Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys






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A voice of sanity for these crazy times, Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys offers an audacious perspective that addresses the inevitable dilemmas of the human condition with uncanny wisdom and passionate understanding. Unlocking the mysteries of Emily Dickinson and Rumi, each poem shines a new ray of light into the darkest corners of the human soul.

Prophetic Drama in the Old Testament

Author: David Stacey

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 320

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Most books on the prophets contain a page or two on what is usually called “prophetic symbolism,” but full-scale treatments are remarkably few, and in English entirely lacking. Dr. Stacey examines all the evidence in detail, considers the various explanations of the phenomenon that have been offered, gives particular attention to the apparent link with magic, and provides a model whereby these dramatic actions can be properly understood. This book is significant for the study of Hebrew religion; it also paves the way for further investigation of similar actions in the New Testament.

"The Place is Too Small for Us"

The Israelite Prophets in Recent Scholarship

Author: R. P. Gordon

Publisher: Eisenbrauns


Category: History

Page: 638

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"The title of this volume is, of course, taken from 2 Kgs 6:1, where the prophetic group about Elisha point out that their accomodation is too cramped. It seemed an apt comment on the capacity of any proposed volume to house and adequate representation of the work that has recently been done on Israelite prophecy. To this I now have to add the all-too-ironic confession that the so-called pre-classical prophets (including Elisha and his colleagues) could not be accomodated in the present volume. Let no one complain about being misled by the subtitle when the title is so honest ... there are thirty-six items of varying legnth, and they divide almost equally between journal articles and excerpts from volumes (some of thes of composite authorship). Naturally, they represent one individual's selection from within his personal reading, and this itself accounts for only a fraction of the vast scholarly output on the prophets, whether since 1875 or since 1975 ... It will be apparent at several places in the volume that I take with great seriousness the study of Near Eastern (non-Israelite) prophecy as background to the Israelite phenomenon, so that the first short section (The Near Eastern Background") was unavoidable."--Editor's preface.

Constantine, Divine Emperor of the Christian Golden Age

Author: Jonathan Bardill

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Architecture

Page: 440

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"Constantine was the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity. The book explores the emperor's image as conveyed through literature, art, and architecture, and shows how Constantine reconciled the tradition of imperial divinity with his monotheistic faith. It demonstrates how the traditional themes and imagery of kingship were exploited to portray the emperor as the saviour of his people and to assimilate him to Christ. This is the first book to study simultaneously both archaeological and historical information to build a picture of the emperor's image and propaganda. It is extensively illustrated" --Provided by publisher.


The Art of Intuitive Counselling

Author: Patricia A. Evans D.min. D.Th.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 344

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Oracle: The Art of Intuitive Counseling is a practical guide for all those who are interested in oraculating, divination, and fortune-telling. This is a how-to, hands-on manual with a plethora of information and methodology useful to beginners and experts alike. Easy to read, witty, and resourceful, this book covers histories; practices; and theological, psychological, and ethical aspects of soothsaying from all over the world. The content is an homage to the authors diverse experience with this form of occultism spanning over forty-seven years. Incorporated into this work are rare assimilations of oral traditions, insights into origins, and a unique assembly of Native American practices anthologized for use by a new generation of mystics.

The Politics of Divine Wisdom

Theosophy and Labour, National, and Women's Movements in Indonesia and South Asia, 1875-1947 : with Special Attention to Colonially Ruled Countries in Indonesia and South Asia

Author: Herman Ary Oscar Tollenaere



Category: Social movements

Page: 339

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The Oracle Encyclopaedia

Profusely Illus., Containing the Most Accurate Information in the Most Readable Form

Author: R. W. Egerton Eastwick





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