Engine Out Survival Tactics

Fighter Pilot Tactics for General Aviation Engine Loss Emergencies

Author: Nate Jaros

Publisher: Bookbaby


Category: Transportation

Page: 244

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Are you prepared to handle an engine loss event in your single engine piston aircraft? Are you current and trained in all aspects of the General Aviation engine loss situation? What is your best glide speed, best glide ratio? Do you know where High Key is? Did you know that about 30% of all General Aviation single engine aircraft crashes are the result of a mechanical engine failure? Are you prepared? Seriously...are you ready? Engine Out Survival Tactics is a book for single engine General Aviation pilots, Certified Flight Instructors, and Flight Schools and will teach you advanced engine loss recovery techniques from the unique prospective of a US Air Force Fighter Pilot and Test Pilot. This book will take your knowledge and preparedness to the next level! With advanced discussions on glide ratios, emergency procedures, critical action checklist steps, landing site selection, the gear up or down debate, and military style overhead and straight-in engine out landing procedures, Engine Out Survival Tactics takes your knowledge and training to a higher level that has never before been taught to General Aviation pilots. There is also an excellent overview of engine loss training and options when in Instrument Meteorological Conditions as well ways to use your modern engine monitor to identify a pending engine loss event. Engine Out Survival Tactics also include real life engine loss stories from real pilots. Hear what happened to them, and how they survived! If you are uncertain about your ability to safely recover your single engine aircraft, in any situation, and SURVIVE...then this is the book for you. Learn the tactics that can save your life!

The Military Science of Star Wars

Author: George Beahm

Publisher: Tor Books


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 320

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George Beahm, a former U.S. Army major, draws on his experience to discuss the military science of the sprawling Star Wars universe: its personnel, weapons, technology, tactics and strategy, including an analysis of its key battles to explain how the outmanned and outgunned rebels ultimately prevailed against overwhelming forces. Contrasting the military doctrine of the real world with the fictional world of Star Wars, the author constructively criticizes the military strengths and weaknesses of Darth Vader’s Galactic Empire and Kylo Ren’s First Order... From Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) to Rogue One (2016), this timely book demystifies the operational arts in an accessible and entertaining way for military personnel and civilians. Replete with a glossary of military terms, this book is supplemented with an annotated bibliography. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Winter Survival Tactics - Necessary Items For Your Vehicle

Author: Dueep Jyot Singh

Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books


Category: Reference

Page: 63

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Table of Contents Introduction Equipment for Building Fires Making Your Own Char- Cloth Up to date paper maps Food and Water Easy to Make High-Calorie Granola Bars Dried Meat Pemmican Extra Batteries For Your Cell Phone Charger Weaponry Clothing Hypothermia Treatment Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction I was getting to be a bit sick and tired of all those idiotic escapist story so-called romantic novel theme lines, when a woman got into her car, got lost because she did not have a map, did not know how to read a map, and then she left her car and went off looking for shelter. And of course she found the house of her Prince charming, deep in the woods. Please understand that authors write such stupid books, because their publishers want them to write such unrealistic books. And nowadays, there is a trend of an expectant mother, going off in the snow, – naturally, she is a single mother, – and she has to reach her destination, in the snow, and naturally on page 2, there she is, the stupid wench, stuck in the snow and the ice. Any person who has two go out in the cold weather, especially when it is snowing is going to get stuck 88% of the time and this silly female is going to die of exposure/hypothermia. But this being an utterly brainless B grade novel, she gets out of her car and staggers out, only to faint at the door of a multimillionaire Sheriff/cowboy/business tycoon/Arab Prince with American mother/tall dark and handsome and single or European royalty who is really going to be thrilled at the thought of marrying a single mother, who had a temporary relationship or one night stand with her boss/punk boyfriend/live in partner and bringing up somebody else’s baby, just because the mother is such a brainless but bosomy babe. And he is going to take her in, and she is going to have her baby in that cabin, without the help of a doctor, because all the lines are down, and both of them are going to live happily ever after. It says so on page 186, just before The End. Excuse me while I take some time out to gag. So, this book is for all of those who have to go out in the cold, willy-nilly, and not only are this good survival tactics, for the time when we are going to suffer from the nuclear winter, but also it is a complete guide of what you, man or woman, should have in your vehicle, when you are going out in hostile terrain. You may also find some real-life experiences, based on sometimes funny sometimes grim incidents, in a very interesting life, in the midst of a very outdoorsy type active family. You may find yourself a bit perplexed at these experiences but then they took place in other times, other climes and other lands. But they are real-life experiences and could happen to anybody.





Category: Aeronautics


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The naval aviation safety review.

The Dust Bowl to WWII

One Young Man’s Journey of Survival

Author: Captain Bob Norris

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 380

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Americans, who sacrificed everything, including their sons and daughters, in an effort to save the world from Germany and Japan during World War II, will forever be known as the Greatest Generation. In this historical novel by veteran Captain Bob Norris, Robert Elliot emerges as an iconic representative of the generation that helped the United States win the war and begin an unrivaled period of prosperity. Fleeing the environmental and economic devastation of the Dust Bowl; Elliot's family moves to the Alaskan frontier to carve out a new life as homesteaders. As a young man, he discovers his two loves: flying airplanes and his eventual bride, Dee. Everything changes for Elliot and for America, on Dec. 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. As a fighter pilot in the Army Air Corps, he engages the enemy; shooting down Japanese planes when his plane is shot down near Borneo, Elliot begins his greatest battle, the fight to survive captivity and return home to Dee. He only thought life in the Dust Bowl and Alaskan frontier were challenging. Being a prisoner of war and his escape is a trial unlike any other. An interesting and historically accurate account of life in the United States before and during WWII from the perspective of a kid growing up in the dust bowl to air combat in the Pacific. The young man then transitions to a fledgling airline business, while offering us a glimpse of what our parents endured in America when they were young. You feel like you were actually there during those earlier, difficult years! Well Done!

The Nautical Prepper

How to Equip and Survive on Your Bug Out Boat

Author: William E. Simpson

Publisher: Ulysses Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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The Engine Company

Author: John Salka

Publisher: Fire Engineering Books


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 180

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A nationally recognized author looks at both the similarities and differencesin the engine company operations practiced by fire departments throughout the'nited States. He discusses the equipment, staffing, and operations of enginecompany firefighters at structural fires and emergencies.

Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics

Author: John Norman

Publisher: PennWell Books


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 466

View: 417

Aimed at firefighters and fire officers, provides information on modern firefighting tactics.