English Grammar for Students of Japanese

The Study Guide for Those Learning Japanese

Author: Mutsuko Endo Hudson

Publisher: The Olivia and Hill Press


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 204

View: 265

Explains the basic terminology and concepts of English grammar, focusing on material which will most benefit students of Japanese.

English Grammar for Students of Spanish

The Study Guide for Those Learning Spanish

Author: Emily Spinelli

Publisher: The Olivia and Hill Press


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 192

View: 111

English Grammar for Students of Spanish. The study guide for those learning Spanish.

Fundamentals of Japanese grammar

comprehensive acquisition

Author: Yuki Johnson

Publisher: Univ of Hawaii Pr


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 399

View: 255

This extensive and thorough explanation of crucial Japanese grammar in English is the culmination of years of teaching and research. Informed by the work of eminent linguist Susumu Kuno, Fundamentals of Japanese Grammar is designed for students who have studied basic Japanese grammar and wish to better organize their knowledge and expand it in greater depth and at a higher level. Its organization presents a holistic picture of Japanese grammar for the benefit of learners and is distinctive in that grammar items are reorganized in terms of specific grammatical categories, such as particles, te-form compounds, dictionary-form compounds, stem-form compounds, passive constructions, conditional sentences, and so forth. The author offers a thorough discussion of various pragmatic constraints illustrated with sample sentences, dialogues, and essays that aid in understanding the structure and use of the language from a cultural perspective. Given its comprehensive treatment, this accessible grammar will appeal to anyone involved or interested in the Japanese language. It will be especially effective as a text in courses on Japanese linguistics and pedagogical syntax and a valuable source of Japanese grammar for linguists and educators as well as researchers in Japan-related fields.

Making Sense of Japanese Grammar

A Clear Guide Through Common Problems

Author: Zeljko Cipris

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 199

View: 490

Making Sense of Japanese Grammar explains in a lively and highly informative manner basic principles that underlie a wide range of phenomena in Japanese. Students--irrespective of proficiency level and linguistic training--will find clarification on matters of grammar that often seem idiosyncratic and Japanese-specific, such as avoiding the use of certain pronouns, employing the same word order for questions, hidden subjects, polite and direct forms. This volume may be used as a supplementary classroom reading or a helpful reference for students of all levels. Both students and instructors, even those trained in linguistics, will find its accessible explanations of grammatical concepts helpful

All-Romanized English Japanese Dictionary

Author: Hyojun Romaji Kai

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 732

View: 314

Provides a collection of definitions in romanized Japanese along with grammatical rules.

Japanese for Teens

Author: J.R. Maroney

Publisher: Lulu.com



Page: 138

View: 843

This workbook is for beginners and makes learning Japanese fun. It has been created specifically for young adults whose native language is English. Each lesson consists of three sections: Vocabulary, Grammar, and Practice. Emphasis is placed on contemporary Japanese including frequently used Manga and Anime phrases. Japanese for Teens can be used as the primary teaching text or as a supplement to other texts. Initially, students are expected to learn the basic 46 hiragana characters before starting lesson one. Associations to help them learn the hiragana are included. Students are given a chance to learn contemporary vocabulary at the start of each lesson. Furthermore, students have fun with the material by creating Manga stories in each lesson. Because students are encouraged to write in the book we do not recommend buying used versions. Note: Although part of cover may appear blurry in Lulu's preview, the actual printed product has no issues.

Japanese Grammar

Author: Nobuo Akiyama

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 241

View: 104

A methodical presentation of the elements of Japanese grammar, and usage make this book ideal for both those beginning their language study and those reviewing the Japanese they've already learned. Pronunciation, word order, sentence structure, and parts of speech are reviewed; idiomatic phrases, numbers, days, months, lists of synonyms and antonyms, and verb charts are included.

A First Course in Japanese

Author: Fudeko Obazawa Reekie

Publisher: Pascal Press


Category: Japanese language

Page: 384

View: 373

A textbook specifically for students beginning the study of Japanese in the last two years of high school and based on the new syllabus published in 2006.