Draft Animals

Living the Pro Cycling Dream (Once in a While)

Author: Phil Gaimon

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 352

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From the author of the cult favorite Pro Cycling on $10 a Day and Ask a Pro, the story of one man’s quest to realize his childhood dream, and what happened when he actually did it. Like countless other kids, Phil Gaimon grew up dreaming of being a professional athlete. But unlike countless other kids, he actually pulled it off. After years of amateur races, hard training, living out of a suitcase, and never taking “no” for an answer, he finally achieved his goal and signed a contract to race professionally on one of the best teams in the world. Now, Gaimon pulls back the curtain on the WorldTour, cycling’s highest level. He takes readers along for his seasons in Europe, covering everything from rabid, water-bottle-stealing Belgian fans, to contract renewals, to riding in poisonous smog, to making friends in a sport plagued by doping. Draft Animals reveals a story as much about bike racing as it is about the never-ending ladder of achieving goals, failure, and finding happiness if you land somewhere in-between.

Special Shoeing: Polo Horses, Hunters, Jumpers and Draft Animals - A Historical Article on the Art of the Farrier

Author: Various Authors

Publisher: Read Books Ltd


Category: Nature

Page: 34

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This vintage book contains a comprehensible guide to horse shoeing, focusing on shoeing race horses, polo horses, horses used for hunting, and draft animals. The timeless information in this handbook will be of considerable utility to farriers and horse owners alike, and it is not to be missed by collectors of vintage equestrian literature. Contents include: “Polo Horses”, “Hunters and Jumpers”, “Draft Animals”, “Definition”, “Bar Shoe”, “Beveled-edge Shoe”, “Cotts and Corrective Shoeing”, “Fundamentals of Correcting Faults in Gaits”, “Square-Toe Shoe”, etc. Many vintage books such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive. It is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern, high-quality edition complete with a specially-commissioned new introduction on horses used for sports and utility.

Launch of the Draft Animal Welfare Bill

Author: Great Britain. Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Publisher: The Stationery Office


Category: Animal welfare

Page: 100

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The UK established the world's first animal welfare protection laws, with the passing of the Protection of Animals Act in 1911 which made it an offence to cause unnecessary suffering to any domestic or captive animal. This draft Bill, which extends to England and Wales, seeks to consolidate and modernise the legislation in line with current animal welfare standards, including the reforms undertaken in other countries such as New Zealand and Sweden. Amongst its provisions, which are grouped under 10 headings, the draft Bill seeks to: i) establish a duty of care to ensure the welfare of all kept animals, enabling animal welfare organisations to intervene where there is evidence an animal is being kept in conditions likely to lead to suffering, rather than having to wait for evidence that the animal has suffered abuse before legal action can be taken; ii) prohibit the sale of pets to children under 16; iii) end the practice of giving pets, including goldfish, as prizes, for example at funfairs; and iv) make offences of animal cruelty or keeping animals for fighting arrestable offences, with the maximum penalty leading to imprisonment upto 51 weeks or a fine of upto £20,000, or both. This publication contains the text of the draft Bill, explanatory notes and a regulatory impact assessment.

Draft Animal Health Bill

Author: Great Britain: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Publisher: The Stationery Office



Page: 175

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Dated January 2010. Contains draft Bill, explanatory notes and impact assessment

The harnessing of draught animals

Author: Ian Barwell

Publisher: Practical Action Publishing


Category: Social Science

Page: 92

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Despite efforts to increase the level of mechanisation, animals remain an important existing or potential source of power in rural areas of developing countries, primarily in agriculture and transport, but also for water pumping, forestry, road construction, etc. This book details the most common method of the use of animals as draught animals.

Tending Animals in the Global Village

A Guide to International Veterinary Medicine

Author: David M. Sherman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Medical

Page: 495

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A book like no other in the field of veterinary medicine with pertinent information every student and practitioner will find beneficial. Veterinaries have access to a great variety of texts, journals, and continuing education opportunities to keep them on top of the tremendous technological advances in clinical care and preventive medicine. Outside of the technical realm, however, there are many global trends, which exert profound effects on how the veterinary profession serves society and how veterinary professionals define their role in a rapidly changing world. This new and unrivaled book delves into these influences in impressive detail, identifying new challenges and opportunities for the veterinary profession in a global context. Unique topics covered include: The important global trends with implications for veterinary medicine. Different cultural attitudes towards the human use of animals, their impact on the human-animal relationship, and the challenges this poses for veterinarians. The role of livestock in food security, rural development, and sustainable agriculture and the opportunities for veterinarians to improve the lives of people who depend on animals around the world. The relationship of global environmental change to animal health and production. The emerging field of conservation medicine and the important role of veterinarians in protecting biodiversity and conserving wildlife. A global perspective on veterinary service delivery and the opportunities and challenges for improving animal health care worldwide. The growth of international trade, its relation to food safety and animal health, and its impact on animal agricultural and veterinary medicine. The growing risk of foreign animal disease, the national and international institutions involved in animal disease control, and the role of the private practitioner in controlling foreign animal disease. Nontraditional career paths for veterinarians interested in working internationally and how to identify and prepare for such international career opportunities.

Every Living Thing

Daily Use of Animals in Ancient Israel

Author: Oded Borowski

Publisher: AltaMira Press


Category: Religion

Page: 296

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The agricultural world of Old Testament Israel swarmed with animals—birds, insects, fish, pack animals, pets, animals for hunting, and domesticated herds of sheep, goats, and cattle. Using information from the Bible, Ancient Near Eastern documents, anthropology, and archaeology, Borowski synthesizes what we know about the use of animals in biblical times for food, clothing, transportation, and even cultic practices. This comprehensive catalog is a convenient desk resource for any reader_whether biblical scholar, archaeology student, or layperson. Essays on pastoral systems, cult, and agricultural economics, makes this also an important tool for researchers.

Making Your Small Farm Profitable

Apply 25 Guiding Principles, Develop New Crops & New Markets, Maximize Net Profits per Acre

Author: Ron Macher

Publisher: Storey Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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Turn your farm into a cash cow! Ron Macher offers a host of simple strategies for increasing your farm earnings, from purchasing durable equipment to growing economically viable crops. A seasoned expert in farm efficiency, Macher shows you how to locate a lucrative niche market for your products, optimize sales, and minimize costs. Whether you’re buying a new farm or jump-starting an old one, Macher’s savvy tips will help you turn your enterprise into a profitable business.