Modern German Grammar

A Practical Guide

Author: Ruth Whittle

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 504

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Announcing an innovative, new, practical reference grammar, combining traditional and function-based grammar in a single volume. It is the ideal reference grammar at advanced secondary level and above.

Elementary Mandarin Chinese Workbook

Learn to Speak, Read and Write Chinese the Easy Way! (Companion Audio)

Author: Cornelius C. Kubler

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 192

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This workbook is designed for use with the Elementary Mandarin Chinese Textbook and offers a wealth of carefully-designed practice activities to help you solidify every aspect of your Chinese skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It includes extensive interactive drills, exercises and other practice materials. Online audio files are available for use in the relevant exercises. The lessons in this workbook correspond to the 24 lessons in the Elementary Mandarin Chinese Textbook. The materials in this workbook are meant to be completed by students outside of class to strengthen and consolidate their understanding of the materials in the textbook. Lessons 1 and 2 of the Workbook contain exercises to learn to read and pronounce the Pinyin alphabet along with simple classroom expressions. They also introduce 48 basic Chinese characters. Beginning with Lesson 3, each lesson of the workbook contains two parts. Each part has two sets of listening comprehension exercises, one translation exercise, one character practice sheet, and one reading and writing exercise. Lessons 13 and 24 of the textbook are review lessons and therefore have no corresponding workbook materials.

Encounters II

A Cognitive Approach to Advanced Chinese

Author: Jennifer Li-chia Liu

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 520

View: 194

New tools for advanced Chinese language study

CLEP US History II Vocabulary Workbook

Learn the key words of the CLEP History of the United States II Exam

Author: Lewis Morris

Publisher: Network4Learning, inc.


Category: Study Aids


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Learn the Secret to Success on the CLEP United States History II Exam! Ever wonder why learning comes so easily to some people? This remarkable workbook reveals a system that shows you how to learn faster, easier and without frustration. By mastering the hidden language of the subject and exams, you will be poised to tackle the toughest of questions with ease. We’ve discovered that the key to success on the CLEP United States History II Exam lies with mastering the Insider’s Language of the subject. People who score high on their exams have a strong working vocabulary in the subject tested. They know how to decode the vocabulary of the subject and use this as a model for test success. People with a strong Insider’s Language consistently: Perform better on their Exams Learn faster and retain more information Feel more confident in their courses Perform better in upper level courses Gain more satisfaction in learning The CLEP United States History II Exam Vocabulary Workbook is different from traditional review books because it focuses on the exam’s Insider’s Language. It is an outstanding supplement to a traditional review program. It helps your preparation for the exam become easier and more efficient. The strategies, puzzles, and questions give you enough exposure to the Insider Language to use it with confidence and make it part of your long-term memory. The CLEP United States History II Exam Vocabulary Workbook is an awesome tool to use before a course of study as it will help you develop a strong working Insider’s Language before you even begin your review. Learn the Secret to Success! After nearly 20 years of teaching Lewis Morris discovered a startling fact: Most students didn’t struggle with the subject, they struggled with the language. It was never about brains or ability. His students simply didn’t have the knowledge of the specific language needed to succeed. Through experimentation and research, he discovered that for any subject there was a list of essential words, that, when mastered, unlocked a student’s ability to progress in the subject. Lewis called this set of vocabulary the “Insider’s Words”. When he applied these “Insider’s Words” the results were incredible. His students began to learn with ease. He was on his way to developing the landmark series of workbooks and applications to teach this “Insider’s Language” to students around the world.

How to Read Chinese Poetry Workbook

Author: Jie Cui

Publisher: Columbia University Press


Category: Poetry

Page: 212

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Designed to work with the acclaimed course text How to Read Chinese Poetry: A Guided Anthology, theHow to Read Chinese Poetry Workbook introduces classical Chinese to advanced beginners and learners at higher levels, teaching them how to appreciate Chinese poetry in its original form. Also a remarkable stand-alone resource, the volume illuminates China's major poetic genres and themes through one hundred well-known, easy-to-recite works. Each of the volume's twenty units contains four to six classical poems in Chinese, English, and tone-marked pinyin romanization, with comprehensive vocabulary notes and prose poem translations in modern Chinese. Subsequent comprehension questions and comments focus on the artistic aspects of the poems, while exercises test readers' grasp of both classical and modern Chinese words, phrases, and syntax. An extensive glossary cross-references classical and modern Chinese usage, characters and compounds, and multiple character meanings, and online sound recordings are provided for each poem and its prose translation free of charge. A list of literary issues addressed throughout completes the volume, along with phonetic transcriptions for entering-tone characters, which appear in Tang and Song-regulated shi poems and lyric songs.


Subject Tests

Author: College Entrance Examination Board



Category: Study Aids

Page: 868

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Real SAT II: Subject Tests The best way to prepare for the SAT II is to practice on real questions from actual tests. That's why this is the book to help you prepare for the SAT II: Subject Tests. It is the only one that gives you practice on actual full-length SAT II tests plus tips and strategies from the test makers! Real SAT II: Subject Tests includes: Descriptions of each test and sample questions Previously administered tests in every SAT II: Subject Test

Rhoades to Reading Level II

Author: Jacqueline Rhoades

Publisher: The Reading Company



Page: 102

View: 612

Reading Program designed for students grade 5 - adult. Instructional level 2.6-4.5. Includes consumable activity sheets and stories contained in the Level II Teaching Guide.





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Personal Finance Workbook For Dummies

Author: Sheryl Garrett

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 312

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"Do the terms personal finance or money management dredge up feelings of confusion or fear? If so, you're not alone. This workbook helps you take charge of your personal finances and improve your financial situation. Crammed with the tools and strategies you need to make smarter decisions about your finances, it empowers you to save money, simplify your life, and achieve your most important financial goals." --back cover.





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Catalog of Copyright Entries. Third Series


Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office

Publisher: Copyright Office, Library of Congress


Category: Copyright

Page: 1543

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Includes Part 1A: Books and Part 1B: Pamphlets, Serials and Contributions to Periodicals

Arabic Grammar

A First Workbook

Author: G. M. Wickens

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 171

View: 158

This textbook is designed to guide the first-year student through the difficult early stages of learning Arabic.

English International

Author: John Jackman

Publisher: Nelson Thornes


Category: Education

Page: 56

View: 451

The Teachers Resource Book will show how the course provides an underpinning structure to the teaching of English, focusing particularly on the knowledge, skills and understanding of writing, while giving ample opportunity for reading, listening and speaking.

True to Life Elementary Teacher's Book

English for Adult Learners

Author: Joanne Collie

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 240

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True to Life is a five level course designed specifically for adult learners.