Eat Shop Save

Recipes & mealplanners to help you EAT healthier, SHOP smarter and SAVE serious money at the same time: FREE SAMPLER

Author: Dale Pinnock

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Cooking

Page: 10

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*FREE SAMPLER* Television tie-in Eat Shop Save contains over 80 recipes to restore sanity to the challenges of family cooking. Focusing on the time-poor in particular, these delicious meals will put a smile on the fussiest of eaters and entice families with chapters such as: Quick After Work Suppers, Favourites with a Facelift and Something Sweet (but good for you). Food is just the beginning. Using smart shopping and meal planning as a basis, you'll find tips to get organised, save money and free up precious time. - Weekly meal planners in each chapter help you save money - Make your own quicker, healthier 'takeaways' - Hide vegetables for fussy eaters - Become a smart shopper - Upcycle leftover ingredients - Give classic dishes a facelift We hope you enjoy this free sampler!

Eat Shop Save: 8 Weeks to Better Health

Author: Dale Pinnock

Publisher: Hamlyn


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

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Following the bestselling success of Eat Shop Save, Dale Pinnock returns with the second television tie-in for the eponymous ITV series. Eat Shop Save 2 contains over 80 recipes accompanied by detailed nutritional information and carefully curated mealplanners to help you save money, time and look after your health. Each chapter highlights the key benefits of certain ingredients and food groups, while the straightforward recipes prove you can easily manage your weight without breaking the bank. Useful information including calorie counts, storecupboard suggestions and a dedicated chapter to Vegan and Vegetarian food make this an ideal companion to the time-poor, health-conscious, money-savers among us.

The Bloody Hellion

Addonexus Series:

Author: Amanda Antell

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 296

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On December 21 2012, a third of the world was obliterated by the fated disaster of Revelations. Fifteen years later, the Vatican has taken power, forming a world government called the Holy Trinity Alliance. The Vatican has reestablished the world, but few are aware of the terrible price behind this golden age. Andrew Ridgewalk, a 25 year old conscript in Trinity's Naval division, is quite excited for his new role. At the graduation ceremony, he and his friend Isodor, with the rest of their fellow graduates are introduced to Aboriginal, "The Bloody Hellion". By draining all of the blood out of her body, Aboriginal transforms into a creature of unparalleled insanity. After four months of service, Ridgewalk come's to realize that he and Isodor are at the center of a conspiracy. With their backs against the wall, they get help from the only ally they can trust: Aboriginal.

How to Live a Low-Carbon Life

The Individual's Guide to Stopping Climate Change

Author: Christopher Goodall

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

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Climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity: drastic reduction of carbon emissions is vital if we are to avoid a catastrophe that devastates large parts of the world. Governments and businesses have been slow to act and individuals now need to take the lead. The Earth can absorb no more than 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year for every person on the planet if we are to keep temperature and rainfall change within tolerable limits. Yet from cars and holiday flights to household appliances and the food on our plates, Western consumer lifestyles leave each of us responsible for over 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year - four times what the Earth can handle. Individual action is essential if we want to avoid climate chaos. How to Live a Low-Carbon Life shows how easy it is to take responsibility, providing the first comprehensive, one-stop reference guide to calculating your CO2 emissions and reducing them to a sustainable 3 tonnes a year.

101 Ways to Save the Planet

Author: Deborah Underwood

Publisher: Raintree


Category: Environmental protection

Page: 56

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These are recreational reads that have educational curriculum relevance, including appeal for reluctant girl readers. Each title is full of things to do and offers fun ideas as well as advice on each topic.

Temple Bar

Author: George Augustus Sala



Category: English periodicals


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Keto Kid

Helping Your Child Succeed on the Ketogenic Diet

Author: Deborah Ann Snyder, DO

Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 152

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For more than half of all children with epilepsy, the only reliable way to control seizures is the ketogenic diet, a rigid, mathematically calculated, doctor-supervised regimen that is high in fat and low in carbohydrate and protein, and strictly limits both calories and liquid intake. In Keto Kid: Helping Your Child Succeed on the Ketogenic Diet, Deborah Snyder, a family physician and mother of a four-year-old, keto kid, provides compassionate advice for parents transitioning to a lifestyle where one extra bite of food can have serious repercussions on a child's health. This unique book gives readers all the facts about the day-to-day management of the diet, while communicating the emotional struggle encountered by children when they mourn the loss of their favorite foods, and must learn rigid self-denial at a very young age. Topics covered include: Recipes for keto-friendly meals, and tips for making this limited diet more interesting Managing deeply food-oriented occasions like holidays and parties Time-saving strategies, such as pre-weighing and freezing meals Dealing with the emotional loss of a child's favorite foods A day-by-day account of life on the ketogenic diet, in diary form And much more! Snyder is calm, direct, and above all, hopeful. Keto Kid is a practical guide that will enable families to successfully master the ketogenic diet, while making the experience as pleasant as possible for both child and parent.