Escaping the Lockdown Cookbook

Prepare to Eat Well When Pandemic Strikes

Author: Martha Stone




Page: 92

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The current epidemic lockdown has made shopping for meals becomes difficult. Shoppers are frustrated because they can't find many of the items they need. It's frustrating. Of course, keep in mind that it's not only viruses that force us indoors. Having a newborn or illness can create lockdown situations for all of us. That's when you need the Escaping the Lockdown Cookbook. It is filled with recipes that can be frozen, easy meals using ramen noodles, any meals that need just a few normal pantry items. You'll even find delicious desserts when you crave something sweet. Keep in mind all the substitution possibilities. Instead of heavy cream, use canned coconut milk. The trick is to stock up on essentials. While ordinarily, you undoubtedly take pride in subtle flavor combinations and ingredients, when on lockdown, you want delicious and easy. You can readily prepare superb meals using canned ingredients and then freeze them. Begin to stock up on canned goods, and other essentials, such as pasta and rice, now, and your family will eat well and hearty when you use the recipes in this Escaping the Lockdown Cookbook.

Bash Cookbook

Solutions and Examples for Bash Users

Author: Carl Albing

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."


Category: Computers

Page: 726

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For system administrators, programmers, and end users, shell command or carefully crafted shell script can save you time and effort, or facilitate consistency and repeatability for a variety of common tasks. This cookbook provides more than 300 practical recipes for using bash, the popular Unix shell that enables you to harness and customize the power of any Unix or Linux system. Ideal for new and experienced users alike—including proficient Windows users and sysadmins—this updated second edition helps you solve a wide range of problems. You’ll learn ways to handle input/output, file manipulation, program execution, administrative tasks, and many other challenges. Each recipe includes one or more scripting examples and a discussion of why the solution works. You’ll find recipes for problems including: Standard output and input, and executing commands Shell variables, shell logic, and arithmetic Intermediate shell tools and advanced scripting Searching for files with find, locate, and slocate Working with dates and times Creating shell scripts for various end-user tasks Working with tasks that require parsing Writing secure shell scripts Configuring and customizing bash

Love Lockdown

Author: Mia Edwards

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin


Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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Tiffany has vowed to get revenge on her half-sister and her boyfriend for killing her father Shon and her long-time lover Saliq. But first, Tiffany has to stay low until the dust settles. Tired of being slept on and disrespected, she meets Rasheeda, one of her father's former associates, who is also one of the baddest women in the streets. Rasheeda not only runs an elite escort service and a hot nightclub on the Virginia Beach strip, but she's also one of the major cocaine distributors in the Mid-Atlantic. Rasheeda takes Tiffany under her wing and introduces her to the side of the game that Shon had never revealed to his daughter. Soon Tiffany reconnects with more of her father's former associates, settles old debts and rebuilds her father's drug reign in Virginia. Her reach soon spreads to Charlotte and Memphis. But Tiffany won't be happy until she finds Kanika and Tyrell. There are people who are willing to help Tiffany seek the just revenge that she's been craving for years.

Christmas Spirit

Author: Rebecca York

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Dead bodies. Mysterious gunmen. Eerie voices rising from the mist. When Chelsea Caldwell returned to run her aunt's B & B in Jenkins Cove, she hadn't counted on being swept into a strange and frightening mystery. Something was wrong in the old Victorian house—and it started with the arrival of one guest: Michael Bryant. Michael shadowed her, probed her past and turned up at the deadliest moments. But Chelsea couldn't resist his sexy swagger and dark good looks. Though Michael promised to protect her, she sensed that he had secrets…dark secrets that could get her killed.





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Forthcoming Books

Author: Rose Arny



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