Magic of Divine Love

Author: Dr Manjusha

Publisher: PartridgeIndia



Page: 62

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This is a mesmerizing magical journey of divine love... The purest of pure love between Lord Shiva & Gauri. An enchanting narration of the divine pastimes of a Handsome God & His Beautiful Consort; it is not just about their blissful times spent together, but is also an expression of the love between God & His Devotee. This is Gauri's journey of love... She is not just Lord Shiva's wife, but is also the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva! Gauri, from an ordinary human being became a Goddess solely through the Intensity of Her love for Lord Shiva! Through Her journey of love, She teaches us the true meaning of Love, Devotion & Surrender and gives this message to us all that whoever, with a pure heart & pious love like Hers will love God unconditionally, will definitely attain His Grace & Love, just like She did... because He resides in all of us, in our hearts, He is The Soul of our souls...In her all-consuming eagerness to please him, she started dancing with increased ardor; her feet moved very fast . . . the jingling of her anklets became louder than before; it appeared as if each & every pore of her being was reverberating with his name through that blissful dance, wanting to melt in him . . . eventually she lost all consciousness and fell at his feet like a fluttering butterfly! At that very moment the skies thundered, a cool breeze started flowing with the showering of a soft drizzle. Lord Shiva got up from his seat, bent down and with intense care & compassion, picked her up like a dainty flower in his muscular arms! Just by his mere thought, he created a beautiful cavern, the loveliness of which could only be a lover's delight! He went inside & sat down on a bed of perfumed red roses, gently placing his beloved along with him on that bed with her head resting on the soft pillow of his lap . . .

The Herald of Divine Love

Author: Saint Gertrude (the Great)

Publisher: Paulist Press


Category: Religion

Page: 259

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Revelations of Divine Love

Author: Julian Of Norwich

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: Religion

Page: 240

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Coming from a society where women were barred from serious writing and teaching, Julian, an anchorite of the great medieval city of Norwich, nevertheless uses her womanlines and the English vernacular of the day to describe a series of revelations which she received from God in the year 1373. She identifies the female nature of Christ's suffering and the motherhood of God, using images from domestic daily life, emphasizing the homeliness of God's love. She writes in a lively and unpretentious manner and her theology is precise without ever being pedantic.

Secrets of Divine Love

A Spiritual Journey Into the Heart of Islam

Author: A. Helwa

Publisher: Naulit Incorporated



Page: 386

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Are you longing to have an intimate and loving relationship with God? Have you been seeking for a way to strengthen your faith? Do you find it hard to pray on time, or at all? Do you sometimes feel unworthy or too imperfect for God to love? Whether you are on the path of Islam or just seeking to know God, "Secrets of Divine Love" uses the language of spirituality to transform your relationship with God, yourself, and the world around you.Beyond offering heartfelt perspectives on Islamic theology, "Secrets of Divine Love" walks you through practical exercises that inspire love, strengthen faith, and increase reliance on and intimacy with God. By drawing upon the inspirational words of the Qur'an and the Prophet Muhammad ?, delving into ancient mystical poetry, and learning through stories from the world's greatest spiritual masters, this book seeks to connect the heart of the reader to God. "Secrets of Divine Love" takes you on a journey through the mysterious nature of God and His unconditional mercy and love for you. It then delves into who you are and how the Qur'an can be used as a map for manifesting your greatest potential. By unveiling the spiritual secrets hidden in the heart of Islam's pillars, principles, and practices, this book calls you to contemplate the divine beauty that's embedded in every atom of existence. "Secrets of Divine Love" reminds the reader that God's love is a healing balm for the soul that can reignite the spark of faith within us.

The Divine Love

Mirror of Love Life and Lore

Author: Monica Sanadhay

Publisher: Educreation Publishing


Category: Poetry

Page: 67

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A volume of twenty love poems not limiting to the stereotypical definition of love and sacrifice but connecting its meaning deeper to an emotion, a strong attraction and personal attachment in detachment that encompasses the entire gamut of this beautiful feeling. A collection of love, life and wisdom quotes focusing to extract the true meaning of happiness and inspiration from the commonalities of nature. A gallery of pictures captured randomly depicting the simplest pleasures of life.

An Enchanting Tale of Divine Love

Author: Dr Manjusha Mohan

Publisher: Onlinegatha



Page: 246

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This book unveils the innate divinity of a soul through the divine love between Lord Shiva and His greatest devotee & lover Gauri. Not just an enchanting narration of the pastimes of a divine couple who lovingly illumine the path to spirituality; it is also a life transforming story of love, devotion & surrender showing the way towards real happiness, peace & contentment in life! Along with a fascinating collection of poetry as well as engaging conversations between two devotees from two different walks of life, portraying this purest of pure love; it takes the reader on a mesmerizing magical journey of divine love.

Divine Love of Two Souls

Author: Kisnaa Anita Birhman

Publisher: Notion Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 236

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Chale jo do kadam saath woh, (As she ambles the aisle with me) To unke saath se Pyaar ho jaye, (May I be enmeshed in her companionship forever) Thaame jo Pyaar se mera haath woh, (As she seizes my hand with tender love) To apne hi haath se Pyaar ho jaye, (May I be ensnared by the charm of my own hand) Hota hai agar itna khoobsurat yeh Pyaar, (If love is so alluring and prepossessing) To aye Khuda unhe bhi mere Pyaar se Pyaar ho jaye! (Oh omniscient being! May she be enchanted by my love) It was 5 in the morning when I blinked open an eye to wake up. I was in deep sleep till some time ago, and it felt as if someone had lovingly caressed my hair. But when I opened my eyes, there was no one there. For a few precious moments, I felt the sensation of that loving touch that I had experienced since childhood. It seemed as if that sensation was all around me. Now that presence was close to me; my Radha in the form of Annu was in my life. Divine Love of Two Souls is a story of those emotions that this generation has perhaps lost along the way.

Divine Love Astrology

Revealing Spiritual Truth for Personal Transformation

Author: Shiva Das

Publisher: North Atlantic Books


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 776

View: 214

Longtime astrologers Shiva Das and Mercy Ananda take readers through every aspect of astrology, from its history, principles, components, and meanings, to its use as a tool to raise awareness and to understand possibilities in cause and effect. With nearly 180 black and white illustrations, including zodiac, primary wheel, and sign relationship depictions, Divine Love Astrology provides a thorough education in this ancient system. This essential guide embraces the immediate personal and practical applications of astrology and encompasses the broadest philosophical and universal values, guiding us from Earthly mundane to the celestial Divine. Not only do the authors teach readers the basics of the field, but they also provide them with tools to reflect and develop intuitive understanding that will aid in reading astrology charts and living a conscious life. Divine Love Astrology will benefit those interested in becoming astrologers and help them— through the use of astrology as a contemplative science—develop their intuition. Rather than proposing that we live our lives by astrological events or learn to stereotype people, Das and Ananda help readers get in touch with their inner knowing, enabling them to make conscious choices for themselves in the present. With its spiritual and applicable lens, Divine Love Astrology will help both professional astrologers and laypeople alike take charge of their lives from the inside out. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Divine Love and Wisdom

Author: Emanuel Swedenborg

Publisher: The Swedenborg Foundation


Category: Philosophy

Page: 485

View: 878

While many of Emanuel Swedenborgs writings rely heavily on the Bible, Divine Love and Wisdom appeals directly to human experience. It describes a loving God who is equally present with all people on earthregardless of race or religionand explores the underlying unity of all living things.