The Enlightened Gardener

Author: Sydney Banks

Publisher: Publishing Partners




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The classic parable of self-knowledge, now in paperback! Beset by daily life's trials and tribulations, many people search for the elusive wisdom that will help them make sense of their journey and find inner peace. So, too, do the characters in this wonderful story by Sydney Banks. In this simple but profound tale, four colleagues meet a remarkable gardener whose unique philosophy will forever change their lives. That philosophy is equally powerful for the reader. The wisdom within these pages comes in the form of a straightforward message that is accessible to all who open their hearts to it. In the tradition of Wayne Dyer's Gifts from Eykis or Dan Millman's Laws of the Spirit, Sydney Banks uses the format of a parable to impart essential psychological truths. First paperback edition of the work originally published in hardcover in 2001, 978-1-55105-298-4.

The Enlightened Gardener Revisited

A Novel

Author: Sydney Banks

Publisher: Publishing Partners




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Author and philosopher Sydney Banks once again brings to life his wise and simple gardener as a voice through which Banks presents more implications of the Three Principles that create human reality, calling on us to realize that to fully understand the Principles is to liberate one's spirit. In this sequel to Sydney Banks book The Enlightened Gardener, two colleagues return to England to meet once again with the remarkable gardener whose simple yet profound philosophy made such a difference to their lives. Their questions and the gardener s inspiring answers help the reader gain a deeper understanding of the message of wisdom and hope presented by the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. First paperback edition; originally published in hardcover in 2006, 978-1-55105-158-1."

The Sciences in Enlightened Europe

Author: William Clark

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Category: History

Page: 566

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This text explores the complex relations between "enlightened" values and the making of scientific knowledge. Here monsters and automata, barometers and botanical gardens, polite academies and boisterous clubs are all given their due place in the landscape of enlightened Europe. The contributors examine the production of new disciplines through work with instruments and techniques; consider how institutions of public taste and conversation helped provide a common frame for the study of human and nonhuman natures; and explore the regional operations of scientific culture at the geographical fringes of Europe.

Enlightened Zeal

The Hudson's Bay Company and Scientific Networks, 1670-1870

Author: Theodore Binnema

Publisher: University of Toronto Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 488

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Enlightened Zeal examines the fascinating history of the Hudson’s Bay Company’s involvement in scientific networks during the company’s two-hundred year chartered monopoly. Working from the company’s voluminous records, Ted Binnema demonstrates the significance of science in the company’s corporate strategies. Initially highly secretive about all of its activities, the HBC was by 1870 an exceptionally generous patron of science. Aware of the ways that a commitment to scientific research could burnish its corporate reputation, the company participated in intricate symbiotic networks that linked the HBC as a corporation with individuals and scientific organizations in England, Scotland, and the United States. The pursuit of scientific knowledge could bring wealth and influence, along with tribute, fame, and renown, but science also brought less tangible benefits: adventure, health, happiness, male companionship, self-improvement, or a sense of meaning. The first study of scientific research in any chartered company over the entire course of its monopoly, Enlightened Zeal expands our understanding of social networks in science, establishes the vast scope of the HBC’s contribution to public knowledge, and will inspire new research into the history of science in other chartered monopolies.

The Enlightened Bracketologist

The Final Four of Everything

Author: Mark Reiter

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA


Category: Social Science

Page: 102

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Employing a system of brackets used in sports, this light-hearted study looks at some of popular culture's most baffling questions on topics ranging from popular songs and cookbooks to French phrases and wine.

Becoming Human

The Story of You and Me and How We Came To Be

Author: Annie Laurie Holmes

Publisher: FriesenPress


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 94

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Who are you? Where did you come from? Is there life after death? Do you have a soul? These are the questions humans have been pondering since recorded time. This Spiritual Story speaks to these questions, and you will soon be witness to an intimate and internal journey of a young soul named Iriel, and the many lives she has lived over hundreds of years on this earthly plane. Whether you are a believer or not, she speaks to a spiritual truth that is at it's core the very essence of what being human is all about. She asks you to enter this story with the eyes and heart of a small child, and to listen to the feeling inside, and not what your intellect thinks it knows. it will touch you in ways you never dreamed possible and give you back hope for a life that can be lived with love, light, laughter, and knowledge, that this is not all there is, as life does continue after death. Parents read this story first before you share it with your children, as it deals with the topics of dying. Be open to the impossible being possible.

The Enlightened Nuns of the Buddha Era

Author: Panadurē Vajirā (Silmātāva.)



Category: Buddhist nuns

Page: 263

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Recounts the life stories of seventy five Buddhist nuns.