Ducks for Dark Times

Author: Michael Leunig

Publisher: Penguin Books


Category: Art and popular culture

Page: 144

View: 189

A collection of cartoons about many strange and lovely things- kind words for dark days; simple poems concerning wonderful mysteries; reflections on sadness, joy, dismay, sanity, soup and beauty. Also- doubts, confessions, laments and tributes. Spirited depictions of dogs, ducks, teapots and trees, with various peculiar attempts to shine some light on dark and troubled times.

Dark Times

Author: Stacey Abernathy

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc


Category: Fiction


View: 492

The uneasy peace between the sister realms of Earth and the Dragon Realms has always been shaky at the best of times. From gods and goddesses form either realm pointing the finger at the other Hades takes it in his own hands to try and mend the peace to strengthen the magic in the Earth realm. For Queen Taylor of the Amazons it has been a long healing process.

Lessons from a Dark Time and Other Essays

Author: Adam Hochschild

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 296

View: 336

In this rich collection, bestselling author Adam Hochschild has selected and updated over two dozen essays and pieces of reporting from his long career. Threaded through them all is his concern for social justice and the people who have fought for it. The articles here range from a California gun show to a Finnish prison, from a Congolese center for rape victims to the ruins of gulag camps in the Soviet Arctic, from a stroll through construction sites with an ecologically pioneering architect in India to a day on the campaign trail with Nelson Mandela. Hochschild also talks about the writers he loves, from Mark Twain to John McPhee, and explores such far-reaching topics as why so much history is badly written, what bookshelves tell us about their owners, and his front-row seat for the shocking revelation in the 1960s that the CIA had been secretly controlling dozens of supposedly independent organizations. With the skills of a journalist, the knowledge of a historian, and the heart of an activist, Hochschild shares the stories of people who took a stand against despotism, spoke out against unjust wars and government surveillance, and dared to dream of a better and more just world.

Born in the Darkest Time of Year

Stories for the Season of the Christ Child

Author: Andrew Marr

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 184

View: 747

At Christmas anything can happen: Scott creates a crisis for his family when the only thing he wants for Christmas is a unicorn. While spending Christmas in England, John meets a family from Cromwell's time. A ghost appears to Rose Lee just before Christmas and desperately tries to get her attention. Christopher goes out to his back yard to meet space aliens who have just landed on Christmas Eve. Martha searches her house for a treasure that a professional wise man says can be found in her home. Danny, a teenage boy genius, uses his time machine to see the future of Christmas. Charley meets a strange dog just before Christmas whose eyes turn red when aroused. This volume contains fifteen tales that catch the mystery, enchantment, and hope of the Christmas season for readers of all ages.

Enslaved by Ducks

How One Man Went from Head of the Household to Bottom of the Pecking Order

Author: Bob Tarte

Publisher: Algonquin Books


Category: Pets

Page: 322

View: 645

From the author of Fowl Weather comes “a laugh-out-loud chronicle” of household pets who slowly but surely overrun the house (Marty Becker, DVM, Good Morning America). When Bob Tarte and his wife Linda brought a rabbit into their rural Michigan home, they didn’t anticipate how it might upset their tranquil lives. But even after the bunny chewed through their electrical wiring, their household menagerie kept growing. Soon, Bob found himself constructing cages, buying feed, clearing duck waste, and spoon-feeding an assortment of furry and feathery residents. He unwittingly became a servant to a relentlessly demanding family. “They dumbfounded him, controlled and teased him, took their share of his flesh, [and] stole his heart” (Kirkus Reviews). In this loving memoir of the joy and madness of living with animals, Bob offers “dead-on character portraits, [and] keeps readers laughing about unreliable pet store proprietors, a duck named Hector who doesn’t like water, an amorous dove named Howard, a foster-mother goose, patient veterinarians and increasingly bewildered friends” (Publishers Weekly).

Homecoming: Crossing the Bridge to the Soul

Crossing the Bridge to the Soul

Author: Keith Anthony Blanchard

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

View: 233

If you are seeking union with your Sacred Self, this book is the Lamplight that will wipe the cobwebs of time from your mind and the darkness of fear from your vision. Passion and sincerity are key to initiating anything in life. When you begin to do what you love continuously, a conscious connection to the Soul happens. In the development and expansion of your life, you will begin to feel a Presence. What is this Presence? The Divine, or is it Love of Self? So now the question becomes, what is this Love? Is it God? It is challenging to put this level of Consciousness into words. Bliss, joy and effortlessness abound while the worries of life no longer exist. In such unity, the universe awaits your beckoning call with fruits you only dreamed could fall from the tree of life. This place, this space, is the bridge to the Soul and your return to the Garden of Eternal Playfulness. Welcome home.

Ghost Riders of Baghdad

Soldiers, Civilians, and the Myth of the Surge

Author: Daniel A. Sjursen

Publisher: University Press of New England


Category: History

Page: 280

View: 949

From October 2006 to December 2007, Daniel A. Sjursen-then a U.S. Army lieutenant-led a light scout platoon across Baghdad. The experiences of Ghost Rider platoon provide a soldier's-eye view of the incredible complexities of warfare, peacekeeping, and counterinsurgency in one of the world's most ancient cities. Sjursen reflects broadly and critically on the prevailing narrative of the surge as savior of America's longest war, on the overall military strategy in Iraq, and on U.S. relations with ordinary Iraqis. At a time when just a handful of U.S. senators and representatives have a family member in combat, Sjursen also writes movingly on questions of America's patterns of national service. Who now serves and why? What connection does America's professional army have to the broader society and culture? What is the price we pay for abandoning the model of the citizen soldier? With the bloody emergence of ISIS in 2014, Iraq and its beleaguered, battle-scarred people are again much in the news. Unlike other books on the U.S. war in Iraq, Ghost Riders of Baghdad is part battlefield chronicle, part critique of American military strategy and policy, and part appreciation of Iraq and its people. At once a military memoir, history, and cultural commentary, Ghost Riders of Bahdad delivers a compelling story and a deep appreciation of both those who serve and the civilians they strive to protect. Sjursen provides a riveting addition to our understanding of modern warfare and its human costs.

Legends of the Dark Stranger

Words and Images

Author: Richard W. McDowell

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Art

Page: 438

View: 295

Legends of the Dark Stranger: Words and Images is a stunning, introspective collection of Richard McDowell’s selected writings and images that are from his self-books, also called journals or sketchbooks. Their functions varied from address book, shopping lists, and classroom notes, to detailed product designs, business plans, and appointments. These pragmatic entries were created to organize and augment his memory. But it is the words and images reflecting the creative nature of his persona that catches his eye. The artist and dreamer is a constant theme. Having been an artist and a song writer for a long time; carrying a sketchbook was always second nature to him. When he joined the Peace Corp, he began to number them and call them self-books. He has reveled in travel, while life seemed the truest and richest of roads. The moments were there to ponder and reflect upon, through art and song, and memoirs, and pure thoughts of mirth. He has divided Legends of the Dark Stranger into three parts—Boomer’s Story; Songs and Thoughts; and Boomerology—each with its own unique view of his life and travels.

Living in a Dark Age

Author: Rick Salutin

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Canada

Page: 299

View: 897

Hops back and forth between topics as diverse as Free Trade and Vanna White. Chronicles the ever-changing interests of the country's most outspoken left-wing thinker, through the 1980s, a decade dominated by conservatives and characterized by greed. Whether he's writing about politics, or television, or business, his opinions are always funny and thoughful, and compelling reasons to keep up the good fight.

Rhythm & Rhyme Literacy Time Level 1

Author: Karen McGuigan Brothers

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials


Category: Education

Page: 144

View: 792

Did you grow up reciting Little Miss Muffet, Jack Be Nimble, and Mary Had a Little Lamb? Mother Goose nursery rhymes have helped generations of children achieve literacy. This first grade classroom resource will help teachers incorporate rhymes into a standards-based curriculum that is aligned to TESOL, WIDA, and Common Care. Students will master phonological awareness, phonics skills, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and writing while purposefully playing with rhymes. Watch your students light up as they recite these traditional and original rhymes and complete hands-on activities with this invaluable resource.

Rhythm & Rhyme Literacy Time: Activities for Rubber Duck

Author: Tim Rasinski

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials



Page: 13

View: 679

Enhance your students' mastery of phonics skills, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing with engaging poetic language activities. The focus of this lesson is Rubber Duck!

Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs

Author: Cheryl Peck

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 190

Naughty cats, quirky family members, and experiences as a large gay woman in the heartland of America: Cheryl Peck has a potpourri of poignant -- and laugh-out-loud hilarious -- stories to tell about growing up, love, and loss. With self-deprecating humor and compassionate insight, she remembers the time she hit her baby sister in the head with a rock, how her father taught her to swim by throwing her into deep water, and the day when -- while weighing in at 300 pounds -- she became an inspirational goddess at her local gym. Filled with universal stories about a daughter's love for her parents and the eternal quest for finding meaning in it all, this book reveals many seemingly unremarkable moments that make up a life -- the weighty events that, like fat girls sitting on lawn chairs, just won't let go.

Encountering Disgrace

Reading and Teaching Coetzee's Novel

Author: William E. McDonald

Publisher: Camden House


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 363

View: 570

First book of essays devoted to Coetzee's controversial novel, combining critical and pedagogical approaches.