Highway to E.S.L.

A User-friendly Guide to Teaching English as a Second Language

Author: B. a. Tesol Dang, Pinky Y.

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 372

View: 835

In today's world, teaching English as a Second Language (E.S.L.) is big business. An expanding global communications network has made English the international language of choice. In Highway to E.S.L., authors Rik Ruiter and Pinky Dang provide an easy-to-understand guide, not only for individuals seeking a new and rewarding career teaching English, but also for experienced E.S.L. instructors who wish to improve their classroom skills. Written in a user-friendly format that includes detailed course planning and an appendix containing a variety of useful evaluation forms, Highway To E.S.L. supplies readers with valuable information on how to teach the different disciplines of English-a vital component to successful education in both domestic and international markets. Other key topics include: · Necessary teaching methodologies and approaches · Innovative personal teaching tips · Proficient classroom management · Troubleshooting common classroom problems · Efficient planning that utilizes timetables · Stimulating activity suggestions · Effective curriculum and lesson planning for grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking · Incorporating both conventional and non-conventional teaching resources in the classroom In Highway to E.S.L., Ruiter and Dang answer the common "who, where, when, what, why, and how" questions of both experienced and inexperienced E.S.L. teachers, providing teachers with the vital information needed to educate eager minds.

Sex and the Swami

Author: saurav mishra

Publisher: Partridge Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 164

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In the journey of a soul through different births, sex and the swami shows the effects of karma in the fall and rise of a mans consciousness, determining his journey toward the final outcome of becoming a free soul. This novel has been written in this age and time with the intention of reiterating the essence of Hindu philosophy on the truth and reality of life. Even though the work is purely fiction, it has been strongly influenced by the ancient scriptures of Hinduism. The novel talks about the eternal battle of the flesh and the soul and how in this age of the Kali Yuga man may find a purpose to his existence.

School Bus Drivers

Current Practices in Selection and Training

Author: E. Glenn Featherston



Category: Education

Page: 38

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The for Always Pony

Author: Laverne McPhail Harris

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 172

View: 507

Horses, motorcycles, a learning disabled little brother, and possibly a girlfriend, complicate Randys life. He thinks he has outgrown his pony; competing in arenacross resulted in a debilitating leg injury; his little brother commands his parents attention; and his girlfriend - if she is his girlfriend - fights a battle with cancer. He is a teenager trying to find maturity surrounded by circumstances that are spinning his life out of his control. Yet, Randy has an anchor. Boomer, the pony he thinks he has outgrown, remains a constant in his life, and she is ready to teach him that pain and loss are not insurmountable. Boomer and Randy enter the world of competitive carriage driving, demonstrating that she is a for always pony.

Parkinson's Disease in the Older Patient

Author: Jeremy R. Playfer

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing


Category: Medical

Page: 410

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"Parkinson's Disease in the Older Patient, Second Edition" has been fully revised, updated and expanded to include new treatments and entirely new chapters. This authoritative text is written by recognised national specialists in the field and provides accessible, easy-to-read information. The practical and versatile approach comprehensively covers all aspects of treatment, and although it focuses on the older patient, it is also highly relevant for younger patient groups with an emphasis on multidisciplinary assessment and management. Detailed information on the aetiology and pathogenesis of the condition, drug and surgical treatments, sleep disturbances, quality of life and careers is now included, along with the more prevalent older patient issues such as neuropsychiatric disturbances, speech and swallowing problems, balance and falls, and autonomic disturbances. The updates also include new advice on the management and services in primary care, linked to the recent NICE guidelines.With official endorsement from The Parkinson's Disease Academy of the British Geriatrics Society, this new edition is highly recommended for general practitioners, geriatricians, neurologists and psychiatrists. Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dieticians, and psychologists will also find it invaluable. It is suitable for general and specialist nurses, and will be of great use to researchers with an interest in Parkinson's disease.

Live Your Light

Ignite Your Spark, Illuminate the World

Author: Heather R. Maciel

Publisher: Balboa Press


Category: Religion

Page: 156

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‘Live your Light’ is for the Souls who have incarnated on this Earth with a deep rooted call to Love. For those who are ready to acknowledge their Divine heritage and reclaim their innate powers for the good of all within this beautiful and vast Universe. Live your Light is a contract with ones Higher Self, to answer the call of the Soul for the purpose of lifting the veil of fear and birthing the age of Love.

Driving Horses

How to Harness, Align, and Hitch Your Horse for Work Or Play

Author: Steve Bowers

Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)


Category: Agriculture

Page: 160

View: 204

"Driving Horses" is the classic reference guide for people who drive horses, whether on the farm, in competition, or as a business. If you've never harnessed a horse before, how do you make sense of all those straps and buckles? How do you hitch a pair so they pull evenly? How do you hold the reins? "Driving Horses" explains what you need to know to work with your horses safely and efficiently, so you-and the horses-get the most out of each day. Driving horses like a pro is all about the details, and this guidebook is built on details. With more than 250 color photos and diagrams alongside clear, step-by-step instructions, "Driving Horses" covers all the bases-from different types of harnesses and collars to how to get a harness on and off your horse to how to select a work horse. Learn how to hitch a horse to an implement, how to maintain correct lateral and longitudinal alignment, how to grip the reins, and much more. Whether you've been around horses all your life or are just starting to work with them, you'll find this handbook essential.

Walking with Secrets

Author: Carla Huxham

Publisher: Partridge Africa


Category: Fiction

Page: 408

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Centred on the fabulous diamond beaches on Africas West Coast, harsh realities impact on the seemingly idyllic pattern of life in a deeply rural village. Key characters, Hafeni and Abed, are wrenched from their community to seek work. The mens arduous journey across the dessicated veld introduces their realitydistant and remote. A troubled German teenager, Alex, experiences the beauty of the wilderness, and unwittingly undergoes a transition into manhood. As a prelude to the ending of the drought, an enchanting, unusual story plays out with a visit by the mythical rainbird. The men settle into the alien and unfamiliar routine of life at the mine, where an undercurrent of diamond theftlike fine desert sandpervades everything. Hafeni remains steadfast and committed to his mission. Abed, however, falls victim to temptation. The novel reaches across cultural divides, revealing drastically different worlds. Bessie, child of a domestic worker, grew up in a suburb near Windhoek, privileged to receive an education. Against all odds, she makes her dream come true. Sharing her success is engaging and meaningful. Betrayals, however, turn her life upside down. Fortuitous circumstances find her working at the mine. Too late Bessie discovers that she is harbouring a diamond thief, and pays a terrible price. Intrigue and ingenuity provide compelling suspense in the battle of wits between Security and the diamond thieves. The villagers meanwhile experience a miraculous change in circumstances. When the men return to the mine for a second contract, their wivesNala and Jaloosuffer a traumatic incident. They endure the arduous walk back to the village, bound by shame and secrecy, and vengeful murder is the outcome. Walking with Secrets offers unique views on aspects of the arcane world of diamonds. It is a captivating human story, sensitively told, with deeply poignant insights.