Cine: 100 años de filosofía

Una introducción a la filosofía a través del análisis de películas

Author: Julio Cabrera

Publisher: Editorial GEDISA




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Julio Cabrera aúna en este libro sus dos grandes pasiones: el cine y la filosofía. En cada capítulo de este libro Cabrera analiza una o más películas elegidas cuidadosamente para reflexionar sobre una cuestión filosófica central. Aristóteles y los ladrones de bicicletas; Bacon y Steven Spielberg; Descartes y los fotógrafos indiscretos, Schopenhauer, Buñuel y Frank Capra; Nietzsche, Clint Eastwood y los asesinos por naturaleza; o Wittgenstein y el cine mudo son algunos de los ejercicios filocinematrográficos propuestos. Los comentarios de películas que el lector encontrará destacan aquellos puntos del filme que deben contribuir a la instauración de la experiencia vivida de un problema filosófico. Esta experiencia en sí es insustituible y nadie podrá tenerla por uno. Tan sólo señalo los lugares en donde el filme duele, en donde puede aprenderse alguna cosa padeciéndolo. Estamos ante el encuentro no programado y mutuamente esclarecedor entre una actividad milenaria del ser humano y uno de los más fascinantes lenguajes emergentes de los últimos tiempos: 100 años de imágenes tratando de representar 2.500 años de reflexión

Bond of Darkness

A Novel of Texas Vampires

Author: Diane Whiteside

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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National bestselling author Diane Whiteside delivers the third and final novel in her acclaimed Texas Vampires trilogy. Texas Ranger Stephanie “Steve” Reynolds knows all about vampires, since she has a demon lover of her own. For the past several years, Ethan Templeton has been helping her on cases when he wasn’t sharing her bed. But Steve, craving mortal motherhood, refused to get serious about the handsome vampire. Especially after she saw him kill a man she’d just arrested… Ethan loves Steve, but he thinks nothing can come of their passion. Even if he could convince her to share his immortal life, his vampire patron, Don Rafael Perez, would execute him for transforming her. But when the killer menaces Steve, Ethan realizes he has no choice except to risk everything. Will Steve agree to join a man she’s called murderer—or will she refuse her one chance at eternal life, lust, and love? From the Trade Paperback edition.

Feature Films, 1950-1959

A United States Filmography

Author: Alan G. Fetrow

Publisher: McFarland Publishing


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 712

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In the 1950s, television pushed filmmakers toward such processes as CinemaScope and the increasing use of color. Serials and B Westerns, two staples since the silent era, were no longer money-makers and vanished, while the new breed of producers began to challenge the censorship code, bringing an ever-increasing amount of more explicit movies to theaters. From Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick (Paramount, 1952) to Zombies of Mora Tau (Columbia, 1957), this comprehensive work provides full filmographic data on 3,078 American films of the 1950s. Each entry includes full cast and credits, songs, running time, alternate titles and availability on video. The entries conclude with a brief plot description. An appendix lists the award winning films from the decade.

The complete vampire companion

Author: Rosemary Guiley

Publisher: Macmillan General Reference


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 258

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Examines vampires in mythology and folklore, their characterizations in literature and motion pictures, and popular belief in and fascination with vampires

Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy Film and Television Credits: Filmography

Author: Harris M. Lentz

Publisher: McFarland & Company Incorporated Pub


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 2227

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With this book a reader who wishes to know who the stars ofIt! The Terror from Beyond Spacewere and if they are still living, or if a member of the cast of "The Trouble with Tribbles" episode ofStar Trekever appeared in a science fiction film, or what the name of theTwilight Zoneepisode starring Robert Redford was, will be able to locate the information with ease. These volumes cover science fiction, horror and fantasy films and television from the late 1800s through the end of 1999. Volume 1 has all the credits. The first part is an alphabetical listing of actors and actresses who have made a significant contribution to horror, science fiction and fantasy films. Each listing includes the individual's date of birth when known and date of death when applicable. The second part contains credits for directors, producers, screenwriters, make-up artists, cinematographers, special effects technicians, and numerous others. Volume 2 is a filmography. It lists films with date, country of origin (other than the United States), alternate titles, production credits, and a complete-as-possible cast listing. The films are listed in alphabetical order, usually under the United States release title. Films made for theaters, television, cable or video tape can be found in this section. Volume 3 is the listing of television programs. All television series and episodes of a science fiction, horror or fantasy nature are included. The series listing generally includes the regular cast, individual episode title, original air date, and guest cast, director and writer credits. This work is a unification, revision, correction, expansion and update of the original 1983 two-volume set and its 1989 and 1994 one-volume supplements. This film book is published as a set of three volumes. Replacement volumes can be obtained individually under ISBN 0-7864-0950-9 (for Volume 1), ISBN 0-7864-0951-7 (for Volume 2) and ISBN 0-7864-0952-5 (for Volume 3).