London Midland

Ten Years of Service

Author: Andrew Cole

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited


Category: Transportation

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This book aims to show London Midland and its workings throughout the ten years it operated, giving sterling service to the people of the West Midlands, and up and down the west coast, with previously unpublished photographs.


Author: Bill Horsfall

Publisher: Author House


Category: Transportation

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The London Midland & Scottish Railway, the LMS, Great Britain's largest from 1923-1947, has been extensively chronicled, but an update is long overdue. This unique work achieves it - and much more, combining detailed information scattered over books and magazines through decades, into a concise overview of what the company was about, and how it worked. Its analyses of locomotive-stock provide a further insight into methods of operation. The LMS pioneering work in both steam and diesel traction, plus that in other fields, put it ahead of Britain's other three railways, and for this it is here accorded the recognition it deserves. Fascinating, amusing, anecdotes give an insight into the staff's work-ethic and into contemporary social conditions. Key decisions by the LMS Executive to overcome the rivalry of its two largest constituents resulted in the appointment of an engineer who would create, not only modern, efficient locomotives and rolling-stock, but also an effective and unified design-team which would actually outlive the company and provide the spine of the four nationalized railways from 1948. The technical details, such as wheel notation (4-4-0 etc), boiler-pressures and valve-gears, are well within the ambit of railfans and complete the picture of this, Britain's greatest railway.

London, Midland and Scottish Railway Locomotives

Locomotives of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway

Author: Books Llc

Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series



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Chapters: Locomotives of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 197. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: The London, Midland and Scottish Railway had the largest stock of steam locomotives of any of the 'Big Four' pre-Nationalisation railway companies. Despite early troubles arising from factions within the new company, the LMS went on to build some very successful designs; many lasted until the end of steam traction on British Railways in 1968. For an explanation of numbering and classification, see British Rail locomotive and multiple unit numbering and classification. Various locomotives were inherited from pre-grouping companies. Those from the smaller railways, and hence non-standard, were withdrawn quite early, while ex-Midland, LNWR and L

Sunset on the Clyde

The Last Summers on the Water

Author: Duncan Graham

Publisher: Neil Wilson Publishing Ltd


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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The 1950s were the heyday of the Clyde pleasure-steamer, when hordes of ordinary folk went 'doon the watter' to Dunoon, Largs and Millport to the strains of accordian and fiddle. Others went with suitcases to Rothesay for the Fair, while the well-to-do filled brass-bound trunks and headed for the boarding houses of Brodick and Whiting Bay. The resort piers were hives of activity and the crack was good as the steamers' arrival heralded the main talking point of the day. Duncan Graham's frequently hilarious memoir of his days as a student purser aboard The Talisman, Prince Edward and the Caledonia is filled with larger-than-life characters including dashing skippers who raced for the best berths, frustrated Chief Engineers, wheeler-dealer stewards and ladies with more than a mere day trip on their mind! In this new revised paperback edition of Graham's best-selling memoir, the last days of steaming on the Clyde are recounted as they really were.

British Railways 1948-73

A Business History

Author: T. R. Gourvish

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Business & Economics

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This is a business history of the first twenty-five years of nationalised railways in Britain. Commissioned by the British Railways Board and based on the Board's extensive archives, it breaks new ground in analysing fully the dynamics of nationalised industry management and, in particular, the complexities of the vital relationship with government. After exploring the origins of nationalisation, the book deals with the organisation, financial performance, investment and commercial policies of the British Transport Commission (1948-2), Railway Executive (1948-53) and British Railways Board (1963-73). The special problems of the railway industry, unique in its complexity, are fully explored, and new calculations of profit and loss, investment, and productivity are provided on a consistent basis for 1948-73. This business history thus represents a major contribution not only to the debate about the role of the railways in a modem economy but also to that concerning the nationalised industries, which have proved to be one of the most enduring problems of the British economy since the War.

London Midland Region

Author: David C. Williams

Publisher: Ian Allan Pub


Category: History

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During the last years of steam traction, many enthusiasts travelled the length and breadth of the country recording the diminishing numbers of steam locomotives which were still at work. A number of photographers and other enthusiasts got involved in cleaning the locomotives involved in these workings to ensure that the locomotives due in service were in as presentable a condition as possible. One of these photographers was David Williams. During the decade leading up to the demise of steam in August 1968, he took countless thousands of photographs covering steam on the main line. From this collection of photographs, the bulk of which is previously unpublished, Ian Allan Publishing is producing a new series of pictorial books featuring each of the BR regions. The first title in the Last Years of Steam series features steam workings in the author's native London Midland Region. Drawing upon his own collection, supplemented where necessary with the work of other photographers, the author provides an extraordinary record of the final years of LMR steam ranging in scope from the great Stanier Pacifics on the West Coast main line to the humble shunters. With nostalgia for the 1960s and the transition from steam to diesel growing ever stronger, this new series from Ian Allan Publishing is ideally timed to capitalise on the burgeoning interest in the period.

The Duchesses

The Story of Britain's Ultimate Steam Locomotives

Author: Andrew Roden

Publisher: Aurum Press Limited


Category: Transportation

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The Duchesses tells the story of the ‘Princess Coronation’ class of locomotives -the streamlined embodiments of raw, bulked-up muscle and formidable power that any enthusiast will tell you were the finest steam engines in Britain. Conceived of by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway to rival the LNER’s illustrious ‘A4 Pacifics’, these trains heralded in the last golden age of steam. Designed by the great William Stanier, theirs is a story of grand beginnings, a slow trajectory of decline and a recent, celebrated rebirth. Today, there are two ‘Duchesses’ still in existence: Duchess of Hamilton and Duchess of Sutherland are now restored to their original streamlined appearance. As The Duchesses’ beautiful cover illustration suggests, these Coronation locomotives were beautiful to behold; truly majestic feats of engineering. Andrew Roden’s book tells the story of their time in British Railways service; the class’ decommissioning in the 1960s; the extraordinary saga of two trains’ unlikely preservation by Billy Butlin at his holiday camps; and their eventual return to steam on the main line. The Duchesses completes a trilogy of railway books from Aurum, joining Mallard - the story of the world’s fastest steam locomotive - and Flying Scotsman –that of the world’s most famous.

London, Midland & Scottish

A Railway in Retrospect

Author: Cuthbert Hamilton Ellis



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Fire and Steam

A New History of the Railways in Britain

Author: Christian Wolmar

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd


Category: History

Page: 300

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The opening of the pioneering Liverpool and Manchester Railway in 1830 marked the beginning of the railways' vital role in changing the face of Britain. Fire and Steam celebrates the vision and determination of the ambitious Victorian pioneers who developed this revolutionary transport system and the navvies who cut through the land to enable a country-wide network to emerge. From the early days of steam to electrification, via the railways' magnificent contribution in two world wars, the chequered history of British Rail, and the buoyant future of the train, Fire and Steam examines the social and economical importance of the railway and how it helped to form the Britain of today.