antiquity to the present day.

Ethiopia and the United States

History, Diplomacy, and Analysis

Author: Getachew Metaferia

Publisher: Algora Publishing


Category: History

Page: 208

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Annotation For over a century Ethiopia and the United States have been engaged in meandering diplomatic relations influenced by major official actors, domestic politics, and world conditions. Based on archival and declassified government documents, interviews, and translations of works in Amharic, Professor Getachew Metaferia has provided a balanced, detailed analysis of the diplomatic history of Ethiopia, Africa's longest-enduring independent nation, and its frequent benefactor from the New World.

Colloquial Amharic

A Complete Course for Beginners

Author: David L. Appleyard

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 373

View: 146

Colloquial Amharic is easy to use and completely up to date! Specially written by experienced teachers for self study or class use, the course offers you a step by step approach to written and spoken Amharic. No prior knowledge of the language is required. What makes this new edition of Colloquial Amharic your best choice in personal language learning? Interactive--lots of exercises for regular practice Clear--concise grammar notes Practical--useful vocabulary and pronunciation guide Complete--including answer key and reference section Whether you're a business traveller, or about to take up a daring challenge in adventure tourism; you may be studying to teach or even looking forward to a holiday--if you'd like to get up and running with Amharic, this rewarding course will take you from complete beginner to confidently putting your language skills to use in a wide range of everyday situations. Accompanying audio material is available to purchase separately on two CDs or in MP3 format, or comes included in the great value Colloquial Amharic paperback and CDS complete course. Recorded by native speakers, the audio material complements the book and will help develop your listening and pronunciation skills.

Proceedings of the XVth International Conference of Ethiopian Studies, Hamburg, July 20-25, 2003

Author: Siegbert Uhlig

Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz Verlag


Category: History

Page: 1110

View: 561

The XVth International Conference of Ethiopian Studies took place in Hamburg in July 2003. More than 400 scientists from over 25 countries participated. 130 contributions from the program were selected for this volume. They are mostly written in English and deal on the regions of Ethiopia and Eritrea and cover the span from the 4th Century to the present. The volume is divided into the following chapters: Anthropology (20 Articles), History (25), Arts (10), Literature and Philology (10), Religion (5), Languages and Linguistics (25), Law and Politics (10), Environmental, Economic and Educational Issues (10).

Literatures in African Languages

Theoretical Issues and Sample Surveys

Author: B. W. Andrzejewski

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 672

View: 495

Although African literatures in English and French are widely known outside Africa, those in the African languages themselves have not received comparable attention. In this book a number have been selected for survey by fourteen specialist writers, providing the reader with an introduction to this very wide field and a body of reference material which includes extensive bibliographies and biographical information on African authors. Theoretical issues such as genre divisions are discussed in the essays and the historical, social and political forces at work in the creation and reception of African literature are examined. Literature is treated as an art whose medium is language, so that both the oral and written forms are encompassed. This book will be of value not only to readers concerned with the cultures of Africa but to all those with an interest in the literary phenomena of the world in general.


Everyday Ethiopian Life in Amharic and English

Author: Ready Set Go Books

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 36

View: 706

Help your young bilingual reader learn to read Amharic with this beautifully illustrated picture book about how Ethiopians work and rest. From the bustling city markets to dusty country roads, there is always work to be done or shared. Side by side text in English and Amharic support young learners of indigenous Ethiopian languages. Colorful watercolor illustrations bring the people of Ethiopia to life with rich details and supportive context. Part of the Ready, Set, Go! series of early readers. Ready Set Go Books, an Open Hearts Big Dreams Project, is focused on increasing the literacy rate in Ethiopia through giving readers books with stories in their heart languages, full of colorful illustrations with Ethiopian settings and details. Profits from books sales will be used to create, print, and distribute more Ready Set Go Books to kids in Ethiopia, Africa's second most populous country. Ethiopia's population is 44% children, ages 0-14 (43 million out of 97 million total). Only 5.5% of children attend pre-school or kindergarten, and the adult literacy rate is 49%. Our books are based on wise Ethiopian sayings that often rhyme in Amharic. If an adult says the first half, many children can chant the second half. Sometimes the meaning of these sayings is clear. Sometimes it has to be puzzled out and argued over. But sayings and idioms and proverbs help people express truths and beliefs in unusual ways. Open Hearts Big Dreams Fund (OHBD) is a 501(3)(c) not for profit organization that believes the chance to dream big dreams should not depend on where in the world you are born. Our focus is to support nonprofit organizations and their programs that provide literacy, K-12 education, and leadership as well as that support the parents and communities where the kids live, in Ethiopia.

English-Amharic Context Dictionary

Author: Wolf Leslau

Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz Verlag


Category: English language

Page: 1503

View: 425

Engelsk-amharisk ordbog. De engelske ords betydning forklares ved hjælp af eksempler, hvor de optræder i hele sætninger