Divine Healing

Author: Festus Akinnifesi

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 344

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This book presents compelling insights and practical blueprint, and balanced perspectives to the less travelled road -faith-based health care. Every believer ought to read this book. Your time has come!

Divine Healing Hands

Experience Divine Power to Heal You, Animals, and Nature, and to Transform All Life

Author: Zhi Gang Sha

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 352

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Humanity and Mother Earth are suffering. Divine Healing Hands are given in this special time. Serve humanity. Serve Mother Earth. Millions of people are suffering in their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Millions of people have challenges in their relationships and finances. Millions of people are searching for spiritual secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques in order to fulfill their spiritual journeys. For the first time, the Divine is giving his Divine Healing Hands to the masses. Divine Healing Hands carry divine healing power to heal and to transform relationships and finances. Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha is a chosen servant, vehicle, and channel of the Divine to offer Divine Healing Hands to the chosen ones. Master Sha has asked the Divine to download Divine Healing Hands to every copy of this book. Every reader can experience the amazing power of Divine Healing Hands directly. In this tenth book of Master Sha’s bestselling Soul Power Series, readers will also be deeply moved by the many heart-touching stories of divine healing and transformation created by this divine treasure. To receive Divine Healing Hands is to serve humanity and the planet in this critical time. The purpose of life is to serve. Learn how you can receive Divine Healing Hands. Answer the Divine’s calling. You can make a difference on a scale beyond comprehension and imagination.

Divine Healing

Author: Andrew Murray

Publisher: Aneko Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 152

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Jesus is still He who heals both soul and body. Salvation offers holiness and healing, and the Holy Spirit is willing to give us a manifestation of His power. When we ask why this divine power is not more often seen, the only biblical answer to be found is: “Because of your unbelief.” Health as well as salvation is to be obtained by faith. The natural tendency of man is to bring about his salvation by his works, and it is only with difficulty that he comes to receive it by faith. But when it is a question of healing the body, he has still more difficulty grasping that truth. As to salvation, he finally accepts it because there is no other way to open the door of heaven. But for the body, he makes use of many other treatments. But happy is he who understands that it is the will of God to show the power of Jesus and to reveal to us His Fatherly love by healing physically as well as spiritually. By doing so, He increases and confirms our faith and teaches us that He demonstrates the power of redemption in the body as well as in the soul. This book provides biblical clarity concerning divine healing, and supplies basic and applicable principles necessary to having faith concerning healing. The author makes it very clear that we are not healed based on who we are, but based on who Christ is.

Two Paradigms for Divine Healing

Fred F. Bosworth, Kenneth E. Hagin, Agnes Sanford, and Francis Macnutt In Dialogue

Author: Pavel Hejzlar

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Religion

Page: 304

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Two distinct theologies of healing as represented by some of the foremost protagonists of the twentieth-century United States are analyzed and a solution is proposed to the tension generated by their differing approaches.

Divine Healing Sermons

Author: Aimee Semple McPherson

Publisher: Whitaker House


Category: Religion

Page: 128

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Messages delivered during healing meetings In 1915, Aimee Semple McPherson began traveling around the United States, holding tent revivals, with some crowds reaching well over thirty thousand people. The tent revivals of this vivacious and spirited speaker would last weeks in any given city across the country. She used a brass band, choirs, and props of all sorts in her sermons. During McPherson’s ministry, tens of thousands of people were healed when she prayed for them, but she herself took no credit for the healings, instead giving full credit to God. She insisted that divine healing was not found in the emergency room, the world of entertainment, or the scientist’s laboratory; it was a church sacrament, accessible by faith and devotion alone. Divine Healing Sermons is a collection of the messages McPherson preached during her amazing ministry. They remain as powerful and accessible today as they were a century ago.

Understanding God’s Divine Healing

How You May Be Healed

Author: Cyrus W. Harris

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion

Page: 240

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In this age of skepticism, we are often told, “God doesn’t work miracles today.” Don’t you believe it! God has not changed, and He’s healing more today than yesterday. Do you need a miracle? Do you have a vision of yourself reaching out, praying and seeing someone healed right before your eyes? Understanding God’s Divine Healing accurately follows the Bible both in historical and theological treatment and shows that divine healing is for us today.

Divine Healing Transforming Pain into Personal Power

A guide to heal pain from child loss, suicide and other grief

Author: Vonne Solis

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press


Category: Self-Help

Page: 386

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Realizing the potential you have to awaken to your power as an enlightened being is central to authentic healing. There is a significant distinction between superficially healing wounds and authentically healing. If you feel ready to surrender all pain and struggle, Divine Healing is a must read. Delivered as both a story and a practice, the author compassionately shares her journey to become whole after the suicide of her daughter in 2005. Though written in the context of the parental grief experience, Divine Healing is intended for anyone who desires authentic healing. Each chapter, a journey in itself, reminds us of the eternal truths that teach that all healing is possible, despite the origin of any pain. The lessons, while not confined to only one experience in pain, reach into the core root of all suffering and will guide anyone through any difficulty to find peace and joy. Not only will you develop a richer understanding of suffering and healing, including viewing loss and grief differently, but by learning to work with the angels, you will reclaim your power as the authentic being you already are. You will learn to honor all of your hurtful experiences and trust in your ability to become whole on your own terms. Realizing you are the catalyst for your own powerful transformation, Divine Healing inspires you to courageously want more for your life, and teaches you how to continually manifest the life you were meant to find and enjoy through a realistic, heartfelt practice.

Mastering the Journey to Divine Healing

Author: Henry E. Dorsey

Publisher: Author House


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 120

View: 630

Salvation--Authority-Healing-- These three major components of a three part foundation will up-hold a strong understanding of how God has put in order our access to HIS COVENANT PROVISIONS for those who choose to enter into them. This book will give you a clear picture of what must be learned if you want to master the journey to your own salvation, authority and healing.

Faith Healing Ministry

A Christian Education Model for Clergy and Laity

Author: Gwendolyn Washington

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 208

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Faith Healing Ministry: A Christian Education Model for Clergy and Laity The purpose of this book is to begin an intentional effort to retrieve the ministry of faith healing using a Christian education model to educate/train clergy and laity. Healing as a spiritual gift for the body of Christ is a much-neglected gift due to variables that may be altered to benefit multitudes. In my research and study, I have discovered it is the lack of knowledge in understanding the gift of healing and how to operate it that caused so many to be indifferent about it. Jesus came so that our souls may be saved and to heal our bodies. A scriptural reference is Isaiah 53:5: "But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and by His stripes we are healed." This sums up the purpose for Jesus coming to earth, to make it possible for each person who would believe to have eternal life, and be sound in body and mind. This book reveals some pitfalls, or controversial teachings, regarding why so many from various denominations believe that the gifts ceased during the first century. Being in the health profession for thirty-eight years, I have seen various diseases many struggle with and medical technology has no cure for. With health care benefits changing and there is a possibility many may lose their coverage, it is imperative that we go back to God's original plan-divine healing. Not to discount the physicians, scientist, and medical technology, but it is important for us to know that we have God's plan for healing. My desire is to get the message out to the masses, especially to churches to establish healing centers, that divine healing is a benefit of the Kingdom of God.